Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 26

When you work with the best fish in the sea, you are bound to copy his tactics. Wait! Did we say “fish”? We meant, snake.

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So, when his last film with this popular producer released and flopped, Mr. MoneyBags stood up and took notice. He must have realized why he has to put in the money when his name is enough!

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Since his last film was a big disaster, he needs a good film to put him back in the game. How else will he secure these high-deals with the TV networks?

It seems that Mr. MoneyBags is pissed that his other project with a top star has been in the making for so long and has been postponing many times as well. To him, that’s money that is coming out of his pockets for no fault of his own!

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You know what rich people hate the most? Losing money! So, Mr. MoneyBags turned Mr. SmartyPants and cut himself a nice deal. If this film becomes a hit, it’s his name on the credits. If it flops, that ain’t his money for him to cry over it! It’s a win-win!

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Bollywood Blind Item


Big-shot filmmaker arm-twists co-producer for stake in a mega film!

With one of their films getting delayed, the filmmaker has taken the opportunity to arm-twist his co-producer

A big-shot filmmaker, known for making huge films with the biggest of actors, has been in the news recently. He joined a mega film as a co-producer quite recently. But everyone started scratching their heads, as this sudden inclusion was out of the blue! However, looks like there was a reason for the sudden announcement.

In fact, the big-shot filmmaker is not putting in any money, he just took over some stakes of his co-producer on another film. That too by force! Yes, the big-shot filmmaker arm-twisted his co-producer for a stake in the mega film.

But how did the filmmaker manage to get an upper hand? Well the big-shot filmmaker and the co-producer are making another film together. But the former was very unhappy with the number of delays and postponements in the film.

He agreed to the recent postponement only after the co-producer agreed to give him a part of his stake in a couple of other films, including this mega film which will hit the screens next year.


OSOP Guesses

Big-Shot Filmmaker: Sajid Nadiadwala

Mega Film: 83

Co-Producer: Madhu Mantena

Another Film: Super 30


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  1. abcd says:

    Greed for money drives these people to work. Doing quality work is ignored. No wonder such movies fail and hard earned money of audience in buying movie tickets do not get any value. They have all money in the world to pamper stars, keep high production values, but when it comes to script, everything goes for a toss. Their miserly approach when it comes to spending money on relevant stuff shows poor work ethics.

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