Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 24

Yesterday, we were just wondering how come this actor does not really go out. Like, he is not really photographed anywhere except at the parties of his friends or movie screenings of his friends. Both times, he looked like someone forced him to go.

So the blind item below is probably why they don’t encourage him to go out. What else is new? Everyone knew this is how he is.

You know, back then when he was still new and very much happening, he had the phone number of all the latest hottest actresses. He would text them, send them dirty jokes and all that.

That was then…

Now, he is still sought-after because they make him look sought-after. They make him look like he is still a big deal. His people, we mean. The people he surrounds himself with always hype him up. Maybe because they can see he doesn’t care to hype himself up so they do it for him.

So, let’s move on to the blind item. Apparently, there he was busy checking out this tall actress. She saw him check him out and probably told someone about it.

Anyways, check out the blind item below from BollywoodLife. It’s nice to see a change other than the usual #couplegoals. 🀣


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 24


This young superstar had eyes for a hot young actress at a recent function

Well, this young superstar is basking in all the appreciation, he is getting for delivering a knockout performance in a film that raked in moolah last year. His personal life is also making headlines due to his lovey-dovey relationship with a top actress. The two were together for a recent awards show but it seems he was least interested in his lady love.

An eyewitness informs us that he had eyes for a hot actress who was sitting close by. This actress has just delivered a super-hit film with a young actor, who is a newsmaker as well. It seems the actress twice caught him checking her out and looked at the other side.

This was not all. The eyewitness tells us that he was least interested in his lady love for the greater part of the evening. She greeted him when she walked in but he did not respond. He was rather lacklustre throughout the night only to pep up at the end.

Fans of the actress are complaining that he does not seem to love her as much as she loves him and we wonder how they’ll react to this.


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Superstar: Ranbir Kapoor

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 24

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23 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Nothing new. RK will keep chasing the new face on the block, like his father and grandfather. This will continue even if he is a bachelor, in a relationship with Ayan, in a relationship with an actress or married or with kids. Good thing is, all his ex are so devastated that they come out stronger and happier and start getting recognized for acting somehow, DP, even Kat! Who would’ve imagined she will get an acting award for Zero. Bad thing is for the girl/boy in the midst of the relationship. His wife is screwed for life for sure, unless like other actor wive’s, she too turns a blind eye to RK’s sleeping around and being cold with the wife.

    Aloo fits the bill, she has her own world of friends with benefits, using acting career to the max till it lasts and all is well for her. This will continue, she knows about RK’s girl chasing issues more than the world, and she is at peace with it, its fine. Anyway, Varun who would’ve really loved her would have made his life hell by being her pet, so he escaped too. Aloo-RK-Munimji Kjo are the best trio for life – 3 unhappy, successful people.

    Kriti can do so much better on acting and choosing scripts, she is beautiful and has a considerable audience base. But seems she is too relaxed for the competition or doesnt know the tricks of the game. Karthik knows it well by now with all that Kjo maska through petha, etc. Kirti is much better off without RK, he will never marry her, she will make enemies with Kjo, Neetu will reject her, and lastly, RK will use and throw and play dead with her, like he does everytime once he’s done with women – Kat, DP, Alia. Wonder why he hasnt gotten over Ayan yet

    • nefarious says:

      I never got the vibe that Alia could push around Varun. It was always the other way round, she always been vying for his attention and love, but he disposed owing to family pressure.

      I dont think he wants anything more than a ONS with Kriti IMO, and from what i hear, Kriti has been game for ONS, going by the rumours with Sajid Nadiadwala, HR …

    • Lucy says:

      Kriti is ambitious but I don’t think she is willing to do things to get ahead.otherwise during sultan time she had a chance to enter salmans harem and be Aditya chopras girl.she chose to struggle and her breakthrough came with bareilly after three years.she is mostly doing Dinesh vijan film and even though she works with nadiadwala she doesn’t have the same stories as jaquiline.even haven’t heard of Akshay and kriti.i guess she is following shraddha, working with people who need her more than her needing them that way she stays safe from sexual exploitation.

    • nefarious says:

      I have heard stories of her trying to be over friendly with tiger and nadiadwala during heropanti, There was also a blind about her and HR..

      I think she may have not pursued Sultan becos of Salman. he really dictates terms to ppl who join his harem and crossing him would really destroy her career, so better to stay away from him.. Which is wise. RK in that sense is aloof, so its ok..

      For all we know, she may have not made for other reasons, monetary or Kjo talking Adi out of it , knowing how she could be a threat to Alia

    • MasterThinker says:

      @nefarious it is just that VD hides his true feelings very well he is very guarded about his passion and love about alia, but again he is over ambitious and Underdog of his family whom whole family criticizes on small mistakes , he isnt able to do anything on own. In that way i love Arjun he does what his heart wants and seems joyful everytime and independant.

    • Lucy says:

      With varun and alia I never felt like varun loved was always other way around,alia ar one point even seemed sad and angry that varun didn’t love her the way she wants,I guess varun enjoyed the attention alia gave but in his mind he never thought of settling down with her.

  2. nefarious says:

    This blind could well be coming from Kriti. Also whats RK story with Shraddha…

    I wont believe Shraddha never warmed up to him, cos the day she ditched Adi for Farhan , I gathered she was never smart…

  3. SH says:

    I find Kriti a little overrated tbh. But I will still root for her to do well simply because she is not a nepo.

  4. Tangerine says:

    I’ve always wondered about this. Not RK in particular but why a woman would find any man who is a Casanova attractive in the first place. Speaking as a woman, I find loyalty to be a valuable attribute in a man. Or for that matter even in friends. So it’s whole pop culture trope of Casanova is done to death. I guess the appeal is taking the big bad wolf

    • Mage of Anjou says:

      I’m afraid say a lot of the women who date known Lotharios think they are the woman to change him. He’ll fall truly in love with them and forsake all others. Saviour-complex is a real thing, alas.

    • papaess says:

      I think some women are drawn to damage. These types of men are seemingly charming, gentle, a little reclusive, a little sad. The women think β€œI can save him with my love. Yes he sleeps around but that’s because he’s damaged by his childhood/other reason. But he’ll be different with me. He’s just waiting for true love, and he’ll settle down”. Some even think, β€œto me only emotional fidelity matters”. Etc etc. It can be very seductive, until the reality of his damage kicks in- the callousness, the emotional distance, the manipulation and compulsive womanizing continues. The β€œwounded man” reveals himself to be intensely self-involved and in fact incapable of love at a fundamental level, and carelessly wounds others, leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake.

  5. Kiran101 says:

    Its totally legit … u guys are being too harsh on Ranbir . This in no way violates “emotional infidelity ” . So its all good.

  6. Shinyobject says:

    Kriti be warned. Avoid this guy like the plague.

  7. abcd says:

    some people readily throw themselves on rich womanisers for securing their future. these kind of rich womanisers use and throw people as per convenience. result is that they end up making complete fool of themselves. what has happened to kat served as a huge eye opener for actresses and they have begun to avoid rich womanisers. aloo needs kapoor tag and rk needs career insurance so this time kjo will not let him escape

  8. Monalisa says:

    @admin Kriti was sitting next to RK in ZCA not at FFA. Saw a video clip of RK sitting in between Kriti and Aloo during Varun’s performance in ZCA.

    If he was not in a fauxmance with Aloo he would totally hit on Kriti and started chasing her like he did with DP and Kat. Ranbir lost out big time and Kriti got saved from him. πŸ˜‚

    • KA says:

      So true, Thank GOD πŸ™‚
      Kriti got saved

    • Mage of Anjou says:

      Ranbir and Kriti would make a lot more sense than he and Alia. Alia just comes across as a child, the way she thinks, the tantrums that she apparently throws,her sense of entitlement, etc. I cannot fathom what they have in common for the life of me. Kriti at least is a WOMAN, educated, beautiful and physically, totally his type. But she’s also way too smart for him. No, “:emotional infidelity only” passes for her.

  9. Hatekjo says:

    Ranbir Alia are a PR couple. It’s so sickening to see them kissing and all lovey dovey at events. it looks so much staged and irritating. Ranbir has never shown such PDA for his girlfriends Deepika and Katrina.
    What if their movie tank terribly at the ticket window? As it’s all for a movie.

    Alia is supremely talented and has no competition currently. Still she needs to stop to this level for publicity.

    • bucketbot says:

      She doesn’t need the publicity for herself as of right now but she has to do what the devil says since she sold her soul to him for more projects, even if that means devaluing herself sometimes. She’ll do it so as to be able to get the devil to get her any project she may want or to oust any rival. They work in sync. I believe Pooja Bhat when she says that Alia is very clever even if she isn’t very intelligent.. And the devil is looking out for his bottom line only. No one is a saint here. Alia certainly isn’t. And her supreme talent is also debatable.

  10. Monalisa says:

    Old habits die hard. πŸ˜‚
    Kriti is a tall, beautiful outsider with modelesque figure. Not to mention she is popular and successful. She is totally Ranbir’s type. No wonder he could not stop himself from checking her out. Alia is no match.

  11. Nars says:

    oh m g

    so many problems

  12. KV says:

    I hope it’s true. I’m tired of the farce these idiots are putting.

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