Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 3

The blind item below is about a situation you already know. There has been an update, but it’s still nothing new. If this actress wants people to really believe the pairing of her and this actor, she can ask her ex to help them spread the rumours since he supposedly has local news papers on speed dial.

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You know what’s funny? The blind item below says the actress is not dating this actor and thinks he is a child. The funny part is, she said the same thing about her ex when there were rumours going around at that time about them. Maybe they weren’t dating then, but you all have seen their interviews back then.

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Will they date in the future? Who knows?! KebabJo is too busy right now, so much going on with him. When he has time, he is going to write their story. It won’t be that far ahead since both of these actors have already signed a film together – that’s what the rumours are saying.

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Check out the blind item from Mid Day.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 3

This actor’s ‘affair’ is a matter of convenience

While the female star has no feelings for the actor, she, too, is playing along

This actor, who has hit big time, of late, is keen to let people know that he’s dating a top female star. This is his way of working with the industry’s leading ladies.

The said female star is also playing along. She has no feelings for him and has been referring to him as a bachcha. He even claimed that she would be his co-star in one of his upcoming films, when there is no leading female character in the film.


OSOP Guesses

Female Star: Katrina Kaif

Actor: Vicky Kaushal

Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 3

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11 Responses

  1. nousername says:

    After Baar Baar Dekho and Fitoor flopped, many felt that Katrina pairs better on screen with the older actors like the Khans and Akki than the new gen actors like Sid Mal and ARK except RK. Now that the Khans are slowing down, for her career’s sake, she has to branch out and take up projects with the other leading new gen actors like Ranveer, Vicky and Varun. These fake link up stories are the easiest way for both Reshma Shetty’s clients Vicky and Kat to be in the news but also builds up hype for their on screen pairing, like Ranveer and Kat’s friendship stories. For the public to accept her on screen pairings with Veer and Vicky her PR thinks this is a good strategy. Obviously we are going to see movie announcements soon and this just is the build up.
    Bottom line: Vicky+ Kat is as fake as RK – Alia. They could be FWB but can’t rule out Vicky is batting for the other team like RK Ayan.

  2. Rohan Thakur says:

    Hey Admin, the home page won’t update beyond 24th April. I thought you had stopped posting until I found the new posts via twitter. Last story visible on home page is “Losing with KoJo: …. songs”

    • Admin says:

      Hey, thanks for notifying. Must be a cache problem, we will look into this. If anyone else is having the same issue, please delete your browser’s cache. If you are on smartphones or tablets, then try pull down your screen to refresh it. πŸ‘

      • Admin says:

        Ok, we asked it to be fixed. It’s Ok on our side, let us know if anyone else is still having trouble. Thanks, everyone 😎

    • Rohan Thakur says:

      Sorted now, thank you!

    • whateva says:

      YES, even i was wondering why you guys are not posting anything. and now Boom!! I can see a lot of posts on the site πŸ™‚

  3. Two cents says:

    I think something is going on…maybe Kat is waiting to see if he is boyfriend material. Also, she does not want the home wrecker tag; not sure if Vicky broke up with Harleen for her but that will be the public perception of her yet again…she certainly does not want that tag. He seems totally smitten but I don’t think its love. They might have a brief affair and call it quits. Karan’s minions are not worth dating!

  4. abcd says:

    those days are gone where most of the outsiders/star kids would get work on the basis of merit and hard work. sallu does not support kat anymore. kjo wants star kids only. desperate times call for desperate measures. if kjo/neetu can force rk to marry aloo for the sake of career insurance, then even outsiders would try to get rs-dp kind of buzz based on fake or real relationship for getting work. kat has been mentioning that she needs work and that is her priority. she’s trying to stay relevant in the mind of film makers and public. vk is still trying to get successful outsider tag, but he is not getting as vk is called combination of outsider and star kid( action director’s son)

  5. Mage of Anjou says:

    Something about this is off. I keep going back to that Reddit AMA with the Bollywood insider who said something like multiple blind items about the same thing are usual rival PR’s work. That is what this feels like. The idea that Vicky is vigorously planting blinds, or that Kat is telling folks he’s a child, doesn’t sit quite right.Vicky is on a high right now. Kat isn’t exactly at her peak. Why her, if he wanted to create a romance storyline for himself?? Kjo isn’t exactly enamoured with Katrina either so why not arrange for Vicky and one of his other star kids to have a link up? It’s a bit odd this pairing, film signing or not. Doesn’t mean that they are dating but someone out there really wants us to think that they are not. Hmmmm.

    • Monalisa says:

      If I may add something to your thought. Ananya, Tara, Janhvi, Sara, Alia,Kiara (kjo’s minions) have linkup rumours/crush rumours with Kartik, Sid, Tiger, SSR, Ishan, RK. Vicky can’t gusaoed himself in to that. Taapsee, Bhumi are not as popular as Katrina. Katrina is still a tabloid darling, a well known established popular actress. She may not be the top actress anymore but she is still more popular than the Taapsee, Bhumi, Yami, Kriti and linking one’s name with kat will still grab more eyeballs. So there is a possibility that Vicky may be doing this to just grab some limelight.

  6. HateKjo says:

    Katrina is using his obsession to stay in news. She is known as the biggest user and manipulator. She is habitual to associate herself with successful actors.

    She needs attention, talking about Her Ex Salman wont keep her in news for the longest time. Though she tried to act as a victim and blame Ranbir. What a player!Aamir said ” she plays mind games and chess with real people. ”

    She should act dignified and graceful but she isn’t. Then her fan club has an audacity to call other actresses undignified.

    Vickey, on another hand, is acting desperate and faking to break up with his girlfriend, making people to hate on Katrina, fooling them to believe she is responsible for his breakup. Given Katrina’s history, fools are actually trusting his lies. Including some idiotic Katrina fans, who are convinced that both Katrina and vickey are a couple.

    Vickey is doing all this on Kjo’s advice. How stupid of him to let Kjo use him and his popularity. Not to forget Vickey’s proximity with Ranbir.
    Why is he doing it in first place? He is super talented and doesnt need any drama. But I guess, only talent and hard work is not enough in Bollywood.

    But it takes two to tango. It’s not Vickey’s fault alone. Katrina is equally to be blamed for all this . Why is she so desperate to stay relevant? Why using cheap tactics? Why letting nepo gang slandering her name? In my opinion, Katrina deserves the bashing by people only because she is allowing all this nonsense for her own hidden motives. The world is aware of the fact that each and every move of hers is calculative and has some purpose behind it.

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