Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 21

Something came out weeks ago about the blind tem below. Back then, we remember and thinking, “What a hypocrite!”. When you see it, you will understand why.

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See, this is all so fishy! The way things are moving. The way the mother is really enjoying his relationship with this young actress more than he is! Why? Does the mother think this one is young so she is brainless, which makes her easy to control as opposed to the other two previous ones?

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Why would his mother be so happy and encourage him to move in with this young actress? Is it because she thinks this will stop him from having too much freedom and doing things he shouldn’t?

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How ironic that when he decided to move out of his family home years ago, she went crying to her near and dear ones how his girlfriend at that time was a bad influence on him. Then soon after, she became a panauti when his films started flopping left, right and centre.

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What she missed out was that her son was dying to move out of the family home, despite saying he will always live there with his parents. The girlfriend at that time was just an excuse for him to move out. Think about it?! That’s why he stayed in that live-in relationship for a while before fleeing to his freedom! He didn’t bother to move back in with his parents.

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So now, why is the mother encouraging him to move in with this girl instead of moving back to the family home? His father just recovered from an illness, wouldn’t it make sense for him to be there for them at their home?

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Watch this become their plan until their film releases end of this year. They do need something to talk about, right? KebabJo is banking on them to save Dharma! Or else, they all go down…

This will be interesting. Soon, we will get pics from within the home itself, every moment will be documented!

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

SINCE we first told you that this loved-up couple from Bollywood is all set to take their relationship to the next level (no, not marriage sillies, ‘living in’ is the new buzzword in Bollywood), we think it’s time for an update. It turns out the hero’s mother is in charge of house shopping, as the heroine is busy with acting and ad campaigns and other girl-boss issues.

The mum, it seems, can’t find a house that’s vastu-compliant. While your diarist is hardly one to push mumbo-jumbo such as this down our readers’ throats, mum insists on it as she doesn’t want to see them break up. The only upside in this story is that the boy’s mum is even more eager for this alliance than the girl’s mum.


OSOP Guesses

Couple: Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt

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23 Responses

  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    The old man’s cancer may well have brought about a change of attitude in the older Kapoors and made them rethink priorities. Alia is a Bollywood kid , while she is popular she’s no gorgeous beauty queen ( unlike his exs ),nor is RK besotted in his typical over-the-top early days manner . And yes , any adult male would be sick n tired of parents cramping his style at home ! Alia comes across as very non confrontational and non threatening ,so she’s the best out of the lot from a bossy mother’s point of view.

  2. Such says:

    I have been getting an account suspended error when I log in via desktop, but it’s fine on the mobile browser. Can you please check?

  3. kiran101 says:

    I do not like Ranbir but i do not dislike him so much that I wish for him to end up with Alia . On the other hand Neetu completely deserves samdhis like Bhatts … they are shady as F . Everyone including Katrina come from far more decent families than Bhatts.

    Ranbir lost his mojo and if he ends up with Alia then people will doubt if he ever had any . Even married Ranveer, Ayushmann are more desirable than RK.

  4. Rami says:

    It is very confusing, who talk about investing in peroperties, before any type of permenant relationship. Neetu as a mother should know better, how can she tell the gf to invest in property together with her son ,and get into a live in relationship, making no sense . Where are Aloo’s mom, I doubt that she wants her daughter to get into live in relationship, after two movies of her have flopped , she would guide her to concentrate on her movie choices and career! Investing in NYC apt is not that simple ,there are mainting costs,too,plus,location,are very important ! Lastly,these invested issues comes after a solid relationship and marriage . This story sound immature!

  5. Tanya says:

    Admin, I am extremely confused. I believed you when you said that RK and Alia’s Relationship is only for PR, and he isn’t actually dating, he needed to save his career during Sanju and she’s anyways crazy about him and is doing what kebab jo wants her to do for brahmastra. But no you are saying that PR is only A PART of it and that they are actually dating and Meetu Kapoor wants them to move in together and be with each other forever. Please explain yourself.

    • Admin says:

      It’s still the same. Didn’t you hear? Nowadays, they have to keep on pretending to make us believe. 😂 Take our own Miss World as example.

      • Tanya says:

        Admin, you mean all the rumours are true? And Aish and abhishek’s Marriage is just a comprise? Also what is up with the rumours of AB jr being gay?

      • Tanya says:

        But Admin, that still doesn’t make sense for Alia Ranbir, why would his mother who is obsessed with her son and wants him to be with her forever, want him to move in with his fake gf or even marry her? She would only want that if he’s actually dating her and their sleeping around while in a committed relationship. But if they are not in a relationship like that, and it’s pure PR then why would she care if he moved in with her? Also are they even hooking up? He seems quite distant and detached from her even while they do all the fake publicity.

  6. KA says:

    If Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are only pretending that they are together in a romantic relationship, then after Brahmastra’s release they will get separated and go their own ways, in future Alia and Ranbir might even get married to different people, but if destiny has already decided for them, then somehow they might end up getting married to each other.
    No one knows what will happen next, hoping that these people live a healthy and happy life. All these things indicate towards their perpetual insecurities and unhappiness.
    May GOD BLESS Them 🙂

    • abcd says:

      god does not bless those people who wrong others.
      If they get married, they would be each other’s karma.

  7. Joe says:

    What?! Live-in in LA, so while Alia works in Mumbai and RK finishes work and house-sits in Mumbai, Neetu wants them both to go to NY to live in for whatever 3-4 days they have? Too much money they’ve got to waste. OR Neetu wants alia (and RK through her) to start visiting in-laws and via this setup tie down RK in marriage and to his family.

    Honestly, only Alia and more than her Neetu are the only ones interested in this marriage, RK for whatever bad childhood experiences he’s had due to failed Kapoors marriages + dleeping around compulsion and with BF Ayan and all those drugs, Neetu should get him tied down before things go public and before his career shuts shop. Alia at least can bring money to get the house running.

    However though not an RK fan but feel pity on his commitment phobia and lifestyle issues, bad father relationship and controlling suffocating mother, no wonder he moved out..he’s an adult now 38yrs I guess? It’s sad to see parents force their kids in the usual mould of society…Hiroo is a fab mom in this case, she let’s Kjo be who also has huge issues. But at least he’s got a career and money, RK is failing there..hope Rishi earned loads for their son.

    Wish parents just let children be, each one is different and don’t care about society when they make individual choices , rather focus on parenting…turns out Bhatts were far better parents with weird family dynamics than Kapoors.

    Alia. .well she knows the dirty details and is OK with it..guess kapoor tag makes up everything for her..anyway she has a habit of pleasing and using everyone for her benefit as she said on KWK, Kjo or now Neetu, surely she pleaded Ayan for Brahmastra and made friends with Kat (who also had to mend relationships in BW to get work) to get to RK.. she has kjo and others as friends with benefits..RK relationship also fits her personality and trait to get what she wants by faking innocence.

    Although admin, its not abiut behaving like a girl boss, in this setup it is natural for her..she is working round the clock and bringing money home, ideally RK should’ve shopped but he’s too uninterested to care. Nothing could be worse than Force marriage, hope he doesn’t repeat what his father did…and doesn’t turn physically abusive or egoistic towards Alias success.

    • Ana R says:

      its not a bad idea to invest in NY at all if they have money even if they stay there for 2 weeks in the whole year

  8. Anamika says:

    I have always pitied Neetu Kapoor nee Singh. It is common knowledge that Rishi Kapoor was never really serious about her during their dating days and he was not even exclusively dating her as per Bollywood gossip of the 70s. The marriage happened pretty much on the same lines as the recent Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi wedding – because like Neha, Neetu was also pregnant and that’s the only reason she landed the ill mannered, obnoxious, chauvinist, egoistic Rishi Kapoor. They married on 22 January 1980 and their daughter Riddhima was born in September 1980. Raj Kapoor couldn’t avoid giving the green signal as otherwise it would have caused a hige scandal and majorly affected Rishi’s career which was just taking off after a flop phase. It is common industry knowledge that Rishi always had the hots for Dimple Kapadia and has endured a life long fascination for her. Anyways the gist is that Kapoors are one messed up family and no wonder Ranbir has turned out even worse than his father. The Bachchans are also equally messed up thanks to Amitabh Bachchan but Jaya Bachchan is and was different. I have a lot of respect for Jaya Bhaduri and the way she has always stood up to Amitabh. Also Abhishek Bachchan is one of the well behaved and nice individuals in Bollywood all thanks to his mother Jaya. Sadly Neetu Kapoor was so enamoured and grateful for being a Kapoor bahu she ended up raising another Kapoor chauvinist.

    • kiran101 says:

      I also like one thing about Jaya . She did not completely blame the women…I feel. She invied Rekha for lunch and she told at the end of it that she will not leave Amit. Evidently , she holds a grudge on Amitabh than Rekha .

    • GeekyGal says:

      You do realize that 9 months is when you count from conception wrt your last period. I mean there is no way anyone can find that they are pregnant at one month.

    • Neep says:

      I’m surprised you don’t have the real gossip. Rishi is gay.

  9. Sheena says:

    Rat Kapoor-Alia had a one night stand in 2014 (when he was w Kat). She is obsessed w him since a longtime (check out the interview w her, Rat and Imtiaz Ali from Highway days). She cunningly befriended Ayan n Kat to get closer to Rat and now she thinks she has landed him. Neetu shamelessly egging them on while was a horrible b&$! to Kat and DP. Rishi was an a$$ too to these girls – well he is one anyway – uncouth, alcholholic, wife-beater. Sorry to say and god forgive me in spite of getting cancer he hasn’t reached out to Kat to ask for her forgiveness. SMH

  10. abcd says:

    If Neetu kapoor had spent the same amount of time and energy in teaching Rk the value of relationships, then both of them would have not earned curses of so many broken hearts. Neetu kapoor is trying hard to find happiness through rk and alia’s relationship because her own marriage is not so great. One thing is for sure, rk and aloo’s married life would be fully remote controlled by neetu kapoor. Over-interference can drive people bonkers. If alia’s parents had some ethics, they would have stopped aloo from getting into Kapoor’s hell. Deep down inside neetu kapoor’s heart, she would arrogantly assume that no human being is good enough for her son. Kjo and money power (courtesy bhatts: they are not that rich though) have broken that arrogance. Rk seems to have decided to make non-stop fool of himself. His exes would have the last laugh. Meanwhile, outsiders have been slaying it at cannes. Kjo will now train aloo on how to embarrass Bollywood at Cannes next year.

  11. HateKjo says:

    His mother should stop controlling him. Let him breathe.
    The reason Rk faces commitment issues is his mom controls his life. He is always forced into and out of relationships .

    With Katrina it was an infatuation because she was on top and used to be pretty. When she tried to control his life like his mom ,he ran away.

    It’s an open secret that RK Alia are a PR couple .

    God bless him.

  12. Deep says:

    Hey admin, when I visit your site it shows the old blinds. I have to re-fresh the page and only then it shows me the latest ones. Any issues?? Happening since the last 4-5 days..

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