Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 6

Usually, blind items from this source is very confusing to understand or to figure out.

Still, everyone tries to do their bit in trying to figure out their mysteries!

The reason why these blind items from this source are written in a confusing manner with less clues compared to other blind items is because this source is close to the stars so he doesn’t want to upset them.

When these blind items are written in a way no one can figure out, it’s basically a shot in the dark and no one is being blatantly accused so the source stays safe.

In this blind item, there’s talk about the love affair of a young actor with a talented woman in his fraternity. No more details is given so you better crack your brains out if you want to know who this is.

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With that in mind, check out the blind item below from SpotBoye.



Bollywood Blind Item


The Bedroom Story Of A Young Cute Boy And A Beautiful Woman Twice His Age!

This cute young hero is head over heels for a woman twice his age and the woman too is passionate about the young boy; the two share a torrid affair, albeit secretly

This sweet little boy who made a debut last year in a hit love story has now suddenly gotten attracted to a 45-year-old plus, extremely talented woman in his own fraternity. The connection is extremely weird and nobody knows how they met, but what is transpiring behind closed doors is a torrid, passionate affair. Both have not thrown caution to the wind and are extremely discreet about it, but u know how SpotboyE gets u most gossip ahead of others.

OSOP Guess

Actor: Ishaan Khatter


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