Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 15

A similar blind item was posted some years ago about this actress, who suddenly made it big.

Today the blind item below is not about her, but about this actress who has been in the limelight lately with the woman-centric films she has been doing. Whether or not this blind item is true, we don’t know. But know that, promotions are not easy and can be taxing so if something like the blind item mentioned happened, it’s not that hard to imagine it.

But what’s making news these days is how the director of her film is getting upset on social media and ranting out. A lot of things were being said about his film and he’s not liking it. So far, the movie has been doing OK but not as expected. Actually, this year has been quite disappointing for female-centric films.

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Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This Gen-Y heroine who’s famous for her socially relevant films behaves terribly with her entourage

They say, success and failure changes a person like no other. And when you are an actor, this adage seems to be even truer than ever. For example, remember we told you about this Bollywood hero who was a nobody a few years ago till he hit a jackpot with a romcom and how his attitude towards people around him took a 180 degree turn? It’s the same with this actress, who has been instrumental in shouldering some of the better socially relevant women-centric projects in recent times.

The actress recently had a movie release and was in and around for promotions. But people around her noticed a huge change in her body language. Apparently, everyone noticed a slight arrogance in her demeanour. She doesn’t treat her staff well, keeps screaming and shouting at them for the littlest things.

This wasn’t there even last year, when she delivered back to back successes but now, it’s so in-your-face that a lot of bystanders noticed this happening right in front of them, some of them being journalists.

So what happened is like everyday, a day’s plan was chalked out and sent to her team for approval and it was sent back with no changes. But while she arrived on time and started her set of interviews, things got a little delayed with breaks and other things happening in between. But she was clear: she wanted to leave at a particular time, but then, there were several reporters waiting for their interviews to even begin.

While the team tried to make her understand the gravity of the situation, our pretty lady was adamant on making an exit. Eventually, she did leaving most of the journos infuriated! While the industry and the media isn’t alien to this happening, we wonder how long this will last!

OSOP Guesses

Heroine: Taapsee

Last Film: Thappad


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6 Responses

  1. Ka says:

    Look carefully, she did a nose job a few years back and now her nose falls long on one side and is short from the other side.

  2. MotherOfDragons says:

    I did not know this side of Tapsee
    Off to watch some youtube interviews of hers to see if she is really rude

  3. JJ says:

    disfigured face??!! wow that is some attacking at personal leveljayajayajha

  4. Sara says:

    Tapsee has bad attitude. I didn’t like her during Mission Mangal promotions. Comparing to other actresses like Vidya and Nithya Menon she was really loud and rude but she is pretty. I mean she looks different from other plastic brigade of bollywood

  5. Sara says:

    I have watched some of her interviews and didn’t like her attitude. There is something rude about her which I don’t like but I think she is pretty. I don’t understand what is disfigured face but she is better looking than many other new actresses. I also like her curly hair.. To be honest all new actresses are average looking be it Alia, Pari, Disha, Janhvi, Sara etc. 90s actresses were very beautyful and it was hard to decide which actress is more beautiful but today all actresses are plastic and still no one looks as beautiful as Madhuri, Manisha, Raveena, Sonali, Divya were

  6. Ka says:

    Please admin, this is not the first time tapsee pannu’s nasty behaviour has come to light. There have been many interview in which even Vicky exposed how rude a person she is, and she insults fan when they have gently asked her for a picture, and she does it for no reason but the fact that she gets a high from doing it. She is pretty downmarket and from Delhi and she even herself mentioned how she herself threaten and run behind people in her wedding company functions for money, and she admits she’s cheap in that pink villa interview and in the zoom interview with sucharita she admitted to breaking fans phones when she get irritated with the picture asking. She has a deranged attitude, I mean she’s not that talented to behave so rudely, or a big enough star either. And she herself openly admits to her this disgusting behaviour in her interviews, she has very disfigured face so she probably behaved this way out of insecurity. She knew with a face that below average she’s can’t sell her flower pot MCP movies roles she did in the south here. Also admin what is the deal with her and Akshay? He is so over friendly in that interview with her and Vidya, while forcing Vidya to lose a quiz interview so tapsee can win, also he has got her many movie roles. Do they have something going on?

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