Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 13

Last year was an eventful year for this actor. He might have got his 100-crore sleeper hit but it did nothing for him, as far as bring in more projects to him. Maybe it did since there was a blind item about how his girlfriend has started deciding his roles for him.

Actually, ever since he got together with this actress, most blind items have been about how controlling she is. Whether that’s true or not, what THIS blind item is saying is very similar to how the situation this actor was before he made it big in Bollywood.

Back then, he was living in with his then girlfriend of many years and she was the one taking care of him financially. She was still working on the TV show they worked together for years while he was jobless then trying to make it in Bollywood.

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The situation he is in right now might have been brought in by himself. When he got his first big hit, he sort of insulted Mr. India. Yes, Mr India directed a bad film but insulting one of the biggest producers in Bollywood is not something actors do. But he did it because Mr. India promised to have him as the lead actor in the film and then went on to choose another young actor to play the lead.

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Then, there were instances of him getting close and touchy with actresses and wives of powerful people at parties in a drunken state. It was after his first big hit. Everything changed for him after the first big hit or perhaps, he changed. He was invited in KebabJo’s clan and subsequently fired from it when he served them no purpose.

Let’s not forget how his upcoming film has been stalling for months now and it’s because of how creepy he and the director behaved.

But all that is pretty normal in Bollywood for most stars, but this boy ain’t no star and yet was acting like it. That’s what happened!

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Check out the blind item from SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item


This Actor Is Facing Financial Crunch, His Actress-Girlfriend Comes To The Rescue!

This actor who marked a promising debut in B-town several years back, is facing tough times on the money front, with no good films in his kitty. His girlfriend is helping him out

When he made a splash in Bollywood several years ago, he was touted to be a promising performer. But after a few successful and several not-so-successful films, the actor as of now has no good projects in his kitty.

His upcoming film has also been put on the backburner for now, so it’s getting difficult to manage the finances. In his hour of crisis, his actress-girlfriend has come to his rescue. The girlfriend who’s herself struggling to gain a strong foothold in the film industry has stood by her man in difficult times. So much for love, we say!

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Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput

Girlfriend: Rhea Chakraborty




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3 Responses

  1. KA says:

    he left pavitra rishta in oct 2011, he must have got his paycheck from ekta,after that immediately got selected to work in kai po che , he must have got the signing amount, while he had just completed kai po che, he got shuddh desi romance, so it means he has been working and had no need to depend upon Ankita.They started living in after sushant entered bollywood not before that. About his behaviour at parties, was he really misbehaving or the blind writers blew it out of proportion, no one knows, but if he misbehaved,then its a wrong deed, drinking alcohol makes one loose sense,someone should have made him aware of what he was upto after he got drunk and he should have stopped getting drunk at parties,its definetly wrong, misbehaviour with someone is a big NO ! no to belittle rhea she seems to be a lovely person, but sushant might be earning more which means again he doesn’t need her financial support, rather he has signed next film opposite rhea so that gets a good footing in the industry.playboys are selfish, they give nothing, but sushant has been selfless in his relationships 🙂

  2. abcd says:

    SSR is facing the perils of not being a star kid. He does have some potential. It’s good to see him getting some support from Rhea. He shouldn’t have let his gf take charge of his career. Hope he turns tide in his favour.


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