Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 29

The blind item below is going to look like deja-vu to you since something similar was shared by another publication. It seems everyone is bothered by the videos that this actress released last week or two weeks back that showed her getting in shape before she set out to attend the Cannes Film Festival.

We will only know the truth about this accusation when the rounds of promotion starts and they interview her. As of now, since we have also checked, there hasn’t been anything official where she mentioned what she is being accused of below. Her own director shared how the cast was going through practice and rehearsals before they started shooting.

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From CineBlitz, take a look at the blind item below. For now, it is interesting to see how creative they get into trying to put out different stories about her. So much energy wasted for no reason!

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Bollywood Blind Item


THIS actress created hoax about working on her action scenes herself

The actress in talks is soon going to be seen in a sports film

While many celebrities in Bollywood like to do their own stunts, many feel that their body doubles can do a better job at it. These celebs have openly admitted the fact that they use a body double, and have talked about how such scenes are shot. But this particular actress seems to take the credit for that as well, even when she never did her own stunts in the first place.

Yes, it is learned that the actress in talks has been claiming to perform all her stunts in her upcoming sports movie on her own, but that is not really the truth. She has been using a body double all this while, and has been creating a hoax that she shot all the scenes herself. Her prep videos have also made the rounds, but this is just a deception that she has created for the people to believe that she is an all-rounder who can do her own stunts.

Want to know who this lady is? Well, let’s give you a hint. Her last film was a big success at the Box Office.

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Kangana Ranaut

Film: Panga


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9 Responses

  1. Sheena says:

    It must be so hard to be KJo- full of hatred and poison. Psycho analysis points to self hatred that one projects onto others. His self of entitlement can’t bear that Kangana called him out. Now he uses every weapon he has from fake blinds to his minions like Randeep Hoods to Neha (watch the talkshow Vogue BFF (which she probably got through KJo in the first place) with Raj kumar Rao and how she picks on Kangy) Heal yourself Karan. In the meanwhile: long live the Queen. Can’t wait to watch panga

  2. Samantha says:

    i love Kangana.. but If.. ONLY IF this is true.. then Kangana is unprofessional! But Ashwini Iyer’s twitter speaks a different story; as if she is quite quite pleased with Kangana! N if this is KJO planted blind (we know how revengeful this hookup aunty can get), then aak thoo on KJo n gang!

  3. abcd says:

    Rangoli neither polishes nor sugar coats her words. Hence, her words appear very rude.
    But she says something which no would dare to say. Rangoli is making outsiders aware
    about value of being a star kid. Most of the Star kids have lost some amount of fondness
    among people. This is because public cannot relate to them anymore; posh life,
    expensive clothes and luxurious holidays. Most of the people feel that they are struggling
    to survive and here star kids get everything so easily. Outsiders also have flaws but they appear
    natural (self made: from rags to riches) and not artificial like star kids; who do not have any
    brain of their own. Preparation videos would be posted initially to show the public that they
    deserve to be paid more money as some people would feel that stars are overpaid and do
    not deserve such huge amount of money. Kangana has already earned reasonable amount of credibility;
    so if star kids talk about outsiders using body double, public would not care.

  4. HateKjo says:

    Kangana is suffering for some complex for sure. Though she is talented and survive without khans and any camp.

    She is a habitual liar who is getting exposed day by day. She did the same thing during Manikarnika and lied about getting sick while shooting horse riding scene in extreme heat. Later a video of her riding a fake horse proves her claims wrong.

    Every day she is getting exposed . This woman is the one who has misused the woman card to the max. Because of her the real victims will never get justice because people will doubt them too.

    By such lies and gestures, she is making really harder for the outsiders to enter and get work in BW. People wont work and will not work with outsiders . This is not how nepotism will be eradicate from the Industry.

    She only attacks and blabbers. Recently, her sister again lashes out(that’s her favorite hobby) on Kjo on a matter which has no relation to Kangana and her at all. Who has given her a right? she only did it to trigger him and to stay relevant and to settle personal score.

    wonder why biased and her supporters cant see that? Because she is a WOMAN? same woman who supported a Vivek for his nasty tweet about Ash. Rangoli lied again about her complain to NCW but they exposed her lies by using the official statements given by these sisters about the same matter few months ago.

    Kangana has lost her credibility and proved she is insecure and definitely lied about almost everything just to settle down personal rivalry with the stars.

    • Lucy says:

      Oh didn’t know only kjo and his minions have the right to attack people and make fun of them without reason.god forbid if someone else calls him out.

      • Hate KJo says:

        Lucy I don’t support KJO and my handle clearly say that. Still Kjo didn’t accuse any one of false rape, don’t give threats neither forge a pic or do negative publicity to promote his film. Point out when and where he attacks his own actors/directors/producers? or send lawyers to give a threat to an ex to withdraw the case? Has ever Kjo poke his nose in other affairs unnecessarily like Rangoli? you totally twist my comment.

        Above all, only his gang and paid people support him. don’t play a gender card unlike kangana who plays a gender card and people supports her even when she is wrong.
        Atleast talk some sense.

        • lucy says:

          my comment was a reply to your comment,

          you only wrote the line “recently her sister again lashes out on Kjo on a matter that has no relation to Kangana and her at all.who has given her a right?she only did it to trigger him and to stay relevant and to settle personal score”.

          karan is doing it through blind items and behind smoke screens, kangana is doing it through rangoli’s account by directly taking names.pick on kangana for the other things she is doing, but at this point of time she is the only one who is capable of giving it back to karan, ranbir and alia.and i don’t see her targeting people who have not done anything to her.she is not trying to change the industry,but merely bullying people who bullied her in the first place or anyone who jumps in without reason aka sonam. giving them a taste of their own bitter medicine.

    • Ria says:

      Is this Kjo himself or his PR? Don’t worry more dislikes to ur comment prove Osop is for all and not biased and they post everyone’s comments unlike Pinkvilla

  5. NARS says:

    Another blind on the same story? Ashwini seems very pleased with Kangana. Let’s wait for her promotions. The single Instagram post stated she was getting the perfect look for the part & Ashwini reposted with a grateful response. Hmm πŸ€” Otherwise, is she telling the town of insider (non existent) friends about her professional kabbadi skills? Hehe

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