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This new pandemic is scaring people everywhere! People are being scared by it due to the extensive exposure that this virus has been generating. It’s everywhere! We don’t remember any other virus being given this importance as this one.

Maybe because there’s no cure for it and no one knows for sure how it is being spread. As of now, even people taking precautions by wearing mask are getting it and spreading it to others.

Someone messaged us the other day to ask if we are doing something about our cats. We asked why, she said because of the virus! And this person comes from a country that currently is among the countries where the virus is spreading faster than anything else! And this country, among many others, its people don’t like cats hence the question! So we sent her this pic and said we were taking precautions, don’t worry! πŸ˜‰


So, the blind item below is about this virus and how it is affecting shooting. If anything, doesn’t this make the budget lesser? Remember in the old days, not too long ago, there were scenes that were supposed to be based in Goa but they shot it in Mauritius or in Maldives. Then, there were other scenes that were supposed to be France but were shot in Switzerland.

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When you think about these situations and you read the blind item below, you would think “why can’t they just lie about the location like they used to?”. Right?

Postponing until things are fine won’t work and will just delay projects for no reason since this virus is not going to go away this soon. We doubt it will lessen in a couple of months. In fact, the numbers are now increasing in countries where there were no cases.

So yes, delaying projects won’t help. They could instead shoot it somewhere else or do what SLB does, build the sets in a studio and shoot.

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Obviously, they need to change things or else some people might end up jobless with nothing to do. There are lots of people who are hired in advanced and those who depend on these projects to earn a living so whoever is in charge better think of another way to do this or many people will suffer the consequences.

Of course, the stars are fine. It’s the technical people that matter the most.

Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand.

Bollywood Blind Item


Corona Spooks Bollywood

The fast-spreading coronavirus has led to the cancellation of major events globally. Now there is news that a few Bollywood films might be affected too. The biggest of these is a multi-starrer film that was set to go on the floor later this month with a long shoot planned across parts of Italy.

According to the grapevine, that outdoor schedule has been put off for now. The filmmakers are reportedly working round the clock to see if they can start the film on schedule. The plan is to begin with β€˜interior’ scenes that they can shoot in studios in Mumbai and Hyderabad and hold off the β€˜outdoor’ sequences meant to be shot in Europe for later in the year.

Another film, the remake of a popular 1990s comedy, has also hit a snag. One last song of this otherwise virtually complete project was scheduled to be shot in the Far East. But now the makers have decided to go to Ooty or to Ramoji Rao Studios in Hyderabad.

A new film from a big production company starring an A-list leading lady and a breakout actor from one of last year’s best films may also be delayed. The first schedule was supposed to be shot overseas; the filmmakers are currently brainstorming whether they should put off the shoot until it is safe to travel or rewrite the script to relocate it locally.

OSOP Guesses

Multi-Starrer Film: Takht

Remake: Coolie No 1

A-List Leading Lady: Deepika Padukone

Breakout Actor: Siddhant Chaturvedi


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2 Responses

  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    How odd of Karan …going all the way to Italy to shoot a movie on the Mughals !!!! Like Rushdie’s novel.

  2. KA says:

    So True !!!!, Health comes first, they can locate the movies in India, in case of Takht, the locations actually should have been in India because the story is based on the indian history, the mughals who ruled India, just like Jodhaa Akbar it should be shot in India.It will lessen Karan’s expenditure. Coolie No 1 has only 1 song left, which can be shot at any beautiful place in India. the locations of Deepika’s film with Shakun can be shifted from a outdoor location to metropolitan india i.e mumbai, delhi , noida etc. Nowadays public is warming up to and lapping up hindi film set purely in will boost indian tourism as well cost in less expenditure. if iifa awards can shift to india, films too least in this period of emergency it will feasible to do this.

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