Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 10

This online streaming platform has been around for a while now. It has launched a gazillion of shows by now. The only one we watched was a good one, which had this artsy actress as the lead.

But then, it’s a bit confusing because most of the shows released after that looked cheap. Not cheap in content, we don’t know that, but appeared cheap on the surface.

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They have a show called Gandi Baat! It looks like something Ram Gopal Varma would want to do. And, they just released a second season!

Like the blind item says, it seems this production house doesn’t care much about content, they are more interested in churning out shows and shows.

Are they doing that to compete with the other online platforms? This makes us wonder if they have a secure audience that enjoys watching their shows? Also, how are they getting the money to produce this many shows?

Do you watch any of their shows?

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 10

IN the era of booming web content, one OTT platform has swiftly acquired notoriety among producers. While it is launching a new show almost every other week and placing expensive hoardings to promote them, its quality is a serious concern. Producers say there is no creative understanding within the team and timelines are unreal.

Also, some parts of one of its recent shows, even after being launched, were re-shot and replacements made to the uploaded files. So the episode six of a show you watched in December would be very different if you watched it today.

However, the platform doesn’t seem to care as the apparent mandate is to build valuation and volume so that an attractive sell-out price can be achieved in the times to come.


OSOP Guesses

OTT Platform: ALTBalaji

Bollywood Blind Item – May 2019 – 10

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10 Responses

  1. No Name says:

    Dear Admin, same problem is happening again. Not able to see latest posts. Pls look into this.

    • Admin says:

      Alright…So the site was down last night hence being stuck on the same page. Is it ok now?

      • No Name says:

        Hi Admin, I am reading your posts on mobile and it works fine. But on Desktop /Laptop it shows this post as latest one. Other website works fine usual.

        • Admin says:

          Hi, yes this seems to be a problem. We already asked the hosts to clear cache. Try to clear cache on your side and then see. 😊

  2. Deep says:

    @ Tina: There. U said it, it’s all about the data. In fact Aadhar was introduced for the same purpose. So many people are not aware of how technology works and that’s how we got hoodwinked into getting Aadhar. And corporates like Ambanis are not trustworthy to be honest. If the person at the helm of the affairs is not honest, no tech can be reliable.
    It’s so refreshing Tina that u get the bigger picture. Most of the people are like, ‘toh kya hua?’ types. It grates my nerves. I have vowed not to have any reliance product in my life and I will stick to it. For them, we are just statistics, not humans.

  3. Harsh says:

    Apaharan was a little better than average, but the rest is all crap. Shows like XXX Uncensored and Gandi Baat are merely there to titillate. And of course, when has Balaji cared about the quality of content. Production houses like these have kept our television industry decades behind others. Web series offered a glimmer of hope, but now, Balaji has entered that space as well to ruin everything.

  4. Tina says:

    My understanding is that even the big players like Amazon Prime and Netflix have wizened up and have both drastically changed policies as well as cut down remuneration amounts for the content they are acquiring.

    Balaji or whoever this is skating on thin ice if they depend on volume. As for valuation, who decides that, the buyer or the seller and on what basis? BTW this venture has a huge stake from Mukesh Ambani doesn’t it? I wonder if he’s already decided on his β€˜gapla’ exit plan? I swear to god, he is The Godfather of Crony Capitalism with all political parties in his pocket.

    • Deep says:

      The Ambani’s don’t believe in healthy competition. They simply kill it by offering free services in the beginning. They killed telecom with their crappy Jio and now they are entering the set-top box market. But our idiot citizens don’t understand that they are supporting crooks when they run after free WiFi and calls. We are one of the most cheap population in the entire world i.e. we only want stuff for free.

    • Tina says:

      Whatever happened to antitrust laws? Even the US took Microsoft to task for their monopolistic tendencies.

    • Tina says:

      BTW, I think the reason he’s willing to give us free WiFi is so he can get hold of data in India and monetize it. That’s the engine that drives Facebook, Google, and Amazon. How we live, how we spend money, what we like, and what we believe…that determines the success of every venture in the digital economy. We need serious data privacy laws and protections, otherwise our young entrepreneurs are doomed.

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