Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 28

This critic used to be an actor and for some reason, he thought he can become a critic which he did by using his own resources and money. Sitting in his supposedly lavish mansion, he films this reviews and shares them on youtube. He is also on Twitter with a huge following over a million.

How is that possible? Is he that good of entertainment for others?

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It’s funny and weird how the stars of Bollywood give him so much importance when it comes to his reviews. If you remember, he was caught in that big fight between Ajay Devgan and KJo. Someone who is not a real critic like him had so much power to make Ajay and KJo sit back and take notice of what he was saying.

It’s ridiculous! Unless there’s something else that is going on, which is making these stars care every time this man opens his mouth!

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The blind item is about this man and an actor who reached out to this man just to ask him to review his movie in a positive way. Note that in the blind item below, it is mentioned that this actor went out of his way and that he is a star that is liked by everyone. Actually, he and his wife are liked by everyone even though we do side-eye the age difference and the age she was when he said he fell for her.

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That aside, we are guessing this is the actor since he was actually at this critic’s house and spent time with him there.

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The blind item was posted a while back by SpotBoye and it’s only now we are rediscovering it since there’s nothing else to do. It has not been posted here before so please check out this blind item by SpotBoye below.


Bollywood Blind Item


Star Flies Down A Film Critic From Dubai To Give His Film A Good Review, But Gets A Lasher!

Recently, a star flew down a film critic from Dubai to see his film. What lay in store was a 440 W shock

So there’s this star that perhaps you and I both are fond of. But you see, he was terribly insecure sometime ago because he hadn’t tasted success since quite some time. He wanted good reviews for his film as well, and so he even sent a plane ticket to a well-known reviewer in Dubai to come and watch the film in Mumbai.

The reviewer argued with him that he will see it in Dubai, but the star insisted on Mumbai explaining that the Mumbai version was shorter and crisper. The reviewer was flown back and the star put his head on the pillow for a goodnight’s sleep. But lo!

What lay in store took the daylights out of him when he woke up the next day around noon to see that the reviewer in question had thrashed his film left, right and centre! Woh kehte hain, some people don’t like free lunches.

OSOP Guesses

Star: Riteish Deshmukh

Critic: KRK

Film: Marjaavan


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  1. Universal says:

    Is some “other” connection working in the importance this so called critic gets? Dubai reminds of that connection.

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