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So much will be said about the blind item below. You all know the trend, anything about this actress triggers something and it just flows like a dam with no barrier.

Ok, so the blind item from Rajeev Masand today is about everyone’s favourite controversy child. This is the third blind item about her film. The first one was about her asking for changes in the script and being difficult on the sets. The second one was about her asking the director to alter the script so that the second lead actress has less to do in the film.

This blind item is about her refusing to do any hard action scenes, which is fine but in her case, she is telling the media that she has been doing these hardcore scenes.

Here’s the thing, there is nothing online that said she has been doing hardcore action scenes. All there are online is a bunch of pics of her going for training and her saying that the director is happy with the weight she gained.

Speaking of the director, she has been sharing happy pics with this actress so what gives? Will you let someone you are pissed off at put her head on your lap (literally!)?

Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand below. What do you think? Is this a fake and planted blind item or is it real this time?

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Bollywood Blind Item

A Web of Lies

Executives at a top studio that’s bankrolling a promising sports film which is currently in production have been expressing their frustration over the trouble they’re facing on account of their lead actor.

The star in question is reportedly ‘driving the film’s director crazy’, which, frankly, nobody is surprised by, given the star’s reputation for conflict, and the stories that came out from the sets of the last two films the star worked in.

On this set, the star is refusing to shoot any sports scenes that are taxing. A double has been recruited to perform all the scenes where the star’s face is not visible.

This wouldn’t be especially upsetting, considering many top stars refuse to shoot potentially dangerous action scenes or even those that are physically challenging, except that the star in question has been falsely claiming in interviews to have learnt the sport and participated in all the scenes shot.

The film’s director is bearing the brunt of the star’s tantrums, and is left with no choice but to rework scenes in such a way that the star’s body double is left to do the bulk of the heavy lifting. The star, apparently, has been incessantly complaining about ‘thigh pain’, asking to be let off anything that could aggravate the discomfort.

Meanwhile, the entire crew has been gossiping, questioning why the star chose to make a sports film if a stunt double was going to do all the sports scenes. The studio executives, for their part, are dreading those marketing meetings that the star tends to hijack, regaling the room with stories of bravado from the set.

What stories could the star possibly tell from this set?


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Star: Kangana Ranaut

Film: Panga


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13 Responses

  1. Aura says:

    In Rajeev Madand’s recent YouTube video review of SOTY2, he unnecessarily dragged KR’s name in relation to Aliya Bhatt’s item song. He said, Kangana would be the only person who’ll disagree with what Alia Bhatt’s did in that movie… (or something to that effect). He got a lot of hate in the comments for this unnecessary attack on KR. Such a snake! And now… this blind. Clearly he has an agenda against Kangana.

  2. Shefu says:

    Rajeev Madame going against Kangana? That’s new because I have only read Rajeev praising Kangana. So this could be true but I am not surprised even if it’s true given the history!!

  3. Lucy says:

    It’s funny how so many people come out to say how kangana should behave decently ,I wonder where were these people when the men were bullying her all these years.its the classic case of the women should always be kind gentle and decent and play by the rule and be always right but the men get to play dirty depending on what suits them.god help the women if they start playing dirty just to even things out.people complaining about fake rape case,pancholi is already a rapist.he raped a 15 year old maid of Pooja could Google all the criminal cases against him.and you could also find all the interview he gave from 2006-2013,it was 2015 onwards that kangana has started her retaliation.and I don’t think it should be expected from her to fight can fight fire with only fire.the gandhian principle of letting someone slap you till you tire them out sadly doesn’t work in the real world.

  4. whiskermole says:

    Masand also plants fake blinds? What a pity. So last week’s one about Taapsee Pannu being the first choice for Ek Ladki… was also fake and Vidhu Vinod Chopra is telling the truth?

    Kangana might be naive and lame in matters of national politics but when it comes to her bread and butter she’s as sharp as a knife. She started with close to nothing, and she knows that taking up against all these big names is going to hurt her bad if she doesn’t deliver at the box office. She’s not going to jeopardize her career by being a brat at the workplace.

    These dummies can play all the dirty tricks they want but it won’t fetch them talent, goodwill or, as it’s turning out these days, even success at business.

    If this not allowing critics to review films when a movie releases is their doing they’re living in la la land. India is the land of jugaad, and if they try to shut critics up I will personally turn into an underground critic and do the good work of calling a spade a spade. And I’m sure there will be dozens like me.

    • Charu says:

      They are even planning to stop rating movies and audience to blindly go and watch them. By they i mean people like Kjo, srk, etc.

  5. abcd says:

    Get live narco test done on kangana, hrithik and adiya pancholi to find out the truth; the sad part is that narco tests have no legal standing, otherwise the matter would have been sorted by now. as far as being difficult is concerned, kangana is much better than those unethical star kids who get everything very easily and do not have to struggle for anything. Star kids encourage income inequallity and increase rich-poor divide. No wonder crime is increasing. The good thing is that kangana is making bollywood divided; it is now no more about star kids vs outsiders. it is now hard work versus spoon feeding. This seems to be a blind planted kjo & his minions to bring kangana down. The nusiance does not end here; infact kjo has been spearheading a campaign where critics/ or anyone for that matter cannot give star rating or evaluate the movie for the first 3 days of movie release to generate revenue. Where was this concern while harming work of the other people and blocking many screens to harm others’ movies. so there is no point in calling kangana difficult at work; infact it is kjo & his minions who are trying monopolize bollywood.

  6. Nars says:

    Exactly Admin, where are the interviews of her claiming to do stunts for the film? She says she learnt a little bit of Kabbadi and transform her body to look a certain way. Nothing about difficult scenes. I expect more blinds on this film. Who knew an actor using a body double will create such havoc?

  7. Anamika says:

    See @HateKJo I understand your points, but do you really understand how Bollywood functions? It is no more like the 70s or 80s where an actor was appreciated entirely on the merit of their acting chops. The Bollywood of today exists on manipulation tactics, PR generated relationships and fan wars, controversies etc etc. In such a toxic scenario do you seriously think Kangana can survive solely on her talent especially when industry bigwigs have decided to destroy her. Again why they particularly want to destroy her is pretty much out there in the open. Hrithik thought he could get away by having fun with her and Karan Johar openly made fun on so many occasions in his Koffee with Karan interviews. You must see that episode with Kangana. Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor where Kjo and the the two actors are openly making fun of Kangana. It’s just that now it’s her time to give it back. And she is playing their game her way. Why is that ruffling so many feathers? As for Aditya Pancholi, it was not Kangana who originally revealed details of their affair. It was Aditya Pancholi who used to give open derogatory interviews regarding his relationship with Kangana. For years she was silent and only retaliated when she had the power to do so. Like I said Kangana is playing the Bollywood game but only difference is that this time round its she who is calling the shots.

    • HateKjo says:

      I too said on many occasions that one cant survive on talent alone. They need to play dirty and lie. But she and her team acts like a victim and misuse women card. It actually hurt the real women victims. How will they get justice?

      Hrithik didn’t play with her . In this case he is a victim . I guess evidence proves she was after him. So don’t accuse him. I know he Is not a saint at all. But her own mails and actions suggests who played whom.
      I dont follow koffee with Karan. His show is tacky and cant bear his fake accent and obession with sex.

      I have read kangana’s statement on Aditya so it’s from both the sides. It’s a known fact that He and his son are criminals. But kangana is not a saint either. How can she threaten him openly that too using this serious matter as rape? What if tomorrow people start suspecting the real rape victims thinking she might be lying then?

      Men can be wrong what about women? Kangana didnt even spare them.

      She is a problem child and always creates negativity. Have issues with every single soul she interacts with.

      • Anamika says:

        @HateKJo Even I don’t think Hrithik had an affair with her or was even involved. But that doesn’t destroy the fact that he was happily checking out her emails and her nude pics/videos without trying to put a stop to it. I mean he could have simply told her not to pursue him because I refuse to believe a smart, ambitious and clever woman like Kangana could get so obsessed in love that she continued sending one sided emails to Hrithik unless at some level Hrithik led her on. Regarding Aditya Pancholi, if it’s ok to talk about his affair with Kangana in derogatory terms then why does he think Kangana is defaming him if Kangana decides to give her version of the affair? Remember it was Aditya who filed a defamation case against Kangana first, when she spoke about her relationship with him and how he used to hit her. So if he thinks its ok to file a defamation suit then Kangana obviously thought its cool to threaten him with a rape charge as she was technically a minor when their affair happened and legally anyone who is physically involved with a minor can be accused of rape even if the sex is consensual. See nobody is a saint or a criminal here. Each is playing the game which suits their motives. So why pick on Kangana only.

    • Tina says:

      Kangana was 16 when Aditya Pancholi had an affair with her. It was only after the Nirbhaya incident that our ‘amazing’ lawmakers updated the Indian penal code to deem $exual intimacy with minors as statutory rape. This was in 2013. Aditya and his wife should have been in jail but the laws of the time (early 2000s) failed us.

      It doesn’t take away from the fact that Aditya Pancholi is a paedophile.

  8. HateKjo says:

    Kangana is suffering from some disorder. She always fights and attack everyone. Then plays a woman card. How every single person can be wrong and she is a victim?

    Kangana is a manipulator . Her criminal lawyer seen threatening Aditya pancholi to withdraw the defamation case against her or she will accuse him of false rape.
    Real victims fights in courts not on false adalat neither they threats or negotiate with the perpetrators.

    No one has misused a woman card more than her.

    She even lied about horse riding and getting sick due to long horse riding shoes, later her lie was caught when the video of her riding a dummy horse went viral.

    Now few supporters will blame it on other celebrities and defend her lies as usual.

    • Nars says:

      Her lawyer did not threaten that dirt bag Pancholi. Just informed him of course of action his client will take. She already filed an FIR against him in 2007. She plans to revive it if he doesnt back off with his defamation suit. Mediation before court proceedings is process the court encourages. So much hate in you that you will believe a criminal, rap**st like Pancholi?

      She did learn horse riding for Manikarnika. They are many videos of her riding. The one stunt of dummy horse was specifically for close ups. Its a technique used in many other films.

      Buzz off you crazy hater. Why dont you find the time to go spread love about something you like instead of wasting your time on Kangana? How do you live with this toxic hate?

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