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Whatever happened to working on your craft to ensure you don’t disappoint your audience? Β Or in this case, working on your content?

If this is the way Bollywood is going now, soon everything will be manufactured. From relationships to linkups to marriages to having babies, everything will be planned and scheduled accordingly. It’s sick!

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All this is because of this man, who became like a rat spoiling the water or shall we say, snake?

When will they understand that the audience doesn’t fall for this crap anymore? Imagine how low these producers must think of their audience that they can believe such fake news will drive them to theatres?

If people in power think you can manipulate the audience by bringing in the lead actors’ personal lives, they are in for a shock. Especially when it comes to the actor in the blind item below since he has managed to make it this far without throwing his relationship in our faces.

This is why for the past several weeks, news about his impending wedding has been making the rounds. We thought it was strange since he was rumoured to be getting married next year, but now news are saying this year.

His father had to come out and deny the news. See, there are two sides to news about lead actors’ marriage. One is, investors get scared because the actor’s reputation might drop after marriage. Two is, this is a really great opportunity to hype up the non-happening actor.

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In this case, the actor is quite ambitious. Getting his first big flop must have made him take a step back and be more careful. There’s a huge chance he might have realized getting married is not the right step to take for now.

Let’s see how they deal with this. Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. Other than stealing credits or hijacking credits, this famous producer is learning other skills from KebabJo!

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Bollywood Blind Item


PRODUCERS are known to have no scruples. A recent dud has left the film’s producer flummoxed about what to do next. The thing is, he has signed on the same male lead for his next film too. We hear that he is planning to pitch rumours about the actor’s upcoming marriage β€” which seems to have garnered much public interest. It isn’t such a bad idea though, since it worked well for a female actor not so long ago.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Varun Dhawan

Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala


After a while, the rumours came out that Varun and Natasha will tie the knot in December this year. But daddy David Dhawan has quashed all the rumours and told Asian Age, “This news is absolutely bogus. No truth in it at all. My son is shooting for Remo D’Souza’s film. Then he starts shooting for my film. There is no question of a wedding this year. If it happens, it will happen next year, not before that. I would like to see him get married. But you think he will listen to me? He can come anytime and announce he’s getting married. My wife and I have to get up and start preparing.”

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