Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 17

This young actor, or rather “handsome and young” as he likes to be described in blind items, has been featured in two blind items this week both of which mentioned that he has been chosen in place of another actor. As in, he’s so happening right now that he is the next choice of Bollywood‘s most famous producers.

Whether that’s true or not, who cares! But…All young happening actors usually go through the same thing, they get what others’ leftovers. It happens so no biggie.

This blind item, though, is pretty long and you might get lost while reading it. Don’t worry, here’s a short summary.

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This new director’s first film was the biggest surprise hit of 2020 so far hence he’s on the list of many producers. A lot of people thought that he would make his second film with the same team from his first film, which included this top actor/producer.

Unfortunately, another producer grabbed him first by flashing a fancy cast, big story and most importantly, lots more greenery as in money. Naturally, the director couldn’t resist and signed on but not before seeking the blessing of the top actor/producer who launched him. To conclude, actor/producer was pissed that the new director didn’t think of collaborating with him in his second film and choose to step out to work with others.

That’s about it. For the longer text, check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

The movie, an action drama, has turned out to be a dark horse. Directed by a newbie, the film has won accolades from the masses and classes and become a huge blockbuster.

The film is produced by a top actor-producer who has also acted in the movie, but unfortunately, both the the director and him have had a massive fallout post its success and are now not on talking terms.

Debutante directors are launched with fanfare by production houses but because of lack of contract, fail to cash in on their success. It’s been seen in the past that many a production houses have lost a successful directors because proper paperwork wasn’t done.

Some top production houses sign a newbie director for a two or three-film contract but it didn’t happen in this case. And the director was signed up by another producer. In this case too, a similar thing happened…

It is one of the biggest blockbusters of recent times and the huge success has shocked many. So, one expected another announcement to happen soon between the hero and the director. But another producer, and a close friend of the top actor, messed up the deal. He went with a fresh project to the successful director, the top actor and another actor who was part of the blockbuster, for a joint collaboration, with another production house. Being simple and trusting he forgot to ink a proper deal, little knowing that the new (hot and happening) producer, was waiting to snap up the newbie.

The new producer was waiting to approach the newbie. He tempted him with a great story, a hot cast, a co-production and of course, lots of money all adding up to an offer the newbie just couldn’t resist. He signed on the dotted line and told the top actor that as he was starting out, he required his best wishes and permission to do better.

The actor who had introduced (and given him his biggest break in Bollywood) had no choice but to give his reluctant nod to be the better man. But from inside he is seething with anger and is leaving no stone un-turned to cold shoulder the newbie who doesn’t know what to do.

While the newbie’s next film has been announced with a young and handsome hero, the shooting will take time to begin. He is also new to the business and is not too happy with what has happened.

Usually when a movie is a hit, the makers cannot wait to throw a success bash. But because of the rift between the actor and the newbie director, there has been no success party till date – even though it’s been weeks since its release and the film has broken many box-office records.

Now, the older producer is trying to put together the same project with his two heroes but without much success as his last movie failed to click at the box-office. Now, that both have had their fingers burned, we presume they will not repeat their mistakes again.

OSOP Guesses

Movie: Tanhaji

Newbie: Om Raut

Top Actor-Producer: Ajay Devgan

Another Producer: Bhushan Kumar

Young and Handsome Hero: Kartik Aaryan


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  1. Kit says:

    Fake blind. Ajay D wasn’t pissed when Rohit Shetty was collaborating with SRK (who Ajay hates). So why would he be pissed with Om Raut? Besides, Bhushan Kumar was as co-producer of Tanhaji, meaning he and Ajay have a business relationship which has profited both of them so there’s no way Ajay would be pissed. It’s not like Om Raut went to work for KJo.

    Ajay D is also not a party person so I see nothing odd with him not throwing a success bash..

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