Bollywood Blind Item โ€“ March 2019 โ€“ 15

Sometimes we think about this. It’s a little strange how we, as the audience, have misunderstood words like “contemporary” for years now. For some reason, actors are pitted against each other based on who they have dated or based on which direction they are going in their careers. Then, you add in the fan wars and you have yourself a “these two hate each other” thing going on.

It could be true. Everyone is scared of their competition, especially if the other is doing better. But if you think Aishwarya Rai was having sleepless nights over the work Katrina Kaif is doing, you are wrong!

So, the blind item below is by Rajeev Masand and he talks about these two actresses. Actually, only one is mentioned and you all can guess who she is. But then, he adds on another actress that this actress sees as her arch rival.

Now all you have to guess is who is this arch rival. Technically, her rival was someone else, but we all know she is busy sharpening her face to even care what other actresses are doing. Actually, scratch that! She is too busy checking out and caring what other actresses are wearing.

So, this leaves out the only other actress that this actress sees as her arch rival. Remember we had this post about how this actress sees Hollywood as her territory and she will not let anyone else take over. The “anyone else” was basically her arch rival that this blind item is talking about. Frankly, both of them are not making anyone’s head turns unless they are acting in a horror film!

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There is nothing more to explain, it’s all in the blind item below. What happened was, her people wanted her to do this film but she didn’t. Probably, because she was still trying out in Hollywood. So, the only way to get her to read the script was to tell her that the producers were considering her arch rival for this role.

Now, there’s something really strange. The movie and her role is about playing the mother of a 13-year old girl. She couldn’t possibly think that her arch rival was going to play the mother of a 13-year old?

Couldn’t she see through their ploy of getting her to do this film? Or was hearing about the other actress being considered was enough to get things going. It must have been…

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Check out the blind item below by Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item โ€“ March 2019 โ€“ 15

Every Actorโ€™s Bugbear

A prominent actress who has become particular about the projects she chooses here because it means dividing her time between two lives just wrapped work on a new film she was shooting in spurts and gaps over the last year or so.

Itโ€™s inspired by an emotionally wrenching true story personal to the filmโ€™s director, and while the actress says she was instantly inclined to make the movie, itโ€™s also true sheโ€™d been sitting on the script for months before finally picking it up to read.

Sources say the director sent the script soon after it was ready, but the actress was too busy. At that point the film still didnโ€™t have a producer. While waiting to land her leading lady the director shopped the script around to producers and quickly found a partner in a leading outfit floated by a former studio boss. The pressure to cast the film was mounting, and repeated attempts to rush the actress to read the script had failed.

As it often happens in these scenarios, the directorโ€” with the producer nowโ€”was putting pressure on the actressโ€™ team for a response. Her manager, who couldnโ€™t understand what all the rush was about (she wouldnโ€™t be the first actor to have taken months to get back about a script), decided to read the script herself before increasing the pressure on her client. Subsequently, things reportedly changed.

Convinced it was a script the actress would be foolish to pass up, the manager reached out to her and told her she had to give it a chance. The actress said she wouldโ€” soon.

Then the manager uttered the final threat: She said the filmmakers had decided to go to another actress (her arch rival, as it turns out) if she didnโ€™t reply immediately.

The actress pored over the script on her next flight and in 24 hours confirmed the film. She asked for the director to be flown to the US for a meeting and the project got a โ€˜goโ€™ overnight. Since then sheโ€™s been a dream to work with, both the director and the producer insist.

But was the threat to go to the rival a cleverly planned stunt? We might never know.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Priyanka Chopra

Arch Rival: Deepika Padukone

Film: The Sky Is Pink

Bollywood Blind Item โ€“ March 2019 โ€“ 15

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15 Responses

  1. RBP says:

    @admin It would be great to know your guesses for latest Spotboye blinds..

  2. Dave says:

    I feel the blind is partially true. As per my observation Rajeev Masand is highly partial to DP. Maybe because of the Roast with Ranveer or because Anupama is partial to PC and Kangana, he wanted some in his troop. But he has been liking paparazzi pics of DP left right and center. I think PC needed something really big to make a come back to bollywood. Thats why she chose Bhaarat. Because BW/ audience basis everything on box office. But probably her wedding gave her more attention than Bhaarat could give. So she decided to take up something that was more meaningful.
    Is it just me or DPs PR is literally copying everything PC is doing. Be it Forbes, Time, Madam Tussaud, Vogue, I mean after a point it got a little crazy.

  3. Joe says:

    If PC’s manager is that NRI shrewd looking lady then anything is possible. PC should be careful of her personal ambitions and inclination to deceit. She made PC invest in Bumblebee India and was clueless when asked about the revenue model. Pc looked at her for answer but she had none. Wonder if she is making side money through commissions, which these people often do

  4. Neep says:

    All the new female actors aren’t landing great roles BTW. They’re the kind of roles DP, AS or PC did when they started out. And their male costars are Sushant and Ishan and Karthik. Not A listers. I guess DP and her contemporaries are choosy. Unfortunately male A listers are even more choosy. 53 year old Salman will act in a love story courtesy SLB. And his costar will be 30 years younger. It won’t be a May-December love story lol but a May-May one cuz Sallu is eternally young.

  5. Pooja says:

    Just for info Ash rejected nashte London.krish,munna bhiaMBBS etc bcz she think her role is not enough in film Just for prop unlike who made career out of playing props roles in film even 2day die for doing such roles go any level to get prop roles inbig star that eg was foolish add.

  6. Samantha says:

    why do i think its meghna gulzar, deepika, (arch rival) alia n move chhapak!

    • Pooja says:

      There were no producers on board for chaapak when Meghan approached Deepika with the script. When Deepika showed interest in the project fox star came onto board to co-produce the film along with Dp.

      Sky is pink always had siddharth roy kapur attached to the project from the beginning. Siddharth s team approached PC with the script. So the blinds talking about sky is pink.

    • Miss says:

      Why would Deepika ask the doirectro to be flown to US when she stays in Mumbai? Also says shooting over the past year. Chappak has not yet started shooting LOL the blind hatred. Come on! Open your eyes.

  7. Pooja says:

    I think this blind is planted to increase the buzz around the film. I don’t think Pc was dumb enough to not understand such ploys.

    @admin …. What do you think is happening with Dp’s career. It’s little hard to bilieve that Deepika who’s right now on top of her game is not getting offers when newbies like sara,ananya, disha,bhaji,tapsee …etc have projects in their kitty. What’s happening to her career. Why isn’t she signing multiple movies like she used to. I mean she only signed chaapak.

    • Shefu says:

      What makes people think Deepika is not getting any offer? I feel she is just taking a break from movies. In the first place, I have never found her so passionate about movies. She is not a great actress but she is a diva, a megastar. She has managed to stay in news, earning more than other actresses (and many actors) through endorsement; and managed to remain on the top. She has a huge fan following. There are other ways to make money; enjoy the celebrity status and remain on the top. And she is able to do so. Give credit to her aura and her mind blowing PR team!

    • kiran101 says:

      @Pooja …May I voice my take here… Its not about how many hits or how she is on top … Its about the perception the producers/directors etc towards female actors to some extent . For example someone said Alia is just 25 and top of her game and she has 7-8 more years .

      But , thats not how it works … Its about how long u have been in the game . An actress may start at 18 and peak and ripe and considered too old by 26-27 . It appears the film industry does not tolerate female actors beyond a few years since they are obsessed with newer/younger …they care about newer that can be presented as younger ….catch my drift ?

      she had 2 releases in last 5 years and Padmavati did not do much for her after release . If you think about it its her endoresement value that is keeping her on top. Her success in personal life also added to her brand value…She is married to another top star , her wedding gained lot of media attention .

      She created a success story profesionally and personally …which everyone desires . And that creates and increases ur brand value. This one of the reasons probably why married actreess unlike once upon a time can still work (as long as u sell dreams of marrying a successful /attractive person to public)

      Have you noticed how stars brand value decreases when they have bad break up’s , affairs gone wrong publicly ? When there is a perception change that a star does not have it all they cannot sell dreams and hence their brand value drops . These days stars cannot afford to even appear sad in public … all couples shud behave like they are teenage lovers or divorce/break up/cheating rumors start and brand value goes down.

      Its a mere observation and I might be wrong.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @Shefu, I get why you might think so after all she has constantly been in the news despite no releases …met gala, cannes, time 100, her wedding, appearances at PC and ambani weddings, forbes 100, award shows, endorsements, now madam tussaud’s and vogue…

      but i think she is making an effort to stay in the news because she is hungry for more work, in a few interviews now she’s said it wasnt so much about taking a break for her wedding, she was constantly reading scripts throughout but just didnt find anything compelling until chhapak. i think she is looking for meaty roles which is why she agreed to this one, even though lets face it if her face is going to be covered with acid scars it is doubtful how commercially viable the film may be.

      @Kiran101 i agree with you on the age thing as much as i hate it, nepotism also has a part to play. One alia has 7 films signed up. meanwhile deepika, priyanka, anushka, vidya, katrina, kareena, kangana BETWEEN them have 7 films signed up. all of them bar kareena are outsiders and > 30. i am not sure about the personal life theory, at least in deepika’s case. after all she had a bad breakup, got dumped for another woman and made no bones about how much it affected her. yet she went through her first big hit phase at that time …cocktail, yjhd, chennai express, ramleela…

    • Kiran101 says:

      @ London I knew someone would say this ….

      Deepika broke up with Ranbir in 2009 her first HIT after that was COCKTAIL in 2012 July . She had a career slump and struggle since 2010-2012 a very documented one.

      I followed BW very keenly until 2010 … so i know very well how her career was in 2010 … yeh jawani, chennai …etc came much later.

      Simple logic if being power couple can increase individual and combined brand value once the association breaks it will decrease too .

      I never said they will forever be failures , all I said when an association breaks then all the perks of it vanishes too.

      It happened with Bipasha -JOhn , Kareena- Shahid, Abhi -Ash , RS-DP , Kat-RK Virat-Anu ….many many more.

      John-Bips were fav for brand endorsements , evidently John did not wanna marry Bipasha and when push came to shove he broke up…there is a reason why they stuck together for 10 years without marrying even though one of them strongly wanted and other did not.

      Kat time was horrible in 2015 when RK break up happened. Yes, when bad things happen…they all come at once …but I was specifically talking about power couple – desirability – brand value connection. I have no factual evidence but it is clearly observed.

      No star male or female is immune to this … thats why people like SRK inspite of not getting along with his wife and being smitten with PC never left his family … there maybe many reasons including forever being a bad guy in his kids eyes but it wud definetly dent his brand value …actually …IT Did. After all he is now parading with his wife in tow for everything when just few years ago they were arriving in different cars and stopped posing.

      Deepika is not any greater than him to be a different case . How is Deepika any different than others when even the likes of Amitabh, SRK etc are not immune to it ?

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @kiran hmm ok I see your point re deepika’s timeline, I’m still not entirely convinced of the logic tho…

      for instance the ‘having it all’ ‘successful in relationships’ persona should equally benefit men and women but it doesnt seem to. i think thats a reason why most actresses prefer to be lowkey about their relationships. what do you think about bollywood’s perception of actresses’ desirability post marriage? i dont feel like its entirely changed. i would feel better if deepika, anushka, priyanka, vidya, aish had a few more projects in their kitty to prove me wrong.

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