Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 5

It is difficult for an outsider to make a mark in Bollywood. Forget making a mark, it is hard for any outsider to even step in Bollywood. Sometimes it takes a couple of months or maybe years, but there’s a shortcut to that…

Marry a relative of Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather aka the Bhai with the biggest heart!

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So this guy was struggling for some time before he met the sister of this superstar and ended up marrying up. They had a baby then Bhai finally launched him then she got pregnant again and this time, she decided to consciously give birth on Bhai’s birthday. And now, Bhai has announced he has bought the rights of a regional hit because he thinks this guy is perfect to play the lead.

That’s fine, it’s his money so he’s free to do what he wants. But…He cannot expect his friends to put their careers on the line just because he likes to do the same! When he thought that his friend, another superstar, would be perfect to be in this regional film remake, he didn’t expect the superstar to turn the offer down.

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Anyone in their right mind would turn this offer down! Like, seriously?! This superstar has been waiting for a long time to take the right project for his sort-of-comeback movie, you think he will sign on to be in this guy’s film? Just so this guy gets some leverage to make this movie interesting?

Interestingly enough, when this news came out, fans of the actor actively trended that they didn’t want him to do this. This being replacing the other superstar by acting in the remake of this regional film!

Yes, he decided that since the other superstar did not want to do it, HE is going to do it. You know, because he’s got a big heart!

He is already producing this guy’s second film and now has his third film already planned with shooting starting as early as May this year.

This superstar would have had better luck if he asked the other superstar aka his friend to finance or produce this film instead of acting in it!

Oh well, at least this superstar has a big family. All of whom can fill up the theatres so we don’t have to!

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Bollywood Blind Item

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Not for your in law, dude; TOP superstar rejects another’s film causing friction in friendship

Friendship between two top superstars again has gone awry after the romantic actor turned down a film offer from the macho star.

The much talked about friendship between these two top super stars has turned sour as they wage a cold and silent war against each other. The macho super star and the romantic super star have enjoyed an on-off friendship over the years. And their fights have been as publicised as their public patch-ups.

While the two actors love to hate and love with equal strength, and their dosti was a high point in Bollywood, things turned sour all because of a relative of one of the super stars – someone whom he loves to promote even at the cost of his career.

The macho super star loves launching actors and actresses who don’t possess much talent and then promoting them when their careers are almost over. Few people from Bollywood want to cast them in their movies but they hang out with the macho super star hoping they will cast them in one of his or his buddy’s movies.

One of his kith and kin wants to make it big ever since he entered Bollywood and he is extremely close to the male super star. His debut was a flop but the macho super star kept persisting and is even backing him in a few movies because he feels the newbie actor is talented.

Till the macho super star got hold of the remake rights of a regional movie which was a blockbuster. He felt the main protagonist’s role was the perfect launchpad for his kin (never mind if the kin has been launched and re-launched many times) as had wanted the romantic super star to play the cop in a remake because he wants to re-launch his own kin.

Now the macho super star has a big and generous heart and he expects everyone to have the same. The minute he required the remake rights he sent the director over to his BFF, the romantic super star (after calling and fixing up a meeting) to give a narration.

He was keen that the romantic super star play one of the supporting roles in the remake. The role wasn’t big but the macho super star thought he would get support from his good friend as he is like a brother.

The romantic super star, who is currently taking it easy in his career and not in a rush to sign movies, heard out the director patiently. He is extremely fond of the macho super star but nobody wants to take unnecessary risks in their career.

He turned it down gently and told the director that he couldn’t do the movie as he didn’t like how the script and his role had shaped up. Right now, he does not want to do a supporting role as he’s already done a few cameos because of his friendship with other Bollywood people.

The rejection came at a cost. It’s caused some friction between the two super stars who are not on talking terms anymore. But it’s time the macho super star realised that you cannot take your buddies for granted to make the career of your friends and family. He should focus on his own roles and movies instead. At the rate the macho super star is going through his career and friendships, one wonders how many good movies or friends he will have left…

OSOP Guesses

Macho Superstar: Salman Khan

Kith and Kin: Aayush Sharma

Regional Movie: Mulshi Pattern

Romantic Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan





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3 Responses

  1. Raj says:

    I would love to see that day when he becomes ban***pt

  2. Universal says:

    Salman Khan deciding on someone’s acting talent is a bit of Irony I’d say.

  3. Sara says:

    By producing movies for losers like Ayush and pancholi kid and working in crap movies like Radhe or any other movie he is doing, Salman will be finished soon. His movies are not doing that well anymore, now if he’ll not stop producing movies for every talentless relative, friends’ kids and gfs he will be bankrupt soon

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