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Since everything is on hold since the lockdown began, the movie business in India is finding it hard to come to terms with what comes next for them. Every other film that was supposed to be released is now on hold. While some producers have decided to go ahead and release their films on streaming platforms, the films of stars and superstars have not yet been given the same treatment.

Based on the number of reports about how some stars are against the idea of releasing their films online, it seems that they think releasing online will not make the film available to all audience, especially those who are single screen movie watchers.

It is true, not everyone has access to the internet or an online streaming platform. After all, some actors became stars and superstars thanks to their single screens audience so this actor is not wrong here. Besides his so-called rom-com was also a big hit back then and releasing it online might prevent the film from reaching its right kind of audience.

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Did they turn the film from a comedy to a rom-com while remaking it? Is it to adapt to the new-age audience or something?

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. This release is extremely important for this actor as this will determine his next move as far as choosing films are concerned.

Bollywood Blind Item

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AT a time when OTTs are offering a fat packet to acquire movies to premiere on their platforms instead of deferring them until cinemas open, several industry folks are preferring to wait and watch. Apparently, an international player had offered a large sum for this young actor’s upcoming rom-com.

However, the heartthrob told his producers to not succumb to the lure and wait for cinema halls to open. The young actor is willing to take this huge risk, since his last couple of films have been duds. In case the next one is a flop too, he can blame it on the virus. Plus, get to retain his reputation as a β€˜film’ actor.

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Young Actor: Varun Dhawan

Rom-Com: Coolie No1


β€œCoolie No 1 was supposed to release a week from now,” Varun said in the live session, wearing a black vest and running his hands through his hair. But, he added, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the film’s future remains uncertain. β€œWe all are dealing with this, I do wish the film releases,” he said, and stressed that he wants it to release β€˜in a theatre, hopefully soon.’

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  1. Hmm says:

    I like Varun. I just have a soft spot for the guy. I hope he lasts long in Bollywood.


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