Bollywood Blind Item – June 2020 – 9

The blind item below seems to confirm another blind item that was released a while back about a film whose producers asked its star and director to cut down their fees or else they won’t be able to continue with the shooting.

This actor tasted success in a big way after a very long time. He has been around for a while now and based on the blind item below, it seems he has not changed. He has been known in the industry for its attitude and he is lucky he made his debut ages ago or else he would have been sitting at home by now.

See, our actor is lucky enough to be part of the same brigade of actors who still get moves even after delivering flop after flop. This actor is no different from the other star kids but to his credit, he has improved on his acting and his last film was really an esteem booster for him – not that he needed it!

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Due to this pandemic, actors are being asked to cut down their fees. If they don’t, the low-wage people are the ones who will suffer. So hopefully the actor can take one for the team!

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This actor who just tripled his fee was asked to take a massive pay cut, fought with his producers

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought some terrible news for this Gen-Y star who’s fuming right now, after having lost most of what he had gained in the past one year.

Little did this actor know that the Covid-19 outbreak in India will rob him of the dreams he had seen for himself after delivering a superhit last year. Yes, the Gen-Y star has struggled to see great days at the box office, despite being known as an amazing performer. He got his due with his last film, where not only was he appreciated for his brilliant acting skills but also raked in huge moolah at the ticket counters.

The film also got him good fortune, or so it seems. He, of course, charged somewhere around Rs 9-11 crore before the blockbuster happened and right after, his management made sure he’s paid almost three times the same amount.

He rejected several big films and concept-driven projects, because the makers couldn’t agree with his remuneration. Some felt that it was a one-film wonder and the success of that project doesn’t entirely mean that our man has turned out to be a box office messiah. Clearly, our star thinks otherwise.

He got a huge deal on board – where he was getting thrice the amount he usually charges, along with a fair amount of profit percentage. The producers had mutually agreed on it and everything was fine. But the recent Coronavirus outbreak has put left everyone in utter dismay. The industry, at large, has lost over several thousands of crores, and the actors have been slowly asked to take pay cuts. Our star has been given a massive pay cut- to the tune of 40-45% and that news has left him fuming.

He picked up the phone on the producers and had a major verbal fight, but was finally made to understand that this was much needed for them to proceed with the making of the film, or else they might have to shelve it completely.

The last we heard, our hero has agreed, only on the condition that his profit sharing clause and percentage stays intact. Well, sometimes, if you’re a great actor, you just know you’ll reap the benefits from your profits, right?

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Shahid Kapoor

Film: Jersey

Last Film: Kabir Singh


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  1. Hmm says:

    Shahid deserves his dues. He’s a very good actor and has been consistent in his performance.

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