Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 33

Nothing new was shared in today’s blind item. The actress in question has already shared this when she just got married and retired from the film industry. To be fair, she got married in her 30s so by that time, she has already worked enough as an actress. She herself said she was tired of being on a film set and wanted to have a normal family life.

And, she did exactly that…Until her unexpected divorce which then made her go back to acting as a way to make money since apparently, her husband didn’t leave that much to her. Rumour has it, he was pissed off that she filed for divorce and kept her off their bank account as a way to get back at her. He was also upset at her going back to work saying that what was the need to do that at her age.

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She is a good actress and she does not even have to try hard for people to notice her. They just do! That aside, it’s nice how she lets her daughter be in the limelight without hogging it. She didn’t even bother to attend any of the award shows where her daughter was nominated and even won.

She looks like a great mum and the kids turn out fine. They get along with their father, which says quite something since he was the one who cheated then painted the town red with his live-in Italian girlfriend while their mum had to go and work. That was all way before Bebola happened!

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Anyways, check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item

Work Is Waste

A popular 80s leading lady who largely retired from the screen after motherhood delivered a solid, knockout performance recently in a hit thriller. The actress walked away with some of the best reviews for a film that didn’t even feature her in its publicity. Just don’t think of it as her comeback—the actress detests the idea of spending long days on the set.

Insiders reveal it was her daughter who ‘practically badgered’ her to take the role when the director chased her to do it. Her daughter, herself an actress, reportedly told her she was a terrific performer and what was the point of that talent if she wasn’t going to put it on the screen every now and then.

A source from the unit of the film reveals the 80s leading lady did not like the idea of going away to Europe to shoot the film. She was especially not thrilled about having to leave her (grown-up) children behind while she was away working.

When she learnt that her cook had decided to play hooky for a few days, she contemplated returning to Mumbai so she could make sure her kids were taken care of, but was eventually dissuaded by her daughter who promised to figure out an alternative plan and make sure her brother was ‘sorted’ too.

The reluctant actress has told friends she isn’t driven to work anymore because she worked especially hard during her youth. She’s frequently joked she only takes roles when she’s broke, and adds that she wishes she’d win a lottery so she’d never have to act again.

Ah,what a waste of that talent!


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Actress: Amrita Singh

Daughter: Sara Ali Khan

Film: Badla


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6 Responses

  1. Kiran101 says:

    I really do not understand how once big stars can run out of money or go broke. If they had moderate investments like 2-3 apartments in Mumbai…they are worth several crores…much more than the peanuts they will be paid for any acting gig now.

  2. Deep says:

    Kareena’s overacting is so obvious…

  3. Drina says:

    Doesn’t she get financial support from Saif. With her daughter doing great films isn’t that money enough to support their lifestyle.
    Aamir Khan has maintained a good repo between both his wives.
    Wonder when will get to see bebola and Amrita together. Or does Saif prevent them from being cordial with each other?

  4. Tina says:

    I really like Amrita (potty mouth withstanding), but why is this a blind? This could just be a excerpt from an interview.

  5. Rami says:

    Good to see her daughter turned up so well,and now encouraging her MOM to use her talent, and she should. However,if she does not wants to act,then that choice ,is her Nevertheless,Armita should find other passions in her life ,desi mom’s makes their kids their whole life, not a good plan! Parents should let go ,also,be connected,but should remembered,that they were whole person ,before ,with out kids and husband, that person, needs to have a life,too!

  6. whiskermole says:

    Amrita Singh is a solid performer who elevates any film she’s in. I’d love to see her in more films. It sucks that Saif got off clean after the divorce and she felt she had to hide away.

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