Bollywood Blind Item – June 2019 – 9

Let’s just say this blind item is as ridiculous as Raymond’s hair plugins! This is the second they have made a comment on her face and both times, she looked fine! She was just spotted at SnakeJo’s birthday and there was nothing wrong with her face. It looked good.

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Maybe Raymond and co. should start putting their energy into figuring out why he looks bloated and old. He only appears young in blind items because that is the way he likes to be described (in his dreams)!

As you can see, these people don’t stop. Even when it isn’t the truth, they still want to manipulate you. It’s ridiculous!

It’s nice, though, that this actress has been focusing on her work. No more the “friend says” this or that in the gossip columns. It’s a good change. Who would have thought she would turn around her career and finally work hard on her acting?! It’s no more “I practiced for months on this dance move”. Even if she is dependent on some people, she’s making the most of the opportunities given to her.

It seems this recent film and anyone connected to it is going to be shamed in a coward way. What next? Are they going to let us know that Bhai put on so much weight that he cannot fit in his ‘Sultan’ chaddi anymore?

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Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS actor has been trying to look younger for a while now. It’s ironic because a recent role required her to do exactly the opposite. The thing with invasive and dramatic cosmetic procedures is that, sooner or later, you tend to push things too far and end up looking completely plastic. In her case, err, plasticine.

People in the business say that her face looks completely misshapen around the cheekbones owing to new under-eye fillers. This could just be a reaction to the fillers, we’re told, or it could be that the woman’s surgeon has over-corrected. We don’t know about her eyes, but ours will certainly be peeled for more news on this front.

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Actor: Katrina Kaif

Film: Bharat


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15 Responses

  1. Ramona says:

    man child rat has been looking drugged and ugly since the time he started shooting for that criminal biopic

  2. Raman says:

    lmfao ratbir was found dead in the pit

  3. Two cents says:

    She still looks way better than the man child….he looks old, bored, stoned, and dull.

  4. Anamika says:

    And btw I don’t think Admin is biased at all. Admin believes in calling a spade the way it looks in different scenarios and times. Bollywood is not a static industry and its people keep changing their colours as suits their motives. Admins chooses to call out those changing colours rather than taking sides. Admin has posted articles where very clearly Katrina has been called out for her arrogance, her murky past, her using people etc So I really don’t see any bias or favourirism except maybe a little fondness for Kareena Kapoor. And I feel that’s maybe because Admin is roughly around the same age, a few years younger maybe, so would have been a teenager when Kareena entered Bollywood and became a fan. Love your articles Admin. Keep up the good work.

  5. Anamika says:

    Seriously Aloo Bhatt will never look even 1/3 as good looking as Katrina Kaif looks at 37. And it’s really really sad because Alia Bhatt is 26 and her face is already starting to look weird, as in its a permanently kiddish face but the facial tone and skin have started loosening, perhaps due to her severe diet regime. Oh God I am seriously so sick and annoyed with Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar. I don’t think I have absolutely loathed any celebrity priorv to this. These trio of misshapen people – both mentally and physically are a bane on society itself. And yet there was time initially when I was almost a fan of these three’s work. But now nomore. These are horrible people hellbent on taking down everyone who poses a threat to them. Rishi Kapoors for all his nastiness and arrogance is still likeable and that was the reason the man was commecially so successful in his time. Ranbir Kapoor is just detestable and fake no matter what he does. And sooner or later people who are that detestable and mean end up facing failure like no other.

  6. NARS says:

    Kangana just dragged those two fools to hell. So seems like Ranbir and Alia tried horse racing and sucked! 🀣🀣 with the same trainer that trained Kangana. 🀣🀣

    A 7 second video of Ranbir can be found online & a single picture of Alia. If they learnt to ride a horse like Kangana, they would mass release the training videos. But it’s pin drop silence on the training sessions. Let see if they’d release anything now Kangana dragged their mediocre butts.

    • abcd says:

      Aloo keeps blowing her own trumpet all the time. She keeps bloating about the hard work put in movies when asked about nepotism. Is leaving training mid-way hard work??This shows how much outsiders value opportunities given to them. Getting everything through surname and spoon-feeding can never ever replace hard work .Just because most of her movies worked, does not mean that it worked because of aloo. Her movies got success because of being with right people at right time through kjo’s influence and her luck factor. Respect for kangana on successfully completing that training with so much negativity by kjo and his minions.

  7. abcd says:

    Kat’s so called bad looks are far better than Aloo’s looks. Rk is sulking that he lost diamonds like dp, kat and many more. Rk is now suffering with aloo. Rk’s looks have faded and charm is almost gone. Neetu Kapoor and Kjo force rk to tolerate aloo for the sake of career and money. Even after being super wealthy, greed has no limits. Neetu Kapoor even wants a forced live-in for aloo and rk; whereas with kat it was willingness and no compulsion. Aloo follows rk more than kat did so that constant pressure is built on rk to marry aloo. Rk’s flings are no more found in media coverage. Rk is now fully remote-controlled by Kjo, aloo and neetu kapoor. Ayan’s presence has reduced after dp’s comment on recent kofee with karan show. Rk can’t see his exes happily moving on. He wants them to cry for not being in his life and so he along with his gang spill venom.

    • Dree says:

      What did dp comment about ayan?

      • abcd says:

        dp had commented that ayan is the only constant in rk’s life. this was an indirect way of saying no matter how many girlfriends come and go in rk’s life, ayan and rk would always remain together with each other.

  8. Drina says:

    The truth is glamour world requires all cosmetic and plastic procedures to stay desirable.

  9. leaps says:

    kjo cant go after bhai for obvious reasons kat seems happy professionally and personally after raymond’s exit kjo and his minions just cant take it

  10. Hate Kjo says:

    BTW Admin you are acting so biased these days. You have your favs. Are you too afraid of Bhaijaan and don’t wont to messed up with him? because no one dares to.

    Everyone knows you cant say anything to Katrina otherwise she will complain bhaijaan and he will make sure to ruin your career.

  11. HateKJo says:

    It might be by KJO PR and not to my surprise comes the day after she attended his party. it’s a pattern that whoever interacts with him, the next morning there is something negative about the person. It has happened with Deepika and Katrina many times in the past.

    Katina’s face looks different and plastic with a puffy face. There is no denying in it. See photos by media persons or you can see her face speaks volumes.

    Though her face doesn’t look that bad or distorted as it looked few months back (there was a blind there too how her ex has asked to see her old doctor and get her looks right) as this blind making it out to be.

    Her acting has improved a little and her hard work is shown in that department too finally. But again, she wasn’t as brilliant as critics (obviously paid by her EX) are saying. Ali always bring the best out of her.

    I am pretty much sure Katrina has hire a new PR manager who is on a spree to give her an image of a fiery, sweet, outspoken and friendly being which is making her look so fake and pretentious (though she is always)so like which we all saw in a movie called” Heroine β€œ few years back.

    She is lucky that Salman has forgiven her and helping her out by giving movies. He also gifted her an expensive car, a flat (as per this blind) and launching her sister.

    I must admit that she has some really loyal friends by her side in this bad glamour world to help her out. Especailly when she is not loyal to anyone but herself.

    Her fans still trolling her EX current lady love and asking her to go back , blaming her that she has come between Katrina and Salman. When the truth is she cheated on him and now trying to come in between the couple.

    This makes or I can say proves the people right that despite being famous she is nothing on her own and lacks dignity. Means, a woman who made a huge fuss for her another EX working with his EX a big deal and said exes should maintain a distance and shouldn’t work together, has forgotten everything and literally licking her EX ass to stay here. So, if she is here still it’s not a big deal. Her movies aren’t a hit because of her.

    Katrina is bearing all his bad attitude, him insulting her and supporting him for taking digs at Priyanka only for her career. She is manipulative and cunning indeed.

    I must say Katrina has her humkum ka aika and shrewd enough to use it well and knows how to use people. All of a sudden she has become arrogant, rude and proud again. Thinking too high of herself.

    • Sheena says:

      Oh God such hatred for Kat! Do u know her personally z? Who would the whole world be so nice to her if she were so nasty? She comes across as a really nice person. In every interview when Sallu-the-Ullu tried to malign PC Kat always tried to intervene to shush him…

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