Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 18

The blind item for today is about a recent film, which has not yet been released but you all have seen its teaser and that one song promo. Yes, that song promo did not look normal at all. That young lady cannot pull it off.

See, we used to think that actors should be able to act as any characters. But as you can very well see, this is not true at all. Some actors only suit particular roles, especially in today’s time.

It is hard for actors to fool the audience. That’s why they have actors also trying to fool the audience off-screen as well as onscreen!

Speaking of which, today’s the news finally came out how this renowned director decided to take this young lady. As many of you have guessed, it was indeed through the teaser of this upcoming film.

There’s a huge chance that this director did not act alone. Some whispering in his ears must have happened by KebabJo. You see, the way this pairing works. This Baap-Beti pairing, we mean.

He gets the films for her and in return, he gets to have his almost bankrupted production house co-produce the film. His production company does not have much money to put, so they are there for the name only. That name is enough since he is quite famous now. If you have been following him, you know he has been doing all the things needed to remain relevant. It’s so ironic that his best friend wants to remain invisible while this one here wants to be seen everything.

Image result for head shake gifs

He is everywhere, it is hard to escape him. If some of you think that his home production does not need to resort to this. Well, let us remind you that he once thought of filing for bankruptcy, but then was bailed out by the richest people in Mumbai.

These two are like these McDonald’s meal set. Whether you like it or not, you will still get the fries and drink by the side. Or like that annoying illaichi in the briyani that you accidentally crunch on!

Image result for shock taste gifs

It has been interesting to watch so far how much longer and further they can go. It has all been planned from the beginning. She is going to reign with him by her side. We know it’s a bit rude or not right to say this, but it sounds like a pimp arrangement!

Alright, back to the blind item on hand. Nothing surprising about it. There was no way this flamboyant nosy producer/director was going to let this young director take over this project. It’s a freaking huge scale project that cost a lot of Ambani money to make.

We were actually wondering whether he was on the sets, but as it turned out he had a better idea on how he could control everything. Technology!

Check out the blind item below from CineBlitz.

P.S. Sorry for not replying to your comments. Hope the intro answered some of these comments. 🙂


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 18

Director shot upcoming film only after every frame was approved by the producer

An upcoming film has been the talk of the town ever since it was announced. In fact, it has been attempted to be made several times. However, it has finally happened in 2019. And it is releasing pretty soon! While everyone has been raving about how amazing the movie looks and have been praising the director, little do they know what actually transpired!


Well, let us tell you that the director shot the movie only after every frame and scene was approved by the producer.

Shocking, right?

But the producer is a biggie and he called all the shots on the movie. The actors were also comfortable with this arrangement because they knew the film was in good hands!

It is one of the most larger than life movies for the production company. And hence, the producer as well as the directors did not want to take any risk.

Hence, after every shot was set, the director used to take pictures of the frame and send it to the producer. WhatsApp texts would be exchanged before the actors came, suggestions would be incorporated and then the shot was finally called and taken.

In fact, even during outdoor shoots and also if the producer was out, everyone used to wait for approvals before filming.

But looks like it has all paid off! The promos and the movie looks magnificent. In fact, the movie is one of the most-anticipated films. It is getting a wide release and the trade is going gaga about the opening it will command.

With an extended opening weekend, we are sure it will break a few records at the box office.


OSOP Guesses

Producer: Karan Johar

Film: Kalank

Director: Abhishek Verman

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 18

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 18

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 18

Bollywood Blind Item – March 2019 – 18

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34 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Everyone can see Kjo wanted to make a Bhansali movie, hence he approved every visual frame. The fact remains, Kjo cant make a Bhansali, Bhansali cant make a Hirani, Hirani cant make a Zoya, etc.

    Karan Johar’s movies SUCK big time! They were never good, had no story. Yes superstar casting worked when movies were 1-2 hero movie, but gone are those days. Karan does not know movie making. Period. He excels at movie selling, throwing in brand names and colors on his sets and Aloo/SRK and thinks this makes a movie LOL! No wonder he’s going bankrupt, he has to earn by selling himself as judge, talk show, spaker, etc. There are 2 categories, leader like SLB, Hirani, Ayushman, Pankaj who change things and followers like Kjo who copy what worked previously. Nobody has a problem to it, afteral it is Kjo’s money lol.

    Aloo paratha is a cute kid, whatever her age, and does decent acting but still not a great actor. DP, PC, Kangana, etc. worked on their skills and improved on acting film after film to earn the tag “actors” for themselves. Aloo needs to work hard on acting as much as she works on networking, which anyways Munimji Kjo takes care of. Cant imagine her in an SLB, unless SLB changes her heroine to be a jumpy kid where she would fit perfectly. Aloo fits best for Hirani, Imtiaz kind movies. Serious or heavy movies are out of question for her. However, she will be intelligent to learn acting from SLB sets, unlike Sonam/Ranbir who wasted the opportunity and instead blasted SLB.

  2. nefarious says:

    Admin, is it true that Sara and SSR were dating?
    Could you pls do a piece on Sara and her contrived personality?

    • Admin says:

      Sara is very well-prepared. You can see it. She knows her way around, what to say and how to react. She has been brought up in the industry, so it’s not a surprise. Let’s give her time before we start analyzing. We have a feeling things will heat up soon. As of now, she knows no one can compete with her. Jhanvi can’t, for sure. These two girls who are coming up in SOTY2, let’s see with them. And no…they were not dating. SSR is too busy trying to ‘score’ than to actually date someone after Kriti…

  3. Why? says:

    Rajeev and Anupama have made a pact to downvote festival favourites, I think. I noticed it in case of Photograph as well. And now, MKDNH

  4. Shinyobject says:

    Alia’s neck can be cast in it’s own movie. Yeah I said it!!

    Sacrilege not making Madhuri dance in that song. Made me cringe watching Alia lip sync the song. Like she is wondering where she is and where her denims and tees are at. Sonakshi and Madhuri must be wondering about the hype KJo made up for Alia.

    The movie is heavily inspired by Barjatya and SLB movies. You can spot with how the movie is laid out.

    I am going to skip this one.

    • Two cents says:

      “Like she is wondering where she is and where her denims and tees are at” – Hilarious 🙂

  5. Egg says:

    When will Bollywood learn that just by wearing so called period clothes and so called lavish sets does not make for a period film. Every actor in the teaser looks ‘modern’ in face.

  6. yuri says:

    I don’t understand this symbiotic relationship but it’s true he’s always near when alia is around. Alia is an adequate if highly overrated performer, her infamous breakdown scenes always feel artificial like her image and ‘rise to success’. Her success will always be tied to kjo, is it worth it? What is kjo getting out of this? Is being a kingmaker that important to him? I’ve watched him in interviews and kwk clips recently and the man has become insufferable – dismissive, egotistical, and judgmental. Kalank looks like an extravagant mess, definitely has his touch all over it.

    Alia can have her slb film but with salman? i think other leading ladies dodged a bullet with this one. Any self respecting person would stay away from this killer.

  7. Aura says:

    Madhuri has never looked this bad in a movie!!! It hurts every time I see the posters. It is a crime what KJo did to her – such unflattering lighting and makeup! … Only to draw focus on ordinary Alia (a face that is a dime a dozen). Madhuri looked 1000 times more beautiful at the teaser launch. I bet she wasn’t happy with the final product. I would’ve sue him if I were Madhuri. Sonakshi has beautiful features but she is very limited as an actress, so no threat there for Alia.

    • NewGirl says:

      ikr, Madhuri looks so bland in the promos. What is up with that? She looked so gorgeous in the launch.

      Cant believe KJo made Madhuri just stand there throughout the song, probably not to highlight Alia’s average dancing skills further.

    • Alok says:

      You guys think Madhuri looks bad? I’m actually amazed she looks so good in her 50s. Maybe I’m a biased 90s kid lol. I was surprised KJo didn’t have her dancing to this. Why cast Madhuri and have her stand around? I’m excited for the film but I agree it has a contemporary feel to it. KJo is superficial though, so he’ll never care to get period nuances right. The nautanki is strong

      • Aura says:

        @Alok check out the teaser launch on YouTube.
        Madhuri is glowing the most among all three. She looks like she can give any 20-year-old a run for their money. In the movie, she looks gaunt, much older than she is.
        Also check out the comments for the Kalank music video where Alia is dancing. People are p**ed that Madhuri isn’t!
        I have a feeling Madhuri will be made to do a lot of hand movements sitting down, like she has arthritis or something!

    • Two cents says:

      Totally agree with you. It was a deliberate attempt by Kjo to keep the focus on Alia. He full well knows if he unleashed Madhuri’s charm and beauty, Alia would not stand a chance. This is also why he did not get her to dance with Alia coz we all know the result of that. Making sure Alia is in every big movie is one thing but blocking the talent of her co-stars is downright pathetic.

      Alia was just okay in her dance sequence but her expressions were just cringe! She looked like a school girl rehearsing for a dance competition. Like most people, I am really annoyed that we did not get to see Madhuri dance. I wonder why she even agreed to do this movie.

  8. Alok says:

    Alia has had everything handed to her but is still a talented actress. I’d rather her than that beautiful yet soulless mannequin SLB usually goes for. (Take your pick between Aishwarya and Deepika, description fits both.) It’s not as annoying for me as 2013 wawhen Deepika was inescapable in films because Alia is strong as a performer. Never before have I been so mystified by the meteoric rise of a mediocre talent. DP stans, I know you guys are cultish but before y’all hate on me, I’m just expressing my opinion.

    • Scarlett says:

      Alia is a better actress than Deepika any day…..can’t even think of one memorable scenes or dialogue of Deepika from her last padmavat….Ranveer n Jim darn totally stole the show from under her nose . …but there r real talents like Tapsee etc who r denied roles coz alia…

    • Aura says:

      @Alok I agree with your statement about Deepika’s mediocre talent and monopolizing best movie roles. Alia is now the new “it” girl, it seems. But it is also very true that Alia does not fit the bill of period movies which needs a certain personality and appearance – a larger-than-life persona. Aishwarya/Deepika had that. They were believable as cold, distant yet desirable femme fatales driving men crazy. Alia looks like an ordinary little girl-next-door playing make-believe.

      Alia is also not as talented as Kangana who can transform personalities (ala Datto) beyond the comfort zone to make you believe in the character despite how she looks.

      • Scarlett says:

        Kangana is definitely more talented than all others at present….it’s a no brainer

      • Alok says:

        I can’t disagree with that. Alia does look very young. No she isn’t a patch on Kangana, especially after raising the bar tremendously like she did with Manikarnika. At least Deepika and Aish LOOK the part if nothing else.

    • Peachy says:

      Haha never have I ever found someone who dislikes Deepika. I too believe she is overrated as holy hell, beautiful woman (not HOT though) with an incredibly boring personality who has PR-ed her way through to the top. She’s good every once in a while but certainly not in movies like Padmaavat (which is such a shit movie all over) and others. Can’t quite catch why people believe she’s an outsider who made it big coz of her talent and honest hard work; she’s scummy as every last one of them. In my opinion, Ranveer is such a catch for someone like Deepika.

      But Alia’s just as overhyped, if not more. Has had it much easier and comes across as much more fake than Deepika.

      Personally, I like PC and SLB’s collaboration after Ranveer and SLB.

      • Anon says:

        For all who think that Deepika is an exceptional talent … this n try not to cringe….

        • whiskermole says:

          No fan of hers, but are you cringing because of her voice or her accent? People can be good actors with unconventional voices and accents.

      • Dave says:

        So true, why wasn’t Kangana on the cover of Vogue magazine as the highest paid actress, because she is now the highest paid with Manikarnika and has 2-3 more films already.
        Deepikas PR is very active, I can only think of Sonam on KWK when she pointed this out.

    • kiran101 says:

      Its is true Deepika is mediocre actress and has no personality . I dont even know what Ranveer keeps praising her about except for her looks . But one thing , ALia is equally good or bad as Deepika as an actress , Atleast Deeepika has amazing screen(i feel this is the reason for her stardom) presence and is statusque . Alia definetly got better roles.

      I mean in KWK Alia- Deepika episode , Deepika totally ate up alia just with her presence . Both of them do not have any personality except Alia with Kjo power takes better digs at others.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @Dave, i noticed this comment by you elsewhere too you make it seem like all of deepika’s exposure abroad – the US vogue cover, time 100 list, met gala invites are all down to PR…but she has the same PR company as many others in Bollywood so why do you think its just her (and PC) that get noticed?

      isn’t a simpler explanation the fact she was in a hollywood film, albeit a cringey one, and hence got the chance to promote the film around the world (and make it onto Anna Wintour’s radar). The karni sena inadvertently helped raise her profile as well. when they were busy issuing death threats against her, it made all the news here in the UK – the guardian, independent all these british newspapers ran the story with her photo…And of course the 500 crore global b/o helped (Vogue specifically mentioned it in her write-up).

      Kangana has a lot going for her as well …national awards, a potential future in direction…she clearly doesn’t give two hoots about hollywood (or a vogue cover)…to each their own…both women are trying their hardest to narrow the gender pay gap in the industry, i say more power to them both.

      • Dave says:

        @LondonThumakda ofcourse you need to have the potential but someone has to plant the seeds. Because if people at Vogue simply googled highest paid actress it would be Kangana as of today . But isn’t it creepy that all Deepikas achievements are mirroring that of Priyanka’s( point of my precious post), and I feel like they are checking Priyanka’s comments to not repeat the same mistake. I wish they had a slightly different ambition, there are so many things we as Indians haven’t achieved, and I feel Deepika has individuality which I haven’t seen so far

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @Dave well its not that straightforward is it, can we say for a fact who got paid more – deepika for padmaavat or kangana for manikarnika? has anyone seen the contracts? or maybe they included deepika’s endorsement deals and net worth when they pronounced her highest paid, they made reference to the forbes top 5 list too in the vogue write-up, that she was the first female to make it etc etc.

      as for why she tried her luck in hollywood i can completely understand that. Both priyanka and deepika are no doubt aware of how quickly bollywood ages its actresses out. its already happening…they each have only one film in hand even though they are in amazing shape and hardly “over the hill”. hollywood is far better in that regard… ScarJo at 34 is finally featuring in a standalone avengers movie. Gal Gadot is 33 and a mum-of-two. Olivia Colman landed a dream oscar-winning role at 45.

      But it is hard to make a mark in hollywood much more so if you dont live in LA and you’re of South Asian origin. hence the constant need to stay in the news, make yourself known, get featured in magazines, show up at parties and fashion shows, wear something flashy on the red carpet at Cannes or the Met Gala, and in PC’s case flaunt your celeb connections from meghan markle to the jonas brothers… all in the hope that when that next rare opportunity comes up for an Asian-origin actress, people remember your name and face…

    • Alok says:

      @Peachy- You’ve found that one person who can’t stand DP lol. I’m not even saying she’s the worst actress or anything, but just painfully mediocre and her stans literally hammer her supposed perfection into everyone else. My dislike also stems from all the blind love and adoration I see and feel is undeserving in my opinion. She’s not the best thing since sliced bread. You’d think she had the face of Madhubala, the talent of Smita Patil, the eloquence of Sushmita, and the charm of Juhi Chawla for all the hype she gets.

      • Anon says:

        Lol….but Iv never even thought much about deepika till I found this site n people are calling her ”queen’…..of what?…heartbreak n how to publicise it for personal gain?…she looks like a supermodel..yeah that helps with the whole statuesque cold beauty thing that worked for her in slb movies…but good actress…she is not…capitalising on beauty n publicity will only take u so far…there r so many better actresses who r lost in this game…

  9. LondonThumakda says:

    Thanks Admin, somehow i dont believe this “SLB saw her in the kalank song and got bowled over” story, almost seems like something kjo/alia’s PR cooked up. After all, they must have shot for this song a while ago, they could have easily shown SLB the rushes much earlier to persuade him if he was unsure of her dancing abilities…

    This is what SLB said about Inshallah,
    “It’s a younger film, the kind I’ve wanted to make for a long time after all the dark, intense, overdramatic ones. Alia is an extremely young actress with a lot of magic. She fits the role beautifully.” So i guess Alia’s “youth” worked in her favour…

    It was bittersweet seeing vids of SLB, deepika and ranveer on stage together at some award function last night…when i saw aloo with her paws all over deepika on the red carpet it almost seemed like a metaphor for whats happening…DP needs to get her fight-face on. To quote Khilji, “Ab Rani khatre mein hain” 🙁

  10. Pooja says:

    The way the blind is hyping the movie it’s looks like it is planted by kjo himself I guess. If the movie is successful he’ll take the credit from the director.

    Now I truly believe alia is a total miscast in the movie, she def dosent fit well in the whole period setting.

    When I saw the first poster and teaser I thought aloo might pull off the role but in the song promo she looks like a little kid trying to fit in. She dosent have the aura, grace and beauty to pull off larger than life characters. She looks like a regular girl next door.

    • GH says:

      The song where they made Madhuri stand and Alia do her version of kathak which seemed like a mix of circus acrobatics and seizures from electric shock is going to be the dealbreaker for this movie. You don’t cast a Kathak stalwart like Madhuri who has won national level
      Kathak competitions as a school
      Kid and not make her dance. Bad move.

  11. LoL says:

    If this fetches KJo some money, let him do it. Come on, he has two kids now. He needs to do everything to atleast give his children a lavish upbringing. Plus you need to consider via launching the children of his friends, he is gaining lifelong friendships which will only benefit the children in the long run. As it is his mother is 76 now.

    • kiran101 says:

      @Lol It will hit him hard when he wll reliaze that he’s the one who is still teaching BW stars to be thankless and the game of back stabbing. When Kj will be over … He might be dragged into crap like harvey weistein is now. Its likely Kjo will be beaten in his own game.

      So, for his own kids sake … hope he makes sure to save money for his kids and forget about favors he had done to already thankless entitled star kids.

    • Anonymous says:

      KJo on downward slide is going to be brutal bloodshed. If actors like SRK and Amitabh who have so much goodwill in the industry were not spared KJo will eaten alive when he is on the downward power slide because he has manipulated and back stabbed people way too long. Hopefully he has healthy bank account and other business ventures aligned which most probably he does.

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