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In March, there was news that this actress has signed with this filmmaker for his next film. It was a strong leading role and the actress thought that her fans will be happy that she has taken up such a film. What she didn’t see coming was the backlash she would receive on social media!

Yes, you see the director of this film was accused of sexual harassment. Something that everyone knew did happen and yet he was cleared of all charges. So this actress thought since that was the case, she can work with him without any issues.

Luckily, there’s social media that doesn’t waste time to put things in motion and in this case, they blasted this actress for signing up to do this creep’s film. The actress quickly backtracked and said no such thing was happening. That was then, 2 months ago.

Now, according to this blind item, it seems the actress wants to sign this film. We don’t know for sure whether this is a recent decision or something that was made months ago.

It must be hard for her to pass up on this offer since her role is quite good in this film and the focus will be all on her. She must be tired playing flower pot roles even at this stage of her career but even that, she is getting these roles based on her friendship with these lead actors. So for her, this film would have meant securing something on her own.

Sadly, it will be hard for her to go on and take up this offer like nothing else matters. Because no, it does matter and being a famous actress herself, she is at an important place where she can put her foot down.

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If you think about it, most actresses won’t think what this director did is a big deal. They could have gone through something similar or even worst but they can’t be open about it. Take this actress, for instance. She herself has faced abused, many times it was in public and yet, she never came out and called out her abuser.

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She definitely knows what it’s like, but like other actress she will never speak about it. Let’s see what she does, if she goes ahead with this project or take a step back.

Chekc out the blind item from PinkVilla.

Bollywood Blind Item


This gorgeous actress is struggling to find work; signs a film with a #MeToo accused director

While the filmmaker has got a clean chit after allegedly harassing one of his assistants, the star heroine is not getting great offers and picking films out of desperation.

Let’s admit it: Me Too in India was a huge disaster. While several women voiced their stories of sexual abuse and harassment bravely, not much really came about it. The accused were roaming around scot free and some of them even got clean chits. One of those accused who was also possibly one of the first few names to have come out in public, is already back to work and has started on his next directorial venture. Despite being in news for humiliating one of his assistants, the filmmaker was given due credit in his last project, which starred a superstar.

Now, when he was putting his next movie in place, he found it extremely difficult to find actors for it. In fact, not many actually came forward and were okay with the idea of doing a film with him. Except this one heroine, who despite being an A-list actress is struggling to find work.

The lady we’re talking about was never considered a powerful performer until she delivered with a few films in recent times. While many thought that her luck would change, she stopped getting good work. Many filmmakers also don’t want to cast her because they feel there are better choices from the younger generation who can easily replace her.

So when the Me Too accused filmmaker approached her to play the lead in his next – a slice of life drama about a father and daughter – she gave a verbal nod to the film, so much so in desperation. The filmmaker has previously given a huge sleeper hit in the same genre with another top actress and our A-lister feels he will be able to spread the same magic with her as well.

But as of now, modalities haven’t been locked. But many who are close to the actress have warned her of the repercussions of signing a film with the director, given the controversies he’s mired in. But she hasn’t paid any heed to such comments and has decided to do the film… for now, at least!

We don’t know if it will eventually happen, given the economic scenario in the film industry. After all, we aren’t sure if producers would be keen on spending so much money on a film that primarily revolves around the heroine. Ouch!

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Katrina Kaif

Filmmaker: Vikas Bahl



Sources say Katrina had indeed been finalised for Bahl’s film. But she had not anticipated a backlash.

Vikas, it may be recalled, had been accused of sexual misconduct two years ago by an employee of Phantom Films of which Bahl was one of the helmers. Bahl had been cleared of the charge by the internal complaints committee of the production house Reliance Entertainment (Phantom Films was affiliated to Reliance) in 2019.

Katrina, sources say, was told that Bahl’s name had been cleared of the charges. She, therefore, agreed to be in his next film.

But when faced with a backlash on social media, she quickly withdrew herself from the film, leaving Vikas’ project with a big question mark. Will any A-list heroine agree to work with him?


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3 Responses

  1. Nefarious says:

    I reckon not only Kat a lot of actors will be struggling post pandemic..this industry’s golden days are gone

  2. Hatekjo says:

    Katrina’s PR first said she has signed a film with Vikas’s film and BIG B will play her dad but when her haters (not fans as they only troll other celebrities in whatever they do or say. But when same thing Katrina do the same thing so they support and defend her) so she back out of this film.

    Later, she has linked her name with several films but no official announcement as of yet. Her team is continuously saying she is doing a female centric super heroine movie directed by her best friend Ali Abbas Zafar but he didn’t say anything of this sort instead announced a super hero film MR. India.

    Truth is she is jobless and has no work. Salman is the one who gives her movies (which is 100% confirmed time and again) is now giving work to DIsha and his GF .

    Katrina is an over ambitious woman who loves to stay in limelight and doesn’t want to stay away from it. She needs attention all the time. In another blind its stated that

    ” AN out-of-work female actor isn’t ready to resign to a life of irrelevance. We hear she is planning to capitalize her large fanbase on social media. She has apparently told her team to reposition her as a digital influencer and build an image around fitness, personal care and home products. Oh well, here’s another banana bread baker who’s on her way to being the next Martha Stewart or Gwyneth Paltrow. Snooze.”

    This clearly about Katrina as her Instagram is full of fitness and home chores videos..

    Its high time she let the fame go and settle down. All of her rivals are settle in life.

  3. abcd says:

    Sometime ago, ekta & kjo had a small tiff. They’re not thick friends anymore. Kriti is with Dinesh vijan and nadiadwala camp. Tapsee is in Kashyap & anubhav Sinha/ sujoy ghosh camp. Kjo has invaded other production houses for star kids.

    Dushman ka dushman dost. Kat is now picking work from wherever it comes and it may help her in getting ekta’s loyalty as she can get some work in ekta’s camp. According to news, ekta’s the movie producer. Yes vikas is metoo accused and so is srk working with Kareena in another upcoming hirani movie, what about that?

    Kat is as of now a scorned woman. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She gave up her career for rk and got pain in return. Somewhere, Kat does know that vk might not marry her, so it’s better to take whatever work comes. Star kids get safe work place, not outsiders. Predators just benefit from this


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