Bollywood Blind Item – June 2020 – 21

The blind item below is not surprising, not targeted at harassing or putting anyone in a bad light except the subject that it’s about. It didn’t have to be in a blind item form since this news has been going around for a week now.

So much has been happening for the past two weeks. While trying to prove a point, many videos have been coming out of nowhere. Some were original videos while others were edited to suit a purpose. Seriously, we know we read this in 2017 and true enough, this happened back then but conveniently this video has started doing the rounds again.

This blind item came out last week. Since then, the subject that this blind item is talking about has asked to be resigned from his post on a local film festival. He is disappointed that many of his colleagues from the industry didn’t stand up for him. That’s the reason they are giving. It could also be he realized people don’t want him there…Could it be?

Now that this video has come out, is he going to be upset at this leading actor for saying what he said during this interview? The show is reportedly dunzo for now, so the actor’s wish came true!

It’s a bit unfair to want his colleagues to come out and share their support. They too would have been lambasted online. No one was being spared so why bother. Also, this director/producer kind of got himself in this situation. Not that he deserved all those galis, threats and whatnot, he did proudly do what he did.

Now, at least, he would think twice before agreeing to launch anyone related to the film family again. Let’s see if he would invest in outside talent.

With all this going on, the campaign against him…He had a lot of his platter before the lockdown. Now what’s going to happen to all that? He has a big release, his company’s biggest one, in December or maybe next year. What’s going to happen? As for the wedding of his main minion and Raymond, will it happen?

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See, he inserted himself in everyone’s life that they all will be affected if he gets affected by this. They are all probably wondering when will this phase be over and they can get back to posting about their fake linkups and whatnot. If you notice, since all this happened, there has not been a PR-released story on the alleged relationship of any of his minions. And…Let’s not forget the future of star kids. As of now, everything is looking bleak for them!

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

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CALL it ironic or timely, but a video of a leading movie star dissing off a chat show host is doing the rounds. The video has the actor saying that a leading lady and he wanted to get the industry together to protest against the show. The actor complains the host makes money through the stars’ appearances, while the actors get into trouble through the year. He is surprisingly also dismissive of the coveted prizes one wins on the show.

OSOP Guesses

Leading Movie Star: Ranbir Kapoor

Leading Lady: Anushka Sharma


“You know Karan so well and he makes you so comfortable and you are chatting with him and you don’t realise there are a billion people taking every word of yours seriously and that you are going to get screwed for it later. I am tired of Koffee with Karan. I was forced this season. I told Karan I don’t want to come in and me and Anushka were actually going to protest and get the film industry together to stop this because it’s not fair. He is making money out of us. We come and we get screwed through the year. It’s not right,” said Ranbir Kapoor.

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7 Responses

  1. Neep says:

    Ranbir, child of nepotism and entitlement. Seriously! Initially the show was different and fun if silly but now it’s just blase, boring and repetitive. Do Star and KJo have a deal that KJo will use the show to promote his movies, his stable of horses, sorry actors, and other moviemaker who pay for the privilege? His barely veiled contempt for the outsider who is from small town India is just appalling. I’m sick of KwK. I hope Star cancels it.

  2. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Karan has been such a pain these past few years,its not surprising he’s made enemies and the industry was just waiting for an excuse to drop him. Karan is so insensitive he just doesn’t understand where he’s gone wrong . In the beginning KWK was pleasant and fun ;over the years it’s turned into a nasty , giggly school girl bitch fest where a superior ,condescending Karan and his minions poke fun at some outsider. It’s like the poor sap is laughed at so much ,nobody takes him/her seriously after that .Then comes the barrage of negative stories which pretty much finishes off their career.
    And he keeps promoting his own coterie ,the show was getting repetitive . One understands people looking out for their own kids ,but this man just collected star kids to pander to his own needy vanity . Imagine if this is how he is in public,how would he be in private ?!!!! .I am so happy the collective public aren’t behaving like sheep anymore ,blindly idolizing their stars .
    As for Ranbir , if he doesn’t want to go for the damn program,don’t go .Nobody is pointing a gun at him and making him do it. And don’t give the ” all in good fun” excuse , when stars are nasty it’s because they fully mean it.

  3. bookscrazy says:

    I saw this video initially when it came out and have been seeing it now too. We all know everything on this show is scripted. Then what is he whining about that the guests get into trouble. They come to the show willingly in fact its a status symbol to be invited. As regards the gift, these people are loaded, there’s nothing that they cannot afford. What did he imagine the basket would be filled with? Diamonds? He’s just flaunting his position as to how he can diss the ‘great’ KJo and get away with it. His attempt at looking cool. Pathetic!

  4. abcd says:

    I sincerely hope from bottom of my heart that Vidyut & Kunal’s movies do well in hotstar.

  5. Justice Lover says:

    From the start he has been biased towards star kids. I guess some of it is natural as they have all grown up in the same industry and keep bumping into each other at filmy parties, house parties, etc. Also, all star kids are not bad, some of them have proven their mettle and are quite good at their craft.

    However, KJo took it too far and started to act like God. I am sure he must be the reason for many artists’ suffering or quitting the industry for good. He can work with whoever he wants but he can’t stop other people from casting ‘more talented artists/outsiders’. People like AC, KJo, etc. behave as if they are above the common man and have been treating outsiders like dirt. These people need lessons in humility, first of all.

    Coming to this wave that SSR’s demise has caused, I think it was a long time coming. Just wish a bright, young man didn’t need to lose his life for that. Moreover, the credit of this also goes to the common man only, industrywalas were trying to brush it off as ‘just another depression death’. And everybody is trying to blame his mental health for it. Agreed he was not well, but what pushed him to depression? He was not a depressed child/teenager. In a healthy adult, it is usually an incident/series of incidents that trigger it. All the industry people are talking about the aftermath not what led him to it. And this is where we are saying people like AC, KJo, etc. are to be blamed. Good, he got what he deserved and there’s more coming. In addition, most of these industry relationships and frivolous and I hope he realises that him extending favours to them/casting underserving insiders in his movies is not going to make them come running to defend him whenever he is trouble.
    Just read about the remuneration of SSR for his first film. He was paid 30L for it while ‘insiders’ like Ishaan/Janhvi were paid 70L for their first film. Had SSR’s first film not worked, he would not have been cast again. How many chances did AB Jr. get? These people talk about doctors’ kids being doctors, etc. but they forget that most of these kids have to clear the tests on merit. Same goes for lawyers, engineers, MBAs, etc. What qualification do you need to become an actor if let’s say you are a star kid?

    Vidyut Jammwal and Kunal Kemmu’s names have been conveniently ignored for the mega launch of a channel while all the star kids’ names are there. What do you think happens to your mental health when you are snubbed like this by practically everybody around you? Another death due to ‘depression’?

    • Nefarious says:

      @Justice Lover: Exactly what i have been trying to say. I am convinced he took his own life, and i am not falling prey to conspiracy theories about murder and what not..all i ask is what led to his depression… his mother has been dead for years..but he was pushed the wrong way and dint have the comfort and solid support system to cushion him in trying times…

    • naughtytrini says:

      Somebody should feature this comment on an India newspaper, a column or something. This is straight forward stuff.

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