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So much has been talked about since this film was announced. In fact, just last month right after the lockdown, there were talks that the movie production company that was producing this film was pulling out. The director, at that time, refuted these rumours but now it appears he is ready to admit that the film is not going to happen.

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This was probably the biggest film he was going to take hold of and as per the last biggest film from his company, it is clear that this is not his forte yet. Clearly, it’s not since he was going to use European locations and present them to us as locations from India. It’s fine if this was a modern film, but this is meant to be a period film so…

Hey now at least he has this pandemic to blame! It would have been interesting, though, to see how he would have made this film. We all know he is an SLB-wannabe so it would have been interesting to see how this film would have turned out, even with the European locations and perhaps branded stuffs!

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It is very strange how he decided to direct this film himself and not throw it on his young directors, hide behind the camera and act like a ghost-director.

Other than this film, there are many big budget films that are in a soup right now. Some films have already been shot while others are waiting to get started. The ones that have been shot, still have a few more shoots to complete as well as post-production.

It will be interesting to see how the industry moves forward now after all this is over. Now that theater owners have also requested producers to cooperate with them by not releasing their films online because a lot of these big movies were supposed to release in cinemas. These theaters have already saved their dates for the big films and it helps that many big shot producers are also refusing to release their films on OTT platforms.

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. Nothing has been announced yet from this director/producer, so let’s just wait for the official announcement.


Bollywood Blind Item


RUMOUR has it, and they almost always end up true, that one of the most glamorous multistarrer films to be announced has been put under moratorium. Yes, the same film with a long roll of A-listers starring in it.

We hear the producer has been blaming the lockdown for the delay, saying that raising a massive budget for a film of this scale is now impossible. He doesn’t want to compromise on the visuals, and getting bulk dates of the stars again would be rather difficult. Well then, let’s expect a new and smaller film to be announced shortly.

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Film: Takht

Producer: Karan Johar


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9 Responses

  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Ranveer must have a guardian angel looking out for him . I am pretty sure Karan would have pushed Vicky over him .

  2. bollyrandom says:

    I thought the same too but I read somewhere that he ghost directed Kalank. It wasn’t any Dharma movie, it was his most prestigious one yet. It was flat out boring and had no emotions in it. Emotions are Karan’s forte. And how many actors do you think really signed the project because it was a good script. Not even Ranveer probably. Even if the movie flops, he would most likely be appreciated for his performance, get into KJo’s good books and move on.

  3. HateKjo says:

    We are saved from a terrible film. KARMA hitting kjo hard.

  4. Hmm says:

    For KJo to put his name as director, it indicates he’s very confident about this project. His faults aside, he’s the same person who directed My Name Is Khan.

    • abcd says:

      Kjo is a talented person. There’s no denying about it. It’s just that his bad deeds go against him.

  5. Adira says:

    Everyone is affected by the virus, not just KJo. I’m ure your favourite can’t work righ now because of the same reason

    • abcd says:

      Kat’s career is over. Lockdown or no lockdown, doesn’t matter. Rk and kjo destroyed Kat’s career. Sallu doesn’t help. Neetu kapoor leaked her past. Nobody wishes to either marry Kat or work with her. Marriage is the only option left now. She needs to get a suitable partner.

      Alia was my favorite. Her bad deeds took away that fondness. Kjo has production house and support of rich people, so he can manage.

      Kat’s stranded, struggling to survive.

  6. abcd says:

    Kjo hates outsiders and leaves no stone unturned in harming them. Takht’s plight serves him right.

  7. bollyrandom says:

    I somewhere feel it’s a blessing in disguise for all the actors except Jahnvi probably. I mean look at Kalank. It’s better it be scrapped. Ranveer, Vicky, Alia, Kareena will have other projects. Jahnavi’s movies up for release as per speculation are going to release on OTT. It will be a while before she comes on the big screen.

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