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So much has been said about this upcoming film but until now, no one knows really what is going to happen with it. It was said that the producers were going ahead and releasing the film on an online streaming platform. But then, the actor claimed that he had no idea about this and he really doesn’t care what happens to this film. Something happened between the producers and him, which made him backed away from fighting for this film.

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His film, if it does release on an OTT platform, will be the biggest release yet to be made available online. Naturally, his fans and theater owners are not happy with this decision. Other than them, someone else is not too happy about this. His other film’s producer happens to be disappointed with this decision as well since he decided to change the release date of their big budget film. It was supposed to be released already but because of the pandemic, he had to postpone it.

The only way they can safely release films after the pandemic is over is only if they release it during the holidays. That’s when people, including families will happily go to cinemas. But then, with everyone’s financial situation affected, we don’t know how people will happily splurge on movies after this is over.

So back to the blind item. The producer might be upset that this actor’s value might be lowered down if his film releases on an OTT platform. Why is he thinking that a release online means the actor is not good enough? Is it because most of the Indian films making its debut online are bad films?

Anyways, so if this film releases online, it will surely be a hit. Most importantly, it will be accessible to everyone around the world. If it releases in cinemas, it won’t be since most of the world is still in shutdown mode.

Which do you prefer? Are you ready to rush to cinemas as soon as we get over Corona?

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.

Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

LOOKS like things are not all hunky dory between this actor and his filmmaker buddy. Apparently, the two have had a major disagreement over the actor’s film releasing directly on a streamer in the wake of shuttered cinema halls and multiplexes.

Despite thumbs-up from the audience, the filmmaker feels the actor’s decision could jeopardise the box office prospects of their collaboration – another film which has been deferred until cinemas open. We guess only time will tell what the new Bollywood normal is. Never mind a few friendships falling off along the way.

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Star: Akshay Kumar

OTT-released Film: Laxmmi Bomb

Deferred Film: Sooryavanshi


“We recently had a word with Akshay Kumar to not release his films on OTT. He has told us that β€˜Sooryavanshi’ will release in theatres but Laxmmi Bomb might follow the digital route. We are yet to get in touch with other top actors including Salman,” Manoj Desai, executive director of G7 Multiplex and Maratha Mandir, told PTI.

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2 Responses

  1. Hahaha says:

    I can’t blame producers for releasing their films via OTT platforms. They’ve already lost a lot of money and there’s no guarantee they’ll get the numbers they need for a hit once theatres are opened

  2. abcd says:

    Akshay’s greed for profit has made many producers loose money. He’s regretting about not getting profit through online platform as the way he would get through theatrical release. As an audience, I would like to see visual treat like bahubali Or some star Wars Or marvel movies in theaters. I wouldn’t like to spend my money in watching remake (cut copy paste) kind of movies in cinemas. Hence, I would choose online platform. Cost factor can’t be ignored.

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