Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 4

The war has started between these two young ladies. At least, that’s what the media wants you to think! Both had a great launch, but the other one had even more drama before her launch. Drama that almost landed her in court.

Remember how last year most people were wondering what will happen to her career? Her movie got stalled after the director got into a fight with the producer. So much more happened and you all know about it from the dozens of blind item that released due related to that. You might also remember how there was a blind item saying that the other girl’s mother went to Kebab Jo and begged him to launch her daughter.

We are sure if the first debutante didn’t go through a loss in the family, there would have been more “fights” told in the media between these two. But a death in her family made things not so manipulative and these two debutantes were OK with each other. They still are fine with each other, friendly even. The second debutante named the first debutante’s mom as her favourite actress.

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They still are, but their PR team is hell-bent on making it look like they are having a fight. It is going to be hard to pit them together. They are both different and even though they just started out, it looks like they are also destined be in different paths as far as their careers are concerned.

The problem here is, the first debutante will not do what the blind item said she did. She is not dependant like that. If she did, most likely she sent someone to talk to them. By herself, nah!

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Secondly, this firm she is with was recommended to her by Kebab Jo. You think she will step out on him after he launched her when no one would and after he gave her a second film after no one else would? Nah!!

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The second angle could be that the other actress, the second debutante, her PR firm is quite in trouble. Or they were in a big trouble last year when the #MeToo movement exploded. The CEO or main guy was outed.

It’s amazing how they have managed to retain their clients. Obviously, why should the staff suffer the consequences when it’s not their fault. It is possible that this PR firm is trying to make their company look attractive hence this blind to show that other star kids badly want to join them.

That’s what it is….

Check out the Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item

WE have heard of heroines fighting over leading men, and even fashion designers, but these two young beauties take the cake. While one of them, who had a later debut but a far more successful one, is being managed by a top firm, the other one wants to be part of it as well.

But as the firm can’t manage two competing debutantes, they politely refused. Now we hear she is trying to get the company to exit from their duties towards the more successful actress and sign her on instead. And here we thought cat fights were so last generation.


OSOP Guesses

First Debutante: Jhanvi Kapoor

Second Debutante: Sara Ali Khan

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 4

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6 Responses

  1. Nefarious says:

    @Admin, can you do a post on sara. I find her personality very contrived to pander to the audience. She came across as fake and entitled in kwk.
    Staying with her mom and being all praises for kareena seems just a survival and image building tactic ala arjuns love for jhanvi :p

    I reckon she wants to come across as lady ramveer singh. I dint find her exceptional in her kwk interview.

    I feel shes literally telling us shes weird in case we dont think so.

  2. MasterThinker says:

    Believe it or not..
    It is always a pattern that a more HYPED and Expected Candidate especially when there is a Top Notch Rivalvry and competition among 2 Debutants always Loses the competition they are not horse of long race in terms of Success and Statdom..
    example being:
    PC vs LARA
    DP vs SONAM
    ALIA vs PARI
    VARUN vs SID

    and many more..
    SEE all the Left Candidates were underestimated and Made Less Promising and less Hyped during thier debuts initial period, how they proved all theories wrong. And not defeated thier Rivals but become superstars and Had successful careers and all of them are way ahead then thier one time competition.


    You Kjo has more Soft corner for jahnvi than Sara . Bcz sara chose to debut with other production house. Jahnvi is better actress too, in terma of today Jahnvi’s career planning and trajectory seems right of being actor along with star.. Karan clearly is more inclined towards jahnvi he is training her to match the footsteps of Alia.. She has already plan A, B, C thanks to Kjo.. he will certainly make her star and succesful actress.

    On other hand Sara wants to be commercial mainstream actress playing flower pot sidekick roles. In 90’s early 20’s she would have been a superstar nowdays these kinda actresses have no long career or btight future they could be hyped but never be the horse of long race.. She clearky wants to be new age Karisma Kapoor and could ve succesful id VD can be Govinda .. se thats why she wants to work with Varun. She is so smart that she thinks she can revive Govinda- Karisma magic again in this era..
    I am afraid she doeant end up Being SONAKSHI SINHA 2.

    • Scarlett says:

      Ranbir was hyped more than any star kid ever….so his name here is odd…

    • Kiran101 says:

      when was Imran even compared to Ranbir…In fact it was Ranbir’s PR who threw in Imran’s wife’s name around that Ranbir dated Avntika in school.

      Ranbir was always the next superstar since debut , i never ever heard Imran being mentioned as anything like that.

      In fact if imran wud have been successful he wud have represented new age Hrithik as Ranbir is like Abhishek (coming from influential film family along being a star Kid).

      The only reason ABhishek was compared to Hrithik coz HR became massive success and after kaho na…he became desirable as F . Abhishek like Ranbir was by default next super star since debut.

      Other wise Abhishek had nothing in him to even be compared to HR..

    • MasterThinker says:

      Yeah you both are right, but you dont know at that time wjen imran was new he was very desireable and had more qualities to audience like him and that was biggest insecurity for ranbo and kjo. Whivh ultimately cleared after 2 3 flops .. and at that time ranbo and imran were considered thick obv for ranbo pr like nowdays ranvir and ranbo are potted against each other

  3. Universal says:

    They both look very different personalities. Sara might try more variety in her career while Jhanvi will mostly follow Alia’s path of doing what Kebab Jo suggests to do. Funny that PR guys think these things work.

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