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UPDATE: Blind Item Solved! – Please, Check Below. πŸ‘Œ

The blind item below sounds too fake to be true. Yes, this star has recently signed up with a Hollywood agency but what the blind item is suggesting is bullocks!

There is no way this star is wanting to go to Hollywood to perform on stage in concerts. For starters, he’s not that fit to perform yet. A couple of minutes is fine, but not a full concert. He can’t sing either so what else will he do there?

If you notice in the latest picture he posted, his one foot is bandaged. He has never had strong legs so it’s good that he is taking it easy and not pushing himself like he used to.

But why sign up with a Hollywood agency at this stage of his career and at his age? He tried before breaking into the US market and international non-Indian market but didn’t succeed. He even paid a Hollywood director 1 million to re-edit his film and sell it to the American market. It didn’t work. So why now?

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The other senior star that this blind item is talking about is really having a show in Hollywood. So far, the handsome actor hasn’t announced anything so as of now, the blind item is not true. There was an incident earlier this year, though, where the handsome actor was used as the face of this concert. People bought tickets thinking it was him performing on stage but all they got was 10 to 20 minutes of him on stage talking. They were very disappointed!

Let’s see what happens with this one. Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


Did THIS superstar deliberately plan his overseas event at the same time as another macho star?

The two superstars aren’t really fond of each other. Often, the macho and senior star has poked fun at the other one. Can you guess the two superstars?
Bollywood is a place where sometimes fun between two stars may take the wrong turn and affect their relationship for life. While one may hope that the senior stars may let go of such things but in this particular case, it might not be the case.
Recently, a popular action superstar has been in the headlines after a rumour started about him being signed up by an international agency. Since then, the superstar in question has been forcing his team to plan his overseas events at the same time as another popular and senior star.

While the event for the Macho superstar had been planned way long in advance, the action superstar wanted his team to set the date for his international event almost at the same time. While the senior star already enjoys a huge fan base internationally and need not sweat about the clash of dates of the two events, the other handsome star is yet to find his footing among fans in the foreign land. Until last year, the handsome superstar was planning his shows but nothing had worked out.

Now, out of the blue, the action star suddenly decided to plan his overseas event at the same time as another senior star. However, one will have to now wait and watch if the action star also gets the same kind of cheer from the overseas crowd as the other macho star or not.

The superstar, who has had a rather great past year professionally, is known to not be fond of the senior star. Also, the senior star is known to have poked fun at the expense of the popular action star in the past and hence, they don’t really get along. Now, only time will tell, if the action superstar gets the same kind of love overseas as the Macho superstar.

OSOP Guesses

Action Superstar: Hrithik Roshan

Senior Star: Salman Khan


The reason for these rumours comes from Hrithik being signed by the California based Gersh Agency, which will represent him in Hollywood. Hrithik’s manager Amrita Sen too confirmed the news by talking about Hrithik and his vision to go global in an interview with a leading daily. She said, β€œHrithik has always been an envelope pusher. For the last 20 years, Hrithik has been helping to drive Indian cinema into new genres, new narrative concepts and ever more sophisticated storytelling. He is excited about the fact that the market for global content, which features characters and stories from other parts of the world, couldn’t be stronger than it is today. With Hrithik’s leadership, our goal is to continue to put India in a front and center position on the path towards globalization and diversity and help integrate creators into new markets that were previously not available to them. In partnership with Gersh, we will now be taking Hrithik’s ambitious vision around the world.”


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