Bollywood Blind Item – May 2017 4

The blind item below speaks about a clueless Bollywood heroine. It’s not that hard to guess who this blind item is talking about because there’s currently only 1 heroine that needs work. We don’t know how she is not aware of this South hero, who’s from the Telugu film industry. She was probably too busy focusing on the heroes closer to her to notice anything. This Telugu hero is not that much of a big deal in Bollywood, his movie was the biggest deal. Now that the film has been released, it’s hard to imagine the effect this hero will have on the Hindi-audience. We are sure not that many people know him or will be interested to see him in his future films. We used to watch his films before this big film released and one day, we just realised that all of his films are similar to one another with almost the same storylines. We can’t wait to see what his future projects will be like. As for this heroine, it’s hard to imagine that the South audience will be interested to see her opposite him. If this was at her peak, then yes, they would have been interested, but now? As for the actress, who was asking for a lot of money, what in the world is going on with her these days? Why does she keep quoting such a huge fee to everyone these days? Does she have to support her boyfriend’s kids or something? Why act pricey when you have had flops after flops? But yes, if his pairing with this other South actress work, why not cast her again instead of chasing behind these Bollywood heroines? Check out the blind item below from BollywoodLife.


Bollywood Blind Item



This top actress regrets turning down an offer with a hero who has now become a mega star

The heroine we now hear is desperate to bag the film and wants to work with this new star.

This top heroine who is not really in form regrets turning down an offer that would help her career. So we hear that this hot Bollywood actress was offered a film opposite a tall hunk. The actor then was popular, but not a Bollywood hero. The heroine we hear was approached for this hero’s upcoming film a few months back. The actress pretty high-highhandedly asked the makers who was this actor. Of course little did the actress know that the man whose identity she was unaware of has started giving Bollywood superstars sleepless nights now. In fact, filmmakers are eager to cash on his stupendous success. The casting for the female lead of his upcoming film is on and if the actress has not turned down the offer then she would have featured opposite this star who now has everyone swooning over him.

The heroine we now hear is desperate to bag the film and wants to work with this new star. However, the makers are mighty pissed and are not keen on an actress who was acting pricey earlier. We hear it’s not just this B-town actress, another babe from Bollywood was approached for the role, but when the lady demanded almost double the pay cheque she was getting for her Hindi projects the makers decided to move on. We now hear that the actor might end up working with his sweetheart yet again. The hero has been linked with one of his co-stars and the makers feel that their hit pairing will prove to be luck yet again.


OSOP Guesses

Top Heroine: Katrina Kaif

Mega Star: Prabhas

Pricey Actress: Shraddha Kapoor


Co-Star: Anushka Shetty


Babe: Disha Patani

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22 Responses

  1. Santosh says:

    That’s good for prabhas. I am glad a telugu actor is becoming popular.

  2. shivani says:

    comments deluged with kat haters! Coming to the blind, wtf is wrong with shraddha…she has lost her mind after meeting farhan. And disha patani looks like a maid. Just bcuz she is dating tiger so she has been made out to be a babe. but she is not even good looking! Watch the msd movie i couldnt believe such a plain girl has been given the lead role!

  3. bella says:

    What don’t get is, why did Kat stick it with Ranbir when she knew that his family will never accept her? It sounds unfair, but her past clearly was the deal breaker in the relationship. Imagine the shock on Neetu’s face when the private investigator dug out all the stuff Kat used to do. Was Kat delusional?

  4. bella says:

    I read it somewhere on fashionscandal once. He might have tried it. I don’t understand why that’s so hard to believe? Some people are experimental, especially with the wild parties and ‘stuff’ that these stars indulge in.

  5. Aaa says:

    Well a flirt like salman has preference for males??? I don’t believe this.I will never believe this.

  6. pooja says:

    salman hav soft feeling for her because of her pastwork but his family dislike her except alvira they dont show this but arbaaz many time say this including kwk that stop being emotional to salman.and salman is man without brain lust for didnt see what she done with him n still doing.fooling n coning n using

  7. pooja says:

    salman is man with nobrain lust for women.he feel pity for her because of her pastwork+rk dump her in this situvation her dream just betrayed by rk.salman just use woman for his please he never going to marry anyone.i remember in 2009 when he hosting bigboss he again n again saying poor katrina she already suffer lot when people was ask him fight with srk in katrina bday party that time i wondering y he saying her poor that time she get so famous hav many hit film with akki now i understand y she saying this.

  8. pooja says:

    for bollywood,i dont think katrina was 18 when she met salman she say her bod is samejuly 1985 her sis isabella dob is march 1985 katrina is 4th one n isabella is 7th no of her 7 sis was in twish or step or adopted i wonder what dob sonia will be if she get chance in industry her mother may knew same miracle giving birth to baby in just 1 to 2 months.katrina is big liear she lie about her age past father etc.none of her modeling pic show her as teenager

  9. bella says:

    Hey bollywood, what secrets? Thought everything Salman has done is pretty much out there. Are you referring to his preference for male companionship?

  10. Hmmm says:

    Gosh Katrina is just plain silly. Frankly she is yesterday’s news and her pr claiming she is doing this film and that film is just laughable. Katrina, Aishwarya and Karena have a similar tactic of desperation. Neither Katrina and Aishwarya have any movies that history will remember and both have zero ( or subzero) talent. Just fair and lovely looks that Katrina has ruined with over use of Botox and surgery.

    • pooja says:

      dont take aishwarya and kareena name both r beautiful n extremely talented ash’s taal devdas hum dil de chuke sanam robot jodha akbar dhoom2 already cult films same with bebo’s jab we met 3idiotes yuva omakara etc.user katrina most talentess botoxface woman in bw dont insult ash bebo by camparing

  11. naughtytrini says:

    I really hope she go away soon. I dont even bother to watch a preview of a movie that she is in because of her lack of talent. Whats inside always comes out and she is very dark inside. She is currently holding on the ends of the strings of staying relevant in bollywood. Please dont suffer us and give her anymore acting jobs.

  12. Rashmi says:

    I knew that this is Katrina)))) she is literally obsessed with major projects and even asks her PR to publish news that is not true. So she recently released the news that Akshay and Katrina could work together again in the Dharma / Salman co-production movie. Akshay will be an idiot if he agrees. Ungrateful Katrina. She is grateful in words, but her actions say the opposite things. In Bollywood actors are focused on the box office and go crazy because of the success of others. So Aamir is going crazy because of the success of the bahubali, he releases news after the news that in China Dangal has done more than Bahubali. Envious Aamir has 2 faces

    • Bollywood says:

      Aamir has Fatty to worry about now. As for Katty, desperate times call for desperate measures. That’s why she’s sticking to Sallu Bhai like a leech.

    • Rashmi says:

      you’re right. the funny thing is that as soon as Katrina broke up with Ranbir, she again became close to Salman. this is strange. What does she do for him?

      • Bollywood says:

        She knows his secrets and he still feels sorry for her. She has been there for him when he was down and out. His family likes her too. So, win-win for them both.

    • Rashmi says:

      To be honest I do not think that his family loves her. There must be something else here. When Salman was downstairs but Katrina Has become top, she left him. Then he began to release blockbusters and she again remembered him. I think Salman knows all of her dirtiest secrets, but Katrina also knows his secrets. This friendship on blackmail can be. Otherwise I just do not understand

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