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This blind item should have come months ago when everyone was wondering how this young actress bagged one of the biggest films of the year. She was not supposed to be in, as she was already busy.

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Then, something happened and she got signed to be in two of the biggest films by big directors. She is doing too much too soon, just like her sister once did. But compared to her sis in those days, these days no one wants to see you all the time. It will be like an overdose!

Speaking of her sis, reading the Rajeev Masand collumn last week where he told this story about this young actress went to KebabJo’s office in her school uniform at the age of 15 to audition for her first film. First of all, 15 years old??? And, she was brought there by her mother. So, she didn’t skip school or go quietly by herself, her mom brought her to Dharma.

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We were thinking of discussing this because we knew she was young when she went there to audition, but not this young. So, she left school to be in her first film directed by KebabJo. No wonder the other nepotism products think this is the way to go and that’s why they sound brainless (no offence)! But back to this young girl, why would her mother support her this young to get into films?

This can mean only one thing. They were having financial problems so they were fine with her quitting school to act. She didn’t quit school midway, she just never continued her studies. In 2014, she said this:

โ€œI never regret that I havenโ€™t gone to college to study,โ€ she says, adding, โ€œI have no plans to get back to studies and I am 100 per cent sure about it.โ€

In a way, when she got into films, it was like a way out for her family because if you remember her father was like a silent member of her family’s production house and he was not really working at that time. Their films were also not doing that well, but then most of their films were super low-budget.

Similarly with her elder step-sister, she was also working in films from as young as the same age as this young actress. She did say that her dad was the one who made her work in films. By the time she hit 30, she has done all roles possible for her and ended up turning director after a long struggle with alcohol.

In the 90s, a lot of actresses entered the industry by the time they were 15 but these actresses were forced into films because their family needed money, like Rani and Karishma.

Just something we were wondering.

If it is true, then her story is similar to the other young nepotism products, who want to enter the industry so their whole family can benefit in a financial way. This also explains why she sticks by KebabJo and listens to his every word. She is like his puppet and there’s no breaking from that since she got in at such a young age. That’s also why her family has no say. In a way, they are all benefitting from being directed by Dharma.

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Back to the blind item. It is surprising why the blind item is coming out now. The actress herself said some time back that she met this famous director at an airport and begged him to cast her in any role in his big film. Like if begging could work easily and she got the role through that only! Everyone knows her papaji made a call and also begged on her behalf and that’s how she got it.

Supposedly, another actress was signed on to do this film. You might not know her, but she is young and has already managed to impress both the audience and critics from her portrayal of a yesterdayear famous actress in a film released last year.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

blinditem-february2013-small (Custom)

A recent casting coup has had the entire Hindi film industry in a tizzy. But we hear there is a backstory to the plot. When the female lead for this mega-budget spectacle was first approached, she bowed out as the dates for the film were clashing with her mentorโ€™s dream venture.

Then, when the mentorโ€™s film was postponed, the actor jumped right back into the first film. However, unbeknownst to many, another pretty female actor was already approached and had taken the look-test. In fact, she was on the verge of being signed on, but alas. Perhaps this is what they mean by destiny.

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Alia Bhatt

Mega-Budget: SS Rajamouli’s eagerly-awaited RRR

Other actress: Keerthy Suresh



“I had bumped into Rajamouli sir at an airport and I begged him that whatever part he has (for me) I will do it. That time he had not casted for the girl yet,” Alia told PTI.

“He said he was anyway talking about my timelines. So I told him whatever be the timelines, I will make it happen. We made it happen,” she added.


Bhatt, Seriously

When Karan Johar first auditioned Alia Bhatt for Student of the Year (2012) she was all of 15 and showed up at his office in her school uniform. She was accompanied by her mother, and when Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan first spotted her, they were reportedly dead against she being cast for the part.

The boys, who were hanging out at Dharma when Alia stopped by to audition, reportedly sent Karan messages while she was still on the premises, making it clear they didnโ€™t approve of her as their potential heroine. โ€˜Sheโ€™s too young,โ€™ one of them wrote.

โ€˜She doesnโ€™t look like a heroine,โ€™ the other complained. Karan says he was โ€œbowled overโ€ by her screen test but put her through a weight loss regime before he โ€œsawโ€ her as his lead. Sidharth and Varun became believers much later and still kick themselves when reminded how hard they tried to get her out of the film.

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12 Responses

  1. Neep says:

    Keerthy Suresh is miles ahead of Alia but SS Rajamouli is indebted to Karan for coming on board as Co producer for Bahubali 1 and 2. In any case, Rajamouli’s female characters are not strong, Bahubali being the exception. So will Alia do a Chintata song?

  2. Rekha Rai says:

    I don’t really understand why people would think Bhatts needed the money? He’s worth about 50mil USD and they’ve had many hit films. I can understand Rani and Karishma as that was the case for them but if Boney Kapoor for example needed money he would be pushing Khushi as well, but only Jahnvi is in films. In regards to Sara she always wanted to join films and being a foreign student at Columbia is not cheap – that support comes from Saif. As for Alia, her family produced Aashiqui 2 which was a big hit both for films and music wise (although that did come out after she was launched). I don’t think its weird she was auditioning at 15, by then they know she wasn’t academic and so you’d want to start having meetings so that she could start working as soon as possible because their shelf life is short.

  3. Keepitreal says:

    i think the 15 is an exaggeration, alia is 1993 born so at the least she was 17 when she approached dharma (19 when the movie released). also its very common for parents who have filmy aspirations for their girls to push them in early as the shelf life of actresses is rather short and this is well known. so financial problems are hardly the reason its usually because the parents understand how the business works and starting young gives you a huge edge. also the bhatts are and were super wealthy thanks to the many many hit films and blockbuster music labels they have released/ produced.

    • abcd says:

      Be it 15 or 17, minor is a minor. Was it already pre-decided to get daughter in movies, then why display false sense of entitlement? They have all time in the world to launch new faces through B grade movies through their banner.Some of their earlier movies like saransh
      were pure gems though. If they are super wealthy people, then what was the need to plead kjo? Are they not competent enough to produce decent movies for their daughter? It is just greed and nothing else.

      • Keepitreal says:

        becos kjo can make you a brand super fast which even they could not have pulled off, case in point pooja bhatt who was launched by their home banner. there is no end to how much money one can earn in this business, but for those in the position to influence their kids careers of course the chance to make your daughter a house hold name and a established actress is worth pushing boundaries and like u said “pleading kjo”.

        • abcd says:

          There are some actresses who were made to get intimate with producers at the age of 15-17 for getting work; irrespective of their families were rich or not. It is now other question whether those meetings were successful or not; whether movies were made or not; whether those movies saw light of the day or not; whether those actresses got success in movies or not. This is now out in the open as all do it; but some explode through Metoo. If the question is of level playing field, then why are outsiders are not given fair platform to display their talent? Hence, pleading helps for them just because of surname and money. Can’t there be kind of honest evaluation for outsiders and star kids; let public decide. Most of the outsiders are sent back just because they look tired and do not appear fit through the so called parameters. But for a star kid, walk royally in the studio, do pleading and get work. As i mentioned earlier, it is just greed and nothing else.

          • Keepitreal says:

            i agree with u and sadly that is how it is. till a more unbiased studio system comes into the indian film industry, i guess this is how things will remain. really sad tho. world is i guess an unfair place and winner takes all.

  4. Leaps says:

    So this is what kabab Jo is calling hid casting coups for Alia he pulls “destiny” .

  5. Tanuja says:

    Siddharth thought she wasnโ€™t actress materialโ€”wow.Rich coming from a wooden actor.Also did the guys turn โ€˜believersโ€™ after she hooked up with them or what? Perhaps this could be the reason for Jhanvi Kapoorโ€™s entry too since apparently their spending exceeded their income

  6. Pooja says:

    Alia was 17 not 15.she also have audition for black at age of 12.they all lies alia was fat she never get film if she was outsider.

  7. abcd says:

    This is called stealing and not destiny. Karma will certainly punish aloo after some years.
    Is this how easily aloo gets work? Glad that Kalank and soty2 failed! Suffering in bad marriage
    with rk all her life will be aloo’s karma. This is assured and will happen for sure.
    Lack of level playing field creates sub-standard products. Inshallah appears to be a flop in making.
    Hope brahmastra fails but that might not happen as kjo and rk seem to be busy in rectifying errors
    of the movie. No wonder other actresses avoid aloo and kat tolerates her only because of kjo with the
    hope to get movies. Aloo serves as a bad example for other star kids to quit education and pursue
    acting. All star kids are not successful; that is backup career through education comes to rescue.

    • P says:

      This alia bhatt is truly irritating.
      And suddenly after soty and kalank flopping, she has gone under cover. Almost as though she realised that she is over exposed and now will pay a price for being everywhere, even ads, media appearances, casual appearances, sound bytes galore. I mean.. Urggh.

      U ain’t good looking enough for me to endure u.. Not when u bebave cutest and but are not actually…
      Where are the girls? An anushka, pc, even katrina suddenly look fetching and more wanted than the ubiquitous aliaa bhatt

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