Bollywood Blind Item – May 2020 – 1

This actress made her debut on Instagram some time back. Initially, she was apprehensive about joining social media as she didn’t know what to post. She said she won’t be able to post what she’s doing in her daily life every day, like drinking a cup of coffee and so on.

Now she must be wishing she didn’t join Insta as there’s just so much pressure to post something every other day so that people don’t forget you. Of course, it’s not people that’s asking her to post, it’s her team.

So at the beginning of the lockdown, she tried to encourage everyone to get healthier by sharing a few exercise videos. These exercise videos were taken on her apartment’s roof and her trainer was there to guide her.

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Remember we asked if she was living with her trainer, since it was a lockdown and people weren’t allowed to move around. It’s a bit strange how she can get the trainer to come and exercise with her and then leave since the trainer too has a family of her own.

She was still sharing these exercise videos until a filmmaker sent out a video on Twitter asking stars to stop sharing these kinds of videos as there are bigger problems to worry about. Since then, the actress stopped sharing and opted instead go share videos of her cooking or doing housework.

So in a way, this blind item is telling:

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, this actress did post a small tribute to the late legend who she got to share screenspace with in her first solo film where he played her father. Of course, no one saw then that she will one day date her son and the late actor would end up scolding her harshly for visiting his house to meet the son. So…

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Bollywood Blind Item


THIS pretty actor, known for her fitness routine more than acting finesse, had made a deal with a well-known fitness trainer to post videos on her social media page during the lockdown.

It all started well, and got the viewers all hot and sweaty, until a filmmaker called out to Bollywood to stop showing off their workout routines. The actor and her trainer were in a fix, not wanting to upset the director who is also a friend. Regardless, it’s back to videos of sweeping and mopping of floors now.

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Pretty Actor: Katrina Kaif

Filmmaker: Farah Khan


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5 Responses

  1. sharuna says:

    farah should mind on bringing up her grand kids, rather then bullying friends like that.

  2. killtheboredom says:

    Kat was just trying to entertain, I wonder why Farah had to tell such things. Infact people sitting bored at home def would like any entertaining videos to kill boredom else we can got into depression so its a good cause she was doing. She should just ignore Farah and continue. Thanks OSOP for releasing so many blinds during this lockdown, we are entertained at home:))))

  3. abcd says:

    This shows how desperate is Kat to get work. Would a star kid stop flaunting his/her lavish life, dancing antics & expensive stuff? Certainly not! They don’t take farah seriously due to her flop movies. Kat’s career is over in bollywood as an actress. No one wants to work with her. Opportunistic alia, selfish rk and evil kjo ruined kat. Sallu has stopped helping her.

    Leakage of Kat’s past is adding insult to the injury. The sad part is kat isn’t ready to offer platform to new comer directors. She is too scared to don the hat of producer as kat has seen extreme poverty. Vk wouldn’t marry kat.

    Kat’s so called make up business is the only source of respite for her as of now.

  4. HateKjo says:

    Farah is such an unlikeable person. She has no right to tell anyone what to post .

    But never knew Katrina is such a coward to stop posting her workout videos just because Farah threatens to stop following her. Seriously. Earlier she supported misogynist Rohit by defending his racist statement despite getting support from her fans, media and all other fandom. She wants to be in the good books of all.

    She has succesfully created a PR image of most amicable , friendly and good person in last 2 years. Though its totally opposite of her.

    Katrina is working her level best to keep herself relevant through social media posts also making money through it.

    Her face is ruined and she is no more gorgeous but still her body is to die for.

  5. hmm says:

    Farah should mind her business. Everyone has a right to post whatever they want to post. It’s their page. I feel Farah is low key jealous of these actresses and is conscious of her body. I recall she once complained she was seen as “one of the guys” by her friends in the industry. She probably had a crush on one or more stars but they had their eyes on the hot actresses.

    Besides, Katrina has to work out as face it or not, her body is a huge selling point.

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