Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 21

The second blind item of today comes from Rajeev Masand’s usual weekly collumn. To be fair, it’s not really a blind item since the news came out already last week.

It was a little shocking, though. This actress, the one who was ousted from this project, has been supposedly training hard for this role.

To be fair, since the beginning, the director was not happy with her being in this film. It was during her bad phase that the producer signed her up to play this still relevant and happening sports player more than a year ago. The actress even met the sports player and went training with her.

This is the same situation with the Arjun Reddy Hindi remake. If you remember, the producer wanted Arjun Kapoor while the director wanted Shahid Kapoor. They were literally going back and forth fighting in blind items until the director called Arjun “fat” and that was when Arjun decided to formally back down from being among the contenders.

But, for this film. It’s a little strange how only now they made things happen. The actress has had a big hit last year, this could have been good for her and the producer. But, this film’s director is not like other directors. If you have seen his films, you can sense that he cares about good content more than anything else.

Reportedly, it was this actress who made the first move to excuse herself from this film. We think it was done mutually because if the producers didn’t agree with her, they could have threaten to sue her like the ‘Race’ producers did with Deepika when she suddenly wanted to leave ‘Race 2’.

Another actress has been signed on to replace the ousted actress and this one is quite talented so she might just nail this performance. Whoever it was here that wrote “we need to pray for her” – well, your prayers have been answered!

So now, hopefully the shooting goes on smoothly without any hiccups. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

As for the actress, who opted out. She has been doing great lately. Clearly, getting out of that toxic relationship with a much older actor proved to work wonders for her.

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She came back with a bang last year, looking fresher.

Like people would sometimes say: Be careful of the company that you keep…It’s true.

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Check out the blind item from Open Magazine.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 21

The Issue of Trust

When news broke that a pretty young actress who’d been signed for a prominent sports biopic would no longer be doing the film because she didn’t have the dates for it, insiders knew something was wrong.

After all, this was the most exciting film she had on her hands and one that she could shoulder herself. Plus she’d committed to the film more than a year ago; the β€œno dates” excuse sounded like just thatβ€” an empty excuse.

Turns out things have been strained between the actress and the director who’s helming the project. There were rumors earlier that he wasn’t thrilled with the casting, but both filmmaker and star rubbished those reports.

The actress had a big hit last year, and received significantly better reviews for her latest films than she’s ever had before, and it looked like all was fine. Plus she’d begun taking lessons in preparation for the film so things appeared to be on track.

But the news recently that she’s left the filmβ€”and will be replaced by another actressβ€”has surprised many. Those in the know say that matters were much better between the actress and the director since last year, but neither trusted each other enough and it led to her deciding she would rather not set off on this journey with him.


OSOP Guesses

Pretty young actress: Shraddha Kapoor

Director: Amole Gupte

Replaced Actress: Parineeti Chopra

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 21

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 21

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3 Responses

  1. whiskermole says:

    Curious: How was her relationship with Farhan Akhtar toxic?

  2. Sheena says:

    Tbh Shraddha is a v bad actor (sorry don’t want to hurt anyone). She was cringeworthy in that movie on electricity (forgot the name – watched recently on a flight). Possibly Amole wanted a better actor after trying for a year

  3. leaps says:

    shardha doing just fine kat won an award for zero post break up wheh shedding the negativity is the best thing.

    for pari hope it works

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