Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 14

The blind item below is about a recent drama that happened. You all know about it and today a blind item came out about the supposed behind the scenes situation.

First of all, we have mentioned this before. A film’s release date is carefully decided. It’s not done just like that. They have to go through a process where money is spent before the release date is locked on. This is why many producers refuse to bulge because they will have to shelve more money to decide on another date.

Secondly, no heroine has ever got to decide on the release date of her films even though she’s the main lead and the most famous cast member. That never happens and you have never read about Sridevi doing the same, despite the fact that she was the first female superstar of Bollywood.

It’s always the producers and the directors, who decide together when they can release the film not the actress. A top male actor and superstar get to decide their film’s release date, but not an actress. These two points thrown in together make the below blind item pointless!

Also, let’s not forget that the female producer of this film doesn’t take one step without consulting her astrologer/adviser. By one step, we mean that she doesn’t wear new slippers before the astrologer has blessed them. Imagine if this was Aloo’s papa!

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So now, you think this producer will allow her film’s heroine to dictate when the film will be released?

So yes, it seems the propaganda against this actress is still going strong. They won’t stop until she goes down. Maybe the nepotism/star kids gang should focus on the quality of their films instead of sending people outside theatres to beg the audience to give them good reviews.

Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 14

What a shame! The man, who enjoys mocking others with his gang of people, now has people mocking him…On a wide scale!

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Anyways, back to the blind item.

The actor has released a statement yesterday in which he indirectly blames the actress and also blames the media for supporting her. He has also said his film is ready, which is doubtful since post production is not complete yet. They have been postponing the film so many times now and yet, only this time he decides to blame it on the actress.

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It is strange considering how the female producer met up with him to decide this and they all agreed on it. It seems that he wants a solo release and every time, he doesn’t get it, he complains about how life is unfair and blablabla. He did the same thing with his last release when a superstar decided to release his film on the same day. And that film too was produced by his childhood friends!

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So it seems that before this news came out, there was a full preparation going around telling bots to promote tweets blaming this actress for his film’s delay. It could be that the actor was aware of this or his PR people did it behind his back. Or unless his fan clubs have money to pay to bots to promote their mission. Someone outed their little trick and all hell broke loose.

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All this was planned when the producers of both films knew this film was getting its release postponed. Now whether this actor and his people were aware of it, that only he knows.

What we do know, since we experienced it here, is that he has tons of people defending him. No other actor has gotten us this kind of feedback and unneeded/unwanted attention. Imagine 40 comments within a couple of hours from releasing a post about him and her. It’s the same thing said in different ways. Now whether they are his true fans or bots, only he knows. We think it’s the latter because of the manner it was done, all fierce and defensive. Which kind of makes sense because he won’t ever say anything negative in public. Not just him but the other industry people, they are all so correct and diplomatic the whole time. But when it comes to stabbing in the back, they have no problem doing that.

For him, it’s very smart to shift the blame on her since his film has been engulfed in so many controversies since it was announced. Negative controversies that are true, which will make the promotion of this film even harder for him. By putting the blame on her, the media will focus on that instead of how this movie is based on a fakester and directed by a harasser/predator.

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Anyways, let’s all wait and see how this goes further. Speaking of both of their films, can’t wait to see the trailers.

In the meantime, check out the blind item from CineBlitz. Let’s just say, at this point, no one cares anymore. Their whole mess is too messed up to even go through it again. They should just focus on their careers and let this one go. It’s time to grow up and stop pointing fingers. At the end of the day, it’s the audience that decides the outcome of your film not some silly ex.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 14

Two-film mega box office clash has a back story

Several Bollywood films have clashed on Fridays, but this one’s turning out to be a little different and messy!

Controversy is part and parcel of Bollywood. But the recent one about two films, that will be clashing at the box office, is attracting a lot of attention from many quarters. This is because of the two stars of the respective films and their history!

While each party involved has given different reasons for the clash of the two films, the truth is that the actress is trying to deliberately clash her film with her alleged ex. They have a history for creating controversy around their relationship, but this time, it includes work as well. But the real back story will leave you surprised!

When the actress came to know the actor was planning to release his film on a particular date, she chose the same date for her release. And guess what, that’s not all! There’s a back story to it too. Even though it has been said that it’s the producer’s call to shift the release dates, it’s the actor who actually did.

In fact, the actor’s film producer did try reaching out to the actress’ movie producer when he heard that the clash was likely to happen. He called the actress’ producer, who is also his friend, but she refused to answer the call. The team has made up its mind and wants to protect the interest of their film. The rest is history!


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Kangana Ranaut

Actor: Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 14

Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 14

Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 14

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27 Responses

  1. Dree says:

    While Kangana might’ve bullied other producer/ directors in the past, i doubt Ekta can be bullied by anyone. So for this particular instance , i do believe HR is overreacting.

  2. Justice Lover says:

    Just visualise Hrithik as an evil saas, Kangana as the tormented bahu and audience as the sasur/son and you can understand the whole drama.

    Just like an evil saas, Hrithik acts holy and pious in front of the public (sasur and her son) but is extremely manipulative when nobody’s watching. He is acting behind the scenes while Kangana and Rangoli are taking him head on (like most of the Indian bahus). These ladies are not crazy to go on a rant in media without any valid reason.

    Hrithik definitely acts as if he had nothing to do with Kangana but we are not fools to believe that. Yes, there are no pictures but Hrithik is not mad to click pictures with Kangana if he wants to keep the affair/fling hidden. His reputation has certainly taken a beating and no matter how much he justifies himself or form camps, public sab janti hai!

  3. Miss says:

    What a biased post. It is good to see one fan (admin) is still sticking with Kangana. Her hardcore fans have also left her side now that they saw Rangoli/Kangana’s true colors on twitter.
    I have never seen Kangana kind of worst woman in my entire life. She is already having a sad life.

  4. Anamika says:

    No offence to anyone here but I never liked Hrithik Roshan after that entire fiasco with Barbara Mori during Kites. I am not privy to any inside information but for some reason Hrithik just lost his mojo after Kites disaster which started his downward spiral, both personally and professionally. As for Kangana Ranaut, I am a huge fan of her work. She is a stellar performer and can stand out in even bad movies like Rangoon. Regarding the personal tussle between Hrithik and Kangana I am again not privy to any insider facts, but as a human being, I felt and still feel it was absolutely wrong and unnecessary on Hrithik’s part to send a legal notice to Kangana for using the term “silly ex”, especially when Kangana had never openly mentioned his name. Also why didn’t Hrithik speak up or do something when Kangana was apparently sending him 100 emails every day? Why was Hrithik even receiving those emails when he could have easily blocked Kangana’s email account and stopped receiving her emails. I am no expert but there is no way you get stalked or harassed by anyone unless at some level (maybe without meaning it deliberately) you have given hope to another individual. It’s called “hanging” someone and I know so many girls who do it without meaning any harm when they just string guys along without giving the guy a simple yes or a no. Also it was not right on Hrithik’s part to make such an issue out of a non-issue like this. I mean seriously who makes such a hue and cry if someone says they had an affair with you. You can simply deny it and then go your way why make such a issue about it. If I had been in Hrithik’s place I would have first spoken to Kangana and cleared any misconceptions, secondly I would have specifically told her not to send me any emails, then if she had persisted I would have simply blocked her and severed all contact with her. I would definitely not be receiving her emails and checking out her nude photos and videos unless I was intent on hanging her and stringing her along to suit my desires. The way I look at it, the entire episode could have been averted had Hrithik wanted to avert it. But for whatever reasohe chose to string Kangana along. Which was wrong.

    • Aura says:

      @Anamika what you said is called having ‘common sense’ that is quite uncommon as we can see from most people’s reactions here.

  5. Ramona says:

    Rangoli Chudail is commenting here too ?

  6. Ramona says:

    Kangana is a liar with streaks of disasters and with Manikarnika losing 20crs of its budget its her who’s serving the wrath of damaging someone’s life. bloody other woman

  7. Reen says:

    I believe Hrithik too. Kangana and her sister they both come across as Sluts !!!

  8. Joe says:

    Love it!!! So many people have tried sabotaging Kangana, making sure she is out of the industry, gets no work despite National Awards and Filmfares BUT NOW when she is here by working with new directors on her own, they are trying every bit to pull her down. When it didnt work publicly, they went behind the scenes to do that.

    Tomorrow when another horse-video etc is released, and people wont know who sabotaged her, people will call her names. But instead, this ferious lady, not only calls out and takes names of abusers (which everyone should do), but also is now competing on the professional front, THIS IS KICKASS!! Its wasy to bitch about her on camera and off, but come to the real thing and try defeating her at Box Office! Yeah..Kangana earned it and how!!

    PC was also thrown out and she made a mark abroad.
    Kangana was thrown out, but she resisted and made a mark here itself.
    No backing, no family, no money to start with, rapists, casting couch, house-arrest, chappals and so much negativity later….she has come out with a strong base – solid talent, and choice of movies. Who would’ve thought this pahadi village kid who knows no English, cant dress well, has curly hair, who slept on railway station just 10 yrs ago will give a run for his money to ENTIRE Bollywood and the then reining superstar Kaho Na Pyar Hai’s Hrithik Roshan, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’s Karan Johar’s itself!!!

    How tables turn, how someone on the streets today could beat the reigning superstars in few years down the line. Never underestimate and suppress people who want to make it and are determined to stay and thrive. Yesterday, they all ganged up not letting her earn her food, while living in their inherited posh houses. Today, they all are struggling bad, with bankruptcy and career lows, while she is reining queen, couldn’t have been more clear. Just the minute difference, that bankruptcy or career ends of these superstars means they still have crores and crores in bank a/c, while for poor Kangana it was no money to pay monthly bills.

    Karma ROCKS!!

    Admin, kudos to you for being honest. Kudos to media for being honest. Audience is always led by PR statements and this continues till today. Audience themselves look forward to hypocrites and are okay with someone beating up other people in the background but being all smiles in front of the camera…but when the victim cries out, audience blames the victim itself. No wonder criminals become Ministers in this country since audience votes for them!

    • Aura says:

      Wonderfully said!
      Funny how the word “nepo” has stuck on KJo, just like “silly ex” is stuck on HR. Such is the power of KR. Now, the HR paid sycophants are full-on trolling OSOP, insulting Admin names, calling KR names to calling her Manikarnika a flop, etc. The more scared they are, the more vicious the attack. The maligning is getting more and more desperate. Sounds like HR’s movie is doomed… Time will tell who sustains. Popcorn is ready.

  9. Ndt says:

    Admin…. not expected from you …I am disappointed this time ….

    • Original anon says:

      Totally with u on this and this is the 3rd time I am extremely disappointed with an article here.
      1. The dug up old blind about akshay Khanna being gay ,the day vinod Khanna passed away.
      After the back n forth comments ..admin deleted the post.
      2.recently comparing aradhya bacchan to a malfunctioning robot! Even that post was deleted later on.
      3. And now this!
      Saw rangoli’s tweets yesterday and I dint find a single comment supporting her and her sister and people were reporting her tweets to Twitter and Mumbai police!
      People are even forgetting theres rajkumar rao starring in the same movie ,who’s an even better actor than kangana ! Why are there no controversies around his name?!

  10. Ananya says:

    My God admin, that write up before the blind is the most biased I’ve seen you ever. I’m now doubtful, is it that you’re a Kangana fan b.s. I can’t believe all the authenticity I felt so far on this site is fake. What is it about Kangana that makes you let your authenticity of the site go for a toss?

    And wait before you or some commentators assume I’m a Hrithik fan or your hater. I’ve been a regular here and you know I just speak my mind and is not abusive. I’m just plain shocked.

    One more thing, I don’t believe Hrithik either. I’m rolling my eyes when I see people jumping in to support him or her bz both have their hands dirty and it’s so obvious by now. And yes I expected you to be real enough to call them both out rather than give such a long rant for Kangana covering up a lot of her shit, her sister’s doings.

    Expecting a fair take from you, at least with respect to Kangana, has become difficult. I understand fans doing that. So are you her fan if not pr?

    I don’t know the full story and I’m not interested too. This is one drama I’d keep away and not take sides. But reading your brief I can’t help but point out something I saw and found weird. It was Ekta who announced both films are clashing but will get decent release or something. She’s an insider, she’ll obviously know if Super 30 is not finished and if they’re planing to move etc. Why would she give out such a statement?

    Also Rangoli claimed Super 30 postponing was decided a week back between both team. If so, then why was she typing out abuse tweets one after the other all that week claiming about clash and how 30 team will do Kangana dirty? Don’t tell me Kangana and her manager Rangoli is not made aware of the discussions. They’re getting twisted in their own lies and general people can see it now. And so can they see through Hrithik being a cry baby each time a clash happens or when it comes to Kangana. So yeah that’s on that.

    And about the fate of both films, if the film is good it will work. That’s it. I for one is not interested in either, theme wise and bz of the people involved.

    So yes continue with your bias or opinion or whatever. It’s just sad that this site is losing credibility but if admin is not bothered, so be it.

  11. Matsya says:

    How come u have ignored that mad hatter rangoli’s tweets completely?she has openly threatened hrithik like a gangster.

  12. Sheena says:

    Remember the last time cry baby HR did the same drama? SRK’s Raees and his some god forsaken and forgotten movie. If someone has a pattern of playing victim it is Rondu Roshan

  13. Adira says:

    When someone here commented that this site is ran by Kangana and her team, majority were cursing him/her.

    I’m sorry, Admin, but now, I believe that commenter was right. You deliberately ignored the tweets from kangana’s sister and gave this write-up to twist the story to fit your narrative. Shame!

    The fact that Kangana knowing fully well her drama with Hrithik picked the dates slated for his film TWICE is more than enough evidence who is looking for a fight. Hats off to Hrithik for choosing to avoid this drama. I hope one day if he’s innocent, he’ll be vindicated.

    I walked out of Pinkvilla for their obvious bias. It’s sad this site is one too.

    • anjs says:

      this is so true, no wonder they openly say that DeepVeer has an open marriage, despite Deepika being totally against cheating in commitment and Ranveer being totally in love with her since 6 years

  14. NARS says:

    Unrelenting helplessness and toxic mental violence are phrases he used. Like wth! His spice pr always does backhanded stuff like this. Kangana’s Team is the worst and the most they do are movie announcements and event announcements.

    Rumors made way super 30 shift their release to 8/9th August. Some trade handles tweeted but the actor’s Pr made all delete them. Then S30 producer reliance confirmed the clash, that’s when ekta tweeted her first announcement. A few days later paid journalists started tweeting against Kangana, ekta tweeted, that’s when Rangoli went rickshawali and pissed 😠 people off. Day after Hrithik won with the sympathy card & as you put it found a scapegoat for everything regarding the film.

    • whiskermole says:

      Yes, even I read from a trade website about his film being moved because of post-prod delays before her film’s release date was shifted. Once news headlines came out that she has moved her date just to bring him down, I went back to check the trade website and found they had deleted that report!

  15. Lucy says:

    That tweet from hrithik was something…never ending unrelenting mean never did I think a small flop actress like kangana could make one of the biggest superstars with a producer father helpless in releasing his films.

  16. Soy says:

    Admin you really are biased towards Kangana. Have you seen tweets by Rangoli? Overtly abusive..why would anyone want to deal with that kind of shit. The negative trend was started by some random tweets which included many who have been posting pro Kangana stuff and one tweet posted by Rangoli of a notepad screenshot to pass it on as Hrithik PR. They just wanted to abuse Hrithik so did all thsese tactics. So ya I say tou are biased because in your long analysis, none of these came. Maybe Ekta did want 26th July but all the drama is by madam Kangana. Many Hrithik fans posted after the series of tweets from Rangoli. She shoud first remove the tag line sister of Kanagana from her bio before talking about nepotism.

    And no I am not Hrithik PR.

  17. Manisha says:

    This is all much ado about nothing imo….having a movie on a certain date doesn’t mean jack*** nowadays. A good movie is a good movie and WOM eventually may even help it reach a hit or cult status.

    These stars have such fragile egos (ie: HR). KR has her own issues but not EVERY DAMN THING is to be blamed for her and what happened years ago. Get over it people. His movie is doomed anyways. Let alone the metoo incident, doubt any one cares to see bipoics anymore.

    No not a HR or KR fan because both are over rated as people and as actors in my opinion. Just tired of this lame manufactured fan club drama.

  18. Hatekjo says:

    Admin the start by you is so biased. You are taking sides. Well, you always dislike him and never support him

    Truth is Kangana is dictator and producers too bow down to her demands,

    The clash was indeed made to harm his movie and to create a “Buzz” for her movie which was earlier scheduled for 21 June.

    Everyone knows about her promotions style ” lie/attacks/negativity /woman card”. Last time it was Alia, the director and costars.

    Why people fails to see the pattern of hers?

    This time too she planned the same. Hrithik’s movie was shifted to July 26th in the first week of January. So its clear he doesn’t want any kind of negative campaign and a solo release. Everyone has a right to have a solo release.

    Also, there were 3 statements made by MHK team. Ekta spoke about the clash and a dignified release(though world knows Kangana cant have a dignified release ) , Rangoli tweeted about the meeting and mutual decision to fight at the Box office. While after the shift, Kangana totally told another story of his movie being shifted a week ago after the meeting held between the two parties. Whom to believe?

    Rangoli cross the limits of decency and tweeted in the most cheap language ever. She even gave open threats which you don’t mention.

    Admin we all know Hrithik’s has a huge fan following and his fans always defend him so its not PR or paid people. Infact, many fandoms like of DP/Alia/RK/Kjo/Aamir/Kat/ Salman etc joined hands and supported Hrihtik for obvious reasons. His PR really don’t have to do anything. I can assure 80% support are by fans not a PR.

    Why fan’s support is always mistaken as PR? I guess every star has aggressive set of fans. Never heard you and anyone screaming PR PR when other stars like Khans get support? its only limited to Hrithik. Deepika and Katrina.

    What about tweets and support in Kangana’s favour? Is it PR too? yes if you says so. I can show you the screen shot of many journalists who always troll Hrithik and supported Kangana but all of a sudden they start supporting him and her sister retweet that. Are they paid by her to defame him?

    You forgot to add the fake message spread by Kangana PR under the name of Hrithik’s PR saying how to malign her name. And Rangoli retweeted it. This is also a form of harassment. isn’t it?

    Kangana PR drag his divorce all the time and abuse is EX wife too. Why?

    For the harassment , First we don’t know what he is going through. He might be right.
    Second, he has filed the case which is the right way. Wait for the verdict instead of declaring him as villian

    If he is saying this from a long time and even provide the proofs so why is he still be seen as a liar? there must be something na. (he might not be a saint. No one is a saint here)
    Just because he is a man so no one trusting him?

    People demands equality between men and women but forgot the rights of men. What if a woman complain about harassing? the man would be behind the bars the next day. Now I know many will only bash him and support other person because she is a woman.

    Kangana emails and her attitude continuously proving that she actually stalked him , obsessed with and harassed him. Be it her statements or her actions.

    don’t judge him or call him a liar when no one knows the truth. Kangana is not a saint. She claims to be feminist but always the first to attack women. what has she done for women so far?

    • Hate kjo says:

      Yes he is right to call out the hypocrite attitude of the society and media. When she came crying on every channel (during the promotions of her movie) everyone trusted her lies or the right way to put Claims, in one second certified him a sinner without listening to his side.

      But when he came with his story and with proofs(which nailed down her few claims) , no one questioned her and still he was trolled and doing drama to malign her.

      Her Exes and his wife too exposed her but still they were at the wrong side and taking advantage of the situation.

      Are all 1000 people culprits and she is a victim?What trick she uses that media and people always project her as some alba nari , bechari type all the time?

      I hate Kjo but still believe she loves to play a woman card/victim card every time.

      what was the buzz of MHK ? People were hardly talking about her and the movie. Then she tried this master stroke to create some buzz which worked as well.

      ADMIN do reply with honesty, Do you really think Hrithik is that vile and lying about harassment? is Kangana is a devi and cant be wrong at all? Why men are never heard?

    • Bollywood junkie says:

      This site is totally biased and pro kangana to an extent that they can’t see her faults at all. One thing that suddenly struck me is Rangoli using term papa Jo in her tweets.

      In this write up admin says, heroine does not have anything to do with movie release date. So what does heroine sister have in talking about movie title. Mental hai kya is clearly offensive to any person who is suffering from mental illness no matter what great content the movie has. And the tlllf foundation only had objection with name and Rangoli attacked them and made it as Kangana vs Deepika. Why should she reply on it if heroine has nothing to do with these titles and release dates. The producer/director can reply on it, right? She can say anything in even foul language and can play victim card but others should not say anything.

      Thank god I’m not blindfolded like before about Kangana.

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