Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 9

Every year, there’s a similar pattern of blind items about this actor. The stories are quite similar but…

It’s just that the girl changes!

Since late last year, it has been reported though blind items how this actor is getting super close to this young actress. Close enough to willingly take time off his busy schedule and appear in this actress’ sister’s video for free!

Yes, the professional respect and love between them is real!

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Well, something is new in this blind item as compared to his other affairs. He’s actually spending time at her home! Not that strange, but maybe it’s during the early hours in the morning.

Remember how one day at 6am he was caught on camera with a young actress he was very fond of at that time? Yeah, so early mornings are his thing and he proudly tells everyone that he wakes up earlier than the other stars.

Anyways, this actress is doing what she thinks should be done for her to succeed. She has been doing well in Bollywood so why would she be willingly get close to him? To get more movies opposite him? To help her sister out some more?

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. What if one day he gets with THE ONE who manages to out him? Like this one actress did with his contemporary, also an action star and also with a doormat star wife.

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Bollywood Blind Item


AFTER delivering a super-hit last year, this good-looking movie couple has teamed up for another film now. In between the two films, the star and his young heroine are spending much time getting to know each other.

We hear he is always at her home, taking major decisions about her work as well as her downtime, almost as if he lives there himself. So, why don’t they move in together? Oh well, we don’t think his wife would like that very much.

OSOP Guesses

Star: Akshay Kumar

Young Heroine: Kriti Sanon


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