Bollywood Blind Item – March 2020 – 11

It seems in Bollywood it is looked down when Bollywood people have to ask their parents for advice.

Years ago, when Bollywood‘s very own Greek God made his debut and became an instant success, his father was the one deciding which film he should sign and how much money he should ask. Raymond’s daddy, at that time, said that papa dearest should allow his son to make his own decisions.

Years later, when Raymond made his debut, it was daddy dearest Β who decided his price and even decided when his boy deserved a raise.

So you see, it’s nothing new and yet in 2020, folks are still wondering why you need the advice of your parents!

The blind item below is about this actor, who has got the shock of his life when his last film flopped badly. It was a film in his forte hence the shock!

So now, he’s panicking and wondering how to go about. He has already signed a commercial film with his film under a famous production house. If you have been following blind items since 2020 begun, you would have notice a pattern of blind items on this actor and how he is regretting this film he signed for his friend.

It seems, instead of going ahead with the shoot, he had a talk with his dad and then decided to drop this film. It’s better than going on with the shoot and continuously complaining how he didn’t want to do it and only did it because his friend asked him to.

Two days ago, the announcement was made by his friend, the director. The film has been postponed after discussion.

Good call! But they could have found someone else, right? Or they went back and read the script and thought it was not good enough?

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


At one time, heroines were mocked for their β€˜ask mummy’ stance. Now it’s the turn of the lads. This young actor has turned to daddy for instructions after a spate of flops at the BO. An industry jibe is that his last release fared so badly that the producer only recovered the actor’s salary.

So, on daddy’s advice, the promising actor has called off a movie with his director buddy and chosen a realistic film with another maker. Fingers crossed for this one, or we don’t want to be at this family’s dining table.

OSOP Guesses

Young Actor: Varun Dhawan

Daddy: David Dhawan

Last Release: Street Dancer 3D

Director Buddy: Shashank Khaitan

Movie: Mr. Lele


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2 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Instead of blaming directors, scripts or anything else, these starkids should look inwards first. Varun Dhawan was always an average actor. His forte being ott acting in govinda or Salman mould. It works for sometime and then people get bored. So reinvent yourself rather than blaming others.

  2. abcd says:

    Families treat star kids like babies. As a result, star kids become spoilt teenagers. Whereas, outsiders are shamed for their mistakes with no one to mentor them. So they make bfs/sugar daddy for some guidance and movies. But people are now super smart, they respect outsiders more than star kids, it’s so visible. Let’s see how star kids take their Bollywood journey from here

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