Bollywood Blind Item – June 2020 – 12

The blind item below could just be about anyone but as of now, let’s just go with these two actors. One is not on social media, but has been making appearances due to recent events in his life. The other is on social media and regularly posts his selfies, videos and whatnot. Both actors have dogs!

Though you might think that the first actor’s dog is most likely the culprit in this case, just because of how the dog looks. The thing is, a dog doesn’t just go and attack its owner like that. There must be something, like trying to take its good or touching a sensitive spot that it doesn’t like. That’s usually what sets then off. Or accidentally getting hurt while trying to stop a dog fight, that also can end badly for the pet owner.

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The second guess, as in the other actor, he has not posted his selfie for a whole now so it might just be him as well. He cares a lot about his image, especially his looks and body. If he did really get bitten by his dog then he won’t be able to post a motivational video about that, right?

Check out the blind item below by Mumbai Mirror. By the way, we had an ex-colleague whose cat just attacked her so bad she ended up at the hospital with a really horrible leg injury. She ended up giving the cat up to another home but she’s still traumatized by the incident. It can get horrible if you don’t react quickly and get away of that situation.


Bollywood Blind Item


ANΒ actor, who can sometimes be called a superstar based on his talent if not his mega hits, has had a quick hospital visit. He is determined to keep this medical emergency under wraps though.

Even as we wonder why, since even those infected with the deadly coronavirus are encouraging openness about illness, our star’s afflictions are of an altogether different sort. He has been bitten by his dog and has had some stitches on his face. Our hero feels not only will the news affect his visage but his image as well.

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Actor: Ranbir Kapoor




Actor: Hrithik Roshan



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11 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    We are under lockdown. So possibility 3: Botched up cosmetic surgery pretending to be dog bite lol

  2. selig says:

    Admin! for what joy does the mafia do this? are they that cold.blooded?

    also highlights the importance to have loved ones in life to stay grounded. Ankita has also moved on in life. seems like the silk smitha story repeats itself every now and then

    Admin: I cant help but notice the malicious blinds put out by Maushi and his gang on Ssr, Kangana. Now they are doing it for Karthik aryan too

  3. selig says:

    Admin! whatever said and done, he was a talented actor. its sad that he was outcaste by the industry recently.

    Karthik Aryan, please take care of yourself and dont fall for Kjo mausy and his sugar trap.

    Just wondering what metal is Kangana made out of…my respectsfor her increases when I see incidents like these

    • Admin says:

      True! It’s not easy. It’s never easy for outsiders but the mafia makes it even harder for them! What SSR did or how he behaved when success came to him is just like the same way the other stars behave but there was no one to protect his stories from getting out as opposed to all those big daddies who stand by these big stars and protect them!

  4. Nefarious says:

    SSR is never referred to as a superstar

  5. Hmm says:

    It’s neither of them. Hearing it’s SSR

  6. HateKjo says:

    Its Ranbir . He is known for his tharki behaviour. Read about him having S- with a fan too.

    Hrithik posted his video yesterday promoting his brand .

  7. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Much depends on the breed and individual temperament of the dog .After all they were originally pack animals and hunters ,it’s better to be on the safe side and not to put your face too near the animal’s mouth . Getting stitches on the face must have been painful and will be difficult for any actor whose face is his/her livelihood. I don’t understand why this actor feels the need to hide it . It’s not an extra marital affair to hide away!

  8. abcd says:

    Possibility number 1
    Frustration of tolerating alia’s presence and accidentally getting touched inappropriately could have made the dog bite rk.

    Possibility number 2
    Thank goodness dog can’t be thrown in jail and sued, otherwise Voldemort of Bollywood would have certainly done it.

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