Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 3

The blind item below is quite unusual unlike the other blind items out there. It’s a bit strange how something like this can become a blind item.

Nevertheless, read on.

There’s nothing much to say except that this actor is lucky he has the support of this superstar. For some reason, he is still getting films and girls! You would think any girl would be careful considering the big controversy that this star kid was involved in before he was even launched.

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But no!

By the way, this kid’s family must give him money since he lives quite well but has done only two films. No wonder his dad is still working and his mom too. Speaking of his dad, he’s still the very same drunkard who show up inebriated on the sets. Still, producers and directors work with him, even for someone like SLB who doesn’t tolerate this kind of behavior tolerated him.

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Anyways, check out the blind item below. By the way, this blind item is more about the fact that steroids destroyed this boy’s [what do you call this?] performance…? Yes, steroids can do that! But guess these kids need something to show off to Bhai right? Hence they keep on using steroids and going to the gym to build that body just to make Bhai happy enough so he can relaunch them again!

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This starkid is not well endowed in the nether region; are steroids to be blamed?

With nepotism becoming the go-to word in the industry in the last few years, everyone has a certain perception about industry kids. But leave talent, sometimes some of the star kids have to deal with some other, err, more personal conflicts. Such is the case with one of the star kids, who has failed to make his presence felt with the two films he’s been a part of.

In fact, more than his acting chops, what kept grabbing headlines is his controversy that he’s been mired in. Apparently, the guy was dating a firang model turned actress for quite sometime but now, they aren’t together.

Ever since the break-up, the actor has been on the prowl, hooking up with random women that he picks up from clubs and otherwise. Among girls, he prefers super models who are tall and skinny. But an incident left one of his ‘random hook-ups’ completely shocked.

So, we hear that the starkid is not quite well endowed in the nether region. Now, that’s a big problem given the high libido he has. The supermodel was quite dissatisfied with what conspired between her and the well-built boy and has since then, been telling her folks about their ‘two minute’ sexcapade.

This news reached the starkid through common friends and it only left him embarrassed. But another friend, who knows both the man and the woman in point, opines that it’s possibly due to the overuse of steroids that our hero had been taking to maintain that sculpted physique. Well, who are we to complain but like they say, size does matter, after all!

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Star Kid: Sooraj Pancholi



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