Bollywood Blind Item – June 2020 – 6

This small film was supposed to release in theaters some weeks back but due to the current situation, things changed. Everyone was upset when the director announced that he sold his film to an online streaming platform. Everyone, especially theater owners who were hoping that this film will bring people to watch it hence increasing their business after the pandemic is over.

So what the blind item is saying below is true, but it does not really matter much whether this star wants to promote this film or not. People are aware already and since it will be available online soon, it will be there forever and people will watch it whenever they want.

Other than that, it’s not really true considering the actor did do a couple of promotions on his social media accounts. Maybe the director was expecting him to do video interviews online as well, which he hasn’t yet.

Also if you see the publicity for the film right now, it’s more of the director doing all the work so…Anyways, this film looks perfect for an OTT-release as it will be able to reach out to everyone.

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla. Anyone can share why the veteran star in the film had to put on prosthetic for this role?

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Bollywood Blind Item


This young actor isn’t happy with the digital release of his next, won’t promote the film anymore

The decision to go digital with the next project has caused a huge rift between a Gen-Y star and his mentor.

The Coronavirus outbreak has changed a lot of ways in which the industry functions. But along with the way the film functions, it has also clearly changed a lot of equations within the film industry.

Few weeks ago, there was a huge fallout between a top superstar and the producer of his next, after the latter sent out some tweets against a political party who the star swears by. Last heard, they’re still not on talking terms. Now, a similar thing has happened with another much younger actor and a director.

The film was in talks for a theatrical release but once the situation worsened, the filmmaker reached out to a few digital heads and sold his film to them for a good price. But everything he did was done, without proper knowledge of the team.

The Gen-Y star was against the digital release of his next and expressed his displeasure over the decision before a formal announcement was being made. But our director saab was adamant and given that it’s a small film, he knew the price it was fetching currently for a premiere online, wouldn’t be possible once theatres open. And it also meant a longer wait since everything is extremely uncertain at this point.

When he informed the team about his decision to go ahead, since he’s also one of the producers of the film, it received a big thumbs down from the actor, who he had introduced in films. The team got them all together to make a few clips but the discomfort was evident even then.

And now, our hero who’s delivered a few quick successes and is flying high, told his management team that he wouldn’t indulge in any promotions for the film. Now, the OTT platform is running helter-skelter to convince the actor but to no avail. It now needs to be seen if the actor will finally do a few interactions, just for the sake of professionalism or let his ego take over!

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Film: Gulabo Sitabo

Star: Ayushmann Khurrana


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  1. abcd says:

    Shoojit is a talented filmmaker. Making him upset isn’t good for ayushmaan. I’m sure gulabo would be nice movie.

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