Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 33

It’s a little strange to hear of odd behaviours on the sets of this superstar! Why, you ask?

Well, on any of his sets, he IS the diva! No one else can afford to act like the actress reportedly did, if this superstar is around! Seriously, the man comes on sets when he feels like it…He takes a nap in his vanity van for as long as he likes…He shoots for as much as he wants and he leaves when he feels he should. It might sound brat-ish to you but in the world of entertainment, this is superstar’s behaviour! Despite that, no one dares to complain! Sure, they do it behind his back but that doesn’t count!

With that in mind, if this actress behaved the way the blind item said she did, it is only possible if the superstar was not around. In fact, she considers herself lucky to be in this project considering how she and the superstar didn’t get too close for comfort in the first time they worked together. But now since she is doing her second film with him, things must be cool enough.

If you think she is going to act like a diva and ruin all future chances of them ever sharing screen-space again.

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Unless, she’s that gutsy and daring to take over as the diva on the sets!

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This young actress left her entire film crew exhausted with her tantrums and demands

The best people to let out goss from a film set are the crew members. From spot boys to makeup artists, ADs to costume designers, they have in plenty. This news has come straight out of the horse’s mouth. A young actress, who’s been part of several films but hardly has anything credible to her credit, is quickly turning out to be quite a difficult person to deal with. Apparently, everyone on the sets of her last film were miffed with her regular tantrums and her demands.

Apparently, the actress, who’s just four-films old, is quite a monster at work. She makes her team sweat it out, waiting outside her van in the sun for hours. She doesn’t want anyone from her team to sit inside her van, come what may. Not just that, she has misbehaved with the hair and makeup team as well.

Regular arguments, constant abuses being hurled at them, the team complained to the film’s producer who are related to the film’s male superstar. They have taken note of the behaviour and are shocked because the last film they did together, the actress hadn’t shown her true colours yet.

But the producers too got a huge blow when this reached them. One of the days during the shoot, a few weeks earlier, when the producer and the male superstar were on set, shooting for it, they heard the actress screaming.

When they enquired, they found out that she was shouting at her staff because she had ordered for a particular brand of makhana (the expensive one!) and the team couldn’t get it for her. Reality is she wanted it in a hour’s time and her team went helter skelter but couldn’t find the makhana from the imported brand anywhere in the stores closeby.

The producer, including the male star, was shocked at her behaviour but decided not to say a word since she only had a small part in this film and just a few more days were left. But the producer and the actor have vowed to never work with her.

In fact, the superstar even suggested they could have made the film with another heroine, someone he already likes, and coincidentally has a special song in the same film. At least, the people working on the film would have been much happier!

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Disha Patani

Superstar: Salman Khan

Film: Radhe


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  1. nefarious says:

    how come so much negative press on Disha after Malang? Saw so many articles of her being Parths gf shes throwing tantrums on sets?Is that you Kjo? or is it Katrina?

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