Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 22

This blind item sounds a bit too far-fetched to be true, especially in today’s time.

The only way this blind item is true is if this lady’s building has been infected with the virus. Otherwise, there’s no reason for her, or shall we say someone who likes to save money as much as her, not use her home and pay for a hotel room instead.

Come on now, this woman did not even pay for her laundry when she was in a live-in relationship so there’s no way she’s footing the bill for this one!

Seems like a fake blind item out to make her look like some kind of out-of-control woman, especially if we consider the source.

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See for yourself!

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. PR people must be scratching their heads now, how to keep their stars in the news with such limited movement allowed?!


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS gorgeous leading lady and her new paramour are setting new personal records when it comes to keeping their relationship on the down-low. Recently, while heading home from a promotional event, she made a pit-stop at a suburban five-star for a 15-minute tryst with this hunky actor. Her entourage waited outside the establishment while the secret lovers caught up.

OSOP Guesses

Leading Lady: Katrina Kaif

New Paramour: Vicky Kaushal




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9 Responses

  1. Bhaswati Sarkar says:

    2013 Katrina’s career is over
    2014 katrina’s career is over
    2015 katrina’s career is over
    2016 katrina’s career is over
    2017 katrina’s career is over
    2018 katrina’s career is over
    2019 katrina’s career is over and its 2020 so congratulations you guys are still singing the same song and still paying attention to every katrina related news. Siddharth Chaturbedi confirmed that he is working with katrina in Excel’s Phonebhoot it wasnt ant PR person unless the geniuses here think that Sid works part-time as Kat’s pr and then there is YRF’s Tiger 3 and Ali’s movie is a trilogy which will most likely feature his buddy katrina. As far as her brand not doing well did you guys check their audit report, I remember commentators of this site accusing Katrina about her makeup line few years saying she has no investor but look at her now she has launched a cruelty free vegan makeup line which will be launched by Beautycon overseas next but sure she’s a failure to anonymous users of osop!

    BTW whatever happened to 300 crore budgeted superheroine movie that Deepika Padukone was doing I thought even costumes were being made or the Mahabharata adaptation where she was to play Draupadi??? were they just pr exercises???

  2. HateKjo says:

    Katrina career is over whether you accept it or not.

    Sidharth is the director or producer? No official announcement is being made about phonebhoot, Yrf hasn’t announced Tiger 3 yet and there are reports of Salman being not interested in it. As far as Ali movie us concerned who said she will get the movie? If she does again it’s not on merit.

    Katrina is not a failure but achieve alot biut now she is over . Every rise has a fall. She has created a new public image of hers but it seems so fake and people too know this.

    Why bringing Deepika when its about Katrina. So typical of Katrina fans.

    Well tell what happened to Katrina doing a female centric superheroine film trilogy? Ali refuted the rumours, or a movie with ishan and sidharth, krissh 4 , song in SLB movie . Are they PR exercises?

    Deepika’s Mahabharat will be made after the intern and another film. Most probably with SLB . How can you think about costumes were made already?

  3. Hatekjo says:

    That Picture is real? Don’t think so. Still that picture burns many including Katrina’s fans who posted 100000000000000 hate comments everywhere. Any publicity is a good publicity. so this blind is might be by her team.

    Katrina is super rich now so she can pay but she is a miser. Not only she any actress doesn’t pay for themselves mostly their sugar daddies and boyfriends do the honors.

    who knows Vicky might have paid it like her Exes used to pay for her.

    If Vicky and his family doesn’t want to accept her due to her past so he mustn’t play with her to get fame (though she is playing with him too for publicity and to get rid of her loneliness) and leave her.

    Kjo cant get anyone out of Bollywood . TBH Katrina’s time is over but she is just trying hard to stay but no one offering her movies anymore and all the item numbers are going to Nora and DIsha. Salman too have left her side now.

    She must settle down as she is aging and all rivals are well settle and doing well in their life personally and professionally. Katrina’s brand too is not successful as it should be.

  4. abcd says:

    Rk’s kiss picture with aloo paratha didn’t get any kind of acceptance from fans, except from their paid tweets/paid followers on social media platforms. Hence, they want to get Kat down through release of this blind diversion tactic. Kat has experienced extereme poverty and had to face dark past, which still doesn’t leave her. So she tries to save money as much as possible. Hence, it’s tough to believe that she will pay money for few minutes of intimacy in hotel. Vk wouldn’t accept Kat due to her past and is just fooling around Kat, vk runs around kjo for work, so he can’t upset his employer by getting serious about Kat. Kjo’s successful in getting Kat out from Bollywood. Her career is over, so they released this blind item to be final nail in coffin.

  5. HateKjo says:

    Its just by her over active PR to keep her name floating. Katrina’s career is over now but she is fame hunger woman who still wants fame by hook or by crook.

    Her fakeness and pretentious actions are way too annoying and now public is fully aware of her tactics.
    She was a pathetic actor , an mediocre dancer who only have her gorgeous face to show but now she has ruined it completely and looks horrid. Her songs are too boring and flop now.

    Katrina is a miser who even doesn’t pay her bills, rent and buy a car for herself. Maybe Vicky has paid for this outing because she can’t do ghapghap at her place as her sister resides with her.

    Vicky is a part of KJO gang , he might release this blind to keep him in news. His Bhoot flops badly at the box office. He needs a big star so using Katrina’s name.

    Only her stupid fans are trusting their PR games and calling her “Mrs. Kaushal” which is not only funny but make her look desperate and is so embarrassing for her ..

    ADMIN please tell is she really doing that superheroine film trilogy with Ali Abbas Zafar or it was just a PR stunt because he didn’t said anything about it , only confirmed MR. India rumors’ which is said to be a male superhero film trilogy and an Item song IN SLB film?

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