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This young actor’s last release could have very well be one of the biggest hits of this year but unfortunately due to the lockdown, things changed! At the box office, just before the lockdown, the film almost crossed 100-crore.

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Now that’s the story they are going to sell! In fact, they are already planning to re-release the film once things calm down and the lockdown is over! It’s because they believe did not reach its potential and that the audience didn’t get to fully enjoy the film.

Actually, the audience did! So did the critics! The film was heavily panned and bashed! And, made fun of! So unless they want more of that, why else would they want to re-release it? That’s just the word they want to let out to save face since the producer already signed the actor and director to work on his next project.

The blind item below is not about that film, but about the same young actor. Since he has always kept busy since he made his debut, he is getting quite restless during the lockdown. After all, he has only one film in production and that too won’t resume shooting anytime soon. He wants to keep busy after the lockdown, which explains why he went ahead and signed his next with a top streaming platform.

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.

Bollywood Blind Item


SEVERALΒ actors are feeling unusually insecure sitting at home for the past three months with little or no work coming their way. A young star, responsible for a couple of blockbuster films in the last couple of years, is rather anxious to get back on his feet again.

While he does have one film on hand, we hear he is talking to a major streamer for another one. It seems the offer made to him was so lucrative, the handsome actor could hardly refuse.

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Young Star: Tiger Shroff



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3 Responses

  1. bollyrandom says:

    I don’t know still, I can’t believe that he would be okay doing this. He is trying to establish himself as a legit A lister- action hero/ star. The perception now is that only smaller star’s movies(smaller budget also) go to streaming directly.

  2. bollyrandom says:

    Wait what… you mean to say he is going to do a straight to streaming movie??? Isn’t his audience different? And don’t they think that it would diminish their “status”

    • Admin says:

      Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction is along the same lines of what TS does and when it was released, it straight away became the most watched film on Netflix, so…

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