Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 12

It’s a little surprising to read the blind item below because we don’t recall this being mentioned before when the film was announced. Maybe it was kept under wraps really well. Also, to be fair, the dumped actress didn’t say a word about it. The last time she was dumped from a film, she did express her anger but not this time.

So the blind item below is about a recent film that already released and went on to be a disaster at the box office. We recently saw the film and understood why it heavily underperformed. Where shall we start?

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To be fair, it was a little upsetting to see the lead actress in this film. It seems like she has lost her spark or maybe she never had one in the first place. The other film she did last year, it was a multicast and she was not that good in it too.

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At first, we thought it’s her character, who’s like that but then we realised this is how far her acting talent goes. That’s why she does this type of bholi bhali roles ’cause she ain’t got nothing else to offer!

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In this film, what is disturbing is that the cast is quite strong so with her under performing like this, it’s very disappointing. You have very good and talented actors and only her or her character is a let down. But then we realized if she wasn’t this bad, we wouldn’t have noticed the second actress, who’s famous in Telugu films. She was amazing and suited her role well. Despite this being her first Hindi film, she had that required confidence and acted out her role with ease.

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Which brings us to this dumped actress that the blind item is talking about. The actress always plays strong and confident roles in her films and is not the bholi bhali type at all. So if she was chosen in this film instead of the monotonous star kid, we would have two female characters that are strong and confident, which might confuse the whole plot since the star kid’s character is supposed to be sweet, confused and a pleaser.

How were they going to do it then?

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Anyways, what is going on with this star kid? Is she not getting any films? Why does her famous father have to ask people to cast her in his films?

We knew when it was announced with her in the lead, people would say that she is brave enough to take on this role. But then if this role was meant for someone else, who already agreed to do it, what does this mean for this star kid whose dad got her this role? For sure, she’s not a game changer.

Most probably, she wants to be like Akshay Kumar, doing the kinds of films that will make her standout since she can’t really be in the flower pot roles anymore.

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Wonder if it’s the same thing her papa did for her brother because they are supposed to be doing a film together?!

Check out the blind item below from Rajeev Masand. Have you seen this film yet?

By the way, after seeing how bad she was in this film, we went online to read the reviews and surprisingly, no critic calls her out. They all say the character had no substance. They all blamed the way the character was written. Well, her character was the lead of the film, it’s made based on her story, how can she not have any substance?

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It was only on IMDB that people called her out in their reviews. Well, at least you can still get honesty somewhere. Are critics afraid of insulting her or her famous papa?


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 11

The Circle of Bollywood

A prominent actress who’s just coming off a bona fide hitβ€” and who’s had a good streak, having earned accolades for her performances in a string of recent filmsβ€”reveals she’s gotten over the heartbreak of being cast and then unceremoniously β€œthrown out” of a β€œbig” project not long ago.

The actress realises now that losing one important film is not the end of life, β€œbut it’s hard to have this objectivity the moment it’s happening”. She realises it was all for the best, given that the film turned out to be a turkey. But she still can’t get over the manner in which the incident unfolded.

Not long after landing the central female role the actress was informed by the producer she was being replaced. It was an awkward conversation, she says, but she appreciated his honesty. He admitted that after failing to land the senior star whom they were hoping to cast as her father in the film they approached another credible actor.

But this gentleman made it clear he’d take the role only if they’d give the female lead to his spawn. Back against the wall and desperate to meet the start date they had scheduled for the film, the producer claimed he had no choice but to give in.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Taapsee

Film: Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga

Credible Actor: Anil Kapoor

Spawn: Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 11

Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 11

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9 Responses

  1. Ananya says:

    If it’s true good it came out. These manufactured life stories of star kids are pathetic!

    But admin, I disagree with one thing you said. An actor is someone who can blend into any role, not necessarily roles that fit their comfort zone. That means they’re limited actors.

    I’m not a fan of Tapsee’s work but you must also understand people like her get same formulaic characters, we have to see them in diversified roles to see if they can pull it off or not. I’ve seen Tapsee playing a dumb drama queen role in Tamil. You’d never associate that character to Tapsee’s personality yet she’s superb in it. I don’t like her other works but just citing this to prove my point.

    Look at Alia now, when she goes out of her comfort zone, Kalank, hook up song, her limitations show. Whereas when Kriti got Barelli she could prove she’s worthy of something. Same way!

    And about critics bias, I heard Alia got nice reviews for Soty back in time. Even Kalank, reviews were so biased. I’m sure if it was an outsider they’d rip her apart. So yeah star kids based on their degree of privilege do buy the reviews. Masand or Anupama an all are very clearly biased to some actors, directors etc.

    Sonam was a huge misfit for this film. I liked her character in Veere a lot but again she was a misfit. I think Zoya factor also is going to be the same. She chooses good scripts via her banner but ruins them with her acting. I wonder how she pulled off Neerja sometimes. It was a one time miracle. As it is you’re taking the opportunity away from someone, so at least do justice to those roles, that’s something star kids should learn.

    Did you see how one critic outed Dharma personnel standing outside soty 2 theatres asking audience if they could give a positive review? Everything is fabricated these days.

  2. Sonam is a pathetic actor and that’s why the film flopped. She got put in her place.

  3. Hatekjo says:

    Tapsee is not playing right. I said it before that “in this industry just looks and talent is not enough. You need to be cunning, and lick ass of big film makers and actors.” she is pretty , talented and a sweet looking girl. She needs a god father.

  4. Bollywood junkie says:

    Rajeev Masand directly called her out in his review. He praised everyone and said sonam performed badly

  5. Venus says:

    Sonam Kapoor was absolutely pathetic in ek ladki…,I have never seen anyone perform so badly before.Its talentless people like her who make me love Kangana more for speaking up against nepotism

  6. Drina says:

    Guys does anyone know from which movie is the above clip of Kareena Kapoor Khan playing?

  7. Monalisa says:

    Taapsee most probably did not blast the Producers and director of Ek Ladki because they were nice enough to convey the predicament they were in how Anil wanted Sonam in the role how they were backed against the wall to meet the start date scheduled. The producers of Pati Patni Aur Woh replaced her after asking her to clear her dates for the film (she let go of Life in A Metro 2) and did not convey the reason they replaced her.

  8. Aura says:

    This is not the first movie Taapsee Pannu had been unceremoniously dumped from. Wasn’t she also dumped from Pati, Patni or Woh remake recently? There were other movies as well. I had mentioned this before on OSOP… regardless of her acting talent, TP’s hits never get enough media promo and she keeps on getting dumped. Kismet of non-nepo stars. If you don’t blast your own horn from the rooftop, no one else will, and you’ll keep on getting sidelined until no one remembers that you exist. No wonder Kangana is so vociferous her successes and accomplishments. She gets that.
    However Rajeev Masand did call Sonam out in his movie review. Said she didn’t have the acting talent or capacity (or something to that effect) to bring necessary depth to her character.

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