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This story was initially published a year or two years ago. Hard to say exactly when since blind items about this actor’s shenanigans or should we say, affairs, have always been around since he started going around!

But the worst blind item about him has to be about the affair with his sister-in-law when they worked together on a film set that also starred a Bollywood actress. This was the situation then, when the sis-in-law was not married, but now that time has passed and the lady also got remarried, that affair must have been a thing of the past right?

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This blind item is sort of hinting it is still going on and that the actor wanted to leave his wife because of this. What in the world is wrong with him? Did he run out of ladies to have affairs with that he had to choose his wife’s sister? Or does he need to have an affair with everyone he works with?

It’s disgusting what fame and money can do to you. For this actor, he got married when he was really young and became a young father to two boys. Who thought he would be the actor he is today when he made his debut? Probably not him, since he has been taking advantage of his situation but seriously, there’s a limit!

There’s a huge chance this is an old blind item that has been rehashed since this actor is now going to be in a Hindi film soon. It’s funny when that film was announced, we shared it with a tweet saying that the girl’s mother should be on the sets with her 24/7 when she shoots this film and a lot of people agreed!

For some women, Coronovirus is not the only thing they have to be careful about!

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P.S. Gif has nothing to do with the above content.

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This South star fears separating from his wife because of his megastar father in law

Actors and their affairs are always the most talked about in the film industry. But what happens when you have an extra-marital relationship? And what happens when your affair is with your own sister in law? Things can get complicated and weird and that’s exactly what has happened for his South star, who has also considerably made his presence felt in Bollywood.

While the actor has been away from the Hindi film industry for a while, and will soon be seen romancing a top A-list actress in one of his favourite director’s next, his ‘rangeela’ side is known to all. In fact, despite being married to the daughter of a South mega star, he has had several flings with people on set before he got drawn towards his own saali. Yes, you heard us right.

The wife’s sister and husband are very much together for quite sometime now and their relationship has caused a huge turmoil in the actor’s married life too. We hear that at one point, the South actor wanted to separate from his wife but he feared losing his otherwise clean PR image that keeps doing the rounds.

The South mega star who’s known for his generosity and humility, has also become the major point of concern in this troubling situation. He is in no mood to let go of his family’s standing in the society for his daughter and son-in-law’s extra marital affair. In fact, the two sisters who can’t stand each other for this reason, has been categorically told to maintain a rather happy vibe in the media.

While the other sister is now divorced, the South star can’t divorce his wife because of his stern father-in-law! But the love between the jija and saali are brewing and how. We wonder if this is the modern filmy family set up we have been thinking of!

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South Star: Dhanush

South Mega Star: Rajnikanth


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2 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Kajol might be loud but she comes across as a genuine person. Haven’t heard any behavioural issues either on sets.

  2. Kit says:

    The sister in law is married now, isn’t she?

    He’s disgusting for breaking his marital vows but sister in law is a more disgusting person. Having an affair with your own blood sister’s husband? Seriously!!!

    I recall watching her interview with Dhanush and Kajol during VIP2 promotion and was impressed with Dhanush and sister in law’s humble nature compared with Kajol’s over loudness. It’s a big disappointment to know what kind of person they really are.

    I’m sorry for my harsh language but infidelity is a very sore topic for me

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