Bollywood Blind Item – June 2019 – 4

When you have issues, you either try to work it out or fix your part. The same goes for family issues, if you do nothing and keep on blaming someone else your life will pass you by without you even realizing it!

The situation that the sister of a top actor found herself in is quite common, it’s nothing unusual. Her brother, the top actor, himself said how his father treated him so it’s not surprising to read the below blind item.

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It’s actually sad that this is her situation right now and last we checked, they have admitted her because she has bipolar and it’s getting out of control. It’s a little strange considering how she never opened up about this, but has spoken/written about her other health issues.

Either the family made this up to lock her down or it’s really true. To think that she actually wrote a book about her father and she resents him this much. We thought maybe their issues were resolved but it doesn’t seem that way.

It is also hard on her since she is not really working. The production house she works at depends on when her father wants to make a film and that also depends on her brother. It must be hard to be so dependant on others like this and not have financial freedom.

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It’s true what the BI is saying about her not being so educated, but neither is her brother. It’s just that she got married so early and never actually had a chance to work and gain experience. After she got divorced, her father took her on as an assistant producer.

Now we are wondering what is the secret that she was going to let out? It must have been about her father not her brother because she’s quite close to him. Wonder what that is? 🤔

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This makes you think, what kind of upbringing did these two have that in their adulthood, they end up this way? Probably, the worst part is that they cover it up and pretend all is good. There’s nothing wrong in having issues! It must be tiring to pretend to be perfect all the time.

It’s not over, they can still work it out. 💪

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

The emotionally TRAUMATISED sister of a top Bollywood STAR threatens to reveal some dark FAMILY SECRETS!

This is a secret that has been kept under wraps for months and now threatens to blop up into one of the biggest scandals ever. Read to know more.

Bollywood is known for its fair share of controversies and drama. Affairs, breakups, linkups and fights are part of it and most of it does not get written about. The skeletons remain in the cupboard and sometimes taken out, shaken up and dusted for display and discussion at some Bollywood party. But this is a secret that has been kept under wraps for months and now threatens to blop up into one of the biggest scandals ever.

This Bollywood family is on one of the oldest and most established families in the industry. Their father is a respected filmmaker and the star son is known for his superb acting skills but in recent times, their family has been torn apart by a huge controversy over an actress, who feels the star let her down.

In his professional and personal life the actor has been undergoing a traumatic time and such has been his state of mind, that he has not been much of emotional help to anybody. The father has not been keeping too well and has not made a movie announcement for the last few years. Now another controversy looms large on this family and this time its centered around the father and the star’s sister.

The emotionally troubled sister has been a strong source of support to her family in their times but feels when she needs them, they are not there. While her brother is there for her, she feels the parents, especially her father, are oblivious to her needs and have kept her repressed for years and under his dominating control. The sister has a child from one of her marriages but she feels her parents have turned her daughter against her. The daughter celebrates special occasions with the star’s family but the sister always remains out of them.

The 40-plus sister today has little education and no work and she doesn’t know how to sustain herself or ask help from her star brother, who is embroiled in his own troubles. She has been married a few times and her friends feel that her extremely overbearing and controlling father has somewhere been responsible for the breakup of her marriages. While the actor lives separately, the sister (for lack of financial independence) lives with her parents. The sister feels that her parents have alienated her brother and made her turn against her though he loves her.

While things have been brewing at their house for years now, things took a turn for the worse between the sister and her parents, a couple of months ago, over a domestic issue. Things got really ugly and the emotionally traumatised sister decided to reach out to the arch enemy of her star brother and show her support in public – to show her family that she was no weak-kneed pushover. She has even undergone rehab programmes for alcohol abuse.

The plan was to meet and get the media on board and that would have meant THE most sensational controversy of the year. But plans went awry as the brother got wind of it and persuaded her not to do anything. He has been undergoing his stress and didn’t need this kind of shock.

The distraught sister understood. She loves her brother the most in this world as he’s been kind and given her unconditional love and support, so she changed her plans. The sister hadn’t realised how much her one careless move would have shattered her brother’s already fragile and carefully-put together peace of mind.

Things appeared calm and normal for a few days, till another bitter fight took place between the sister and her father again. The star sister felt she had taken enough emotional abuse from her parents and decided to shift out that very day.

Today she is staying in a rented apartment on her meagre savings, which can run out any minute, and the sister is scared now what to do. Now that she has walked out on her family, her father has threatened to cut off her earnings. With no means of sustenance, she needs a job desperately but doesn’t know whom to approach.


OSOP Guesses

Sister: Sunaina Roshan

Top Star: Hrithik Roshan

Father/Producer: Rakesh Roshan




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27 Responses

  1. Miss says:

    Admin, can you tell us why did Sunaina write the book “To Dad with Love” if he treats her so badly every day.
    All this seems like Kangana’s ploy just before her & HR’s movie release.

    • Admin says:

      The film industry is filled with people putting up a facade or pretending they are someone they are not. It’s not surprising! They also had this huge birthday event to celebrate his birthday and Hrithik proudly recalling how much of an amazing dad Snr Roshan is to his daughter when he himself said months later how his father verbally assaulted him.

      When you are sick, especially with depression, if you sit and do nothing it’s not good for you. They gave her something to do. First, the job as an AP then the book and now the blog. An empty mind is the devil’s playground. Probably she can’t do anything without them giving the green signal first. That’s why we said, if her brother can give her something to do, an actual job, she will be happy. Unless she really cannot do anything then it’s another case. She does not appear to be bipolar and no, people with bipolar don’t lie, they just have no boundary or sensor when it comes to doing things and saying stuffs.

      Lastly, KR does not have that clout to spread fake rumors. Besides, we have already said TOI is affiliated with the Roshans. Until now, no one from their side has said anything so it pretty much proves who’s responsible for these bipolar rumors.

  2. sharuna says:

    RR exploiting young girls for giving them roles , will come haunting him now.

  3. sharuna says:

    The cat is out of the bag now, sunaina roshan calling up kangana and rangoli several times to apologize on her brother’s behalf and saying sorry for not standing up for kangs when her brother ignored Kangana and the interview of sunaina roshan in spotboye with vickey lalwani, ab maja aayega the story is slowly unfolding now. kya kya sunne aur dekhne ko milega. Sab scandal baahar , all skeletons will come tumbling out from the cupboard now.

  4. Nefarious says:

    Any idea what scandal she was planning to expose about RR? Dont think his casting couch with urvashi could be it

  5. keren says:

    His wife is crazy and responsible for the failed marriage…
    His ex is crazy and responsible for the failed marriage….
    His sister is crazy and god knws what!!
    the Common thing is??!
    (someone has to say it!!)

  6. Tina says:

    I wonder what got into J Om Prakash, who was a very successful producer, to get his only daughter Pinky, then only 16, married to the uneducated, uncouth (he was known to abuse his own Dad) Rakesh Roshan, who barely had a career or a family to speak of. I mean, he basically set this entire tragedy in motion. A lifetime of abuse can rarely lead to stable relationships. All of the issues in this family seem to arise from RR’s behavior and treatment of those around him.

  7. abcd says:

    sunaina has just updated media stating that she is fine and has no serious health concern as of now. Hope she starts some interior designing, catering etc business, supports herself & daughter. would like to see her press conference

  8. KA says:

    This Heartbroken Actress Is Threatening Her Ex-Boyfriend With Suicide Messages And Calls – by Spotboye (Jun 6 2019) can you please tell this blind is talking about whom ? who is this lady in trouble ?

  9. Samantha says:

    Repeat after me.. it has NOTHING to do wt Kangana, it has NOTHING to do wt Kangana.. Papa Roshan is the creepiest man on earth! N HR is only some shades less creepy than his dad! Rmmbr, Susanne moved out this creepy family much much bfr Kangana episode happened!

  10. sharuna says:

    Rakesh roshan was involved also with urvashi rautela.

  11. kangana you and your PR can do whatever you want, but we will make SUPER 30 a hit. So keep dreaming you flop actress.

  12. abcd says:

    This leads to 2 possbilities. Possibility number 1 is that sunaina is now going to lie. Why would she lie? Hence, jadoo wants to prove that she has a disorder so that no one believes her, same technique was applied for Kangana. If jadoo is not at fault, he should not be worried about his sister’s words.
    Possibility number 2 is that jadoo was earlier lying. Jadoo needs to be responsible family man, take charge of the situation and support his sister. If sunaina has some issue, then he needs to take extra care of her. There is no point in always being holier than thou when he keeps sulking all the time.

  13. nousername says:

    Why even bring in Kangana or make it Kangana vs Hrithik? To use his sister’s mental health issue as sympathy card like Hrithik Roshan did with his dad’s throat cancer through Masand’s blind item? Bollywood has become a pro at abusing mental health issues for sympathy PR. Alia’s PR did the same with Shaheen’s depression before Dear Zindagi release and before Kalank release when Kangana revealed Mahesh Bhatt threw sandal at her.

    Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, as prime ministers, often used the “foreign hand” bogey to blame foreign entities instead of accepting any responsibility for their own failures.

    In the same way, Hirthik Roshan’s PR team has been using Kangana Ranaut as a punching bag. This is a deflection strategy. First, Hrithik Roshan blamed her for the unnecessary drama regarding Super 30 release. Now, for Sunaina Roshan flipping out on her family due to their continued abuse. This has nothing to do with Kangana. Also remember Hrithik blamed Suzzanne for their divorce instead of accepting responsibility. He is a chip off the old block and like Rakesh Roshan is as much of a fuckboi.

    Super 30 releases in a month and people should remember that Hrithik and his dad knew Vikas Bahl was accused of sexual assault and yet continued to work with him.

    This is the old blind if anyone has forgotten.

    Bollywood insiders are saying the MeToo movement has lost its steam after two tense weeks. After all, only one film director and one talent agency head lost their jobs after multiple women alleged harassment by them. There haven’t been any major consequences for others who were named and shamed.
    This includes a film director who was one of the first to be called out for his reprehensible behaviour with a former co-worker. After the leading man of his under-production film distanced himself from him, it seemed as if his despicable actions had finally caught up with him. But sources reveal that he is supervising the film’s post production. Turns out the star and his producer papa decided it would be wise for him to keep a low profile while finishing the film, so he’s been flying under the radar, avoiding attention as he completes sound and background music supervision.
    Tsk, tsk.

  14. Shefu says:

    Why are you blaming upbringing ? Mental illness has nothing to do with upbringing. Clearly the blind item shows Hrithik is a nice brother. He is doing his best !

  15. Justice Lover says:

    I find it really appalling that KR is blamed for everything that goes on in HR’s life. How is she responsible for his sister having regular fights with her parents? It’s time that the family starts taking some accountability for their own miseries and stop using KR as a punching bag. Blaming her for every small/big issue(s) is never going to make their life better and it will lead to guilt further down the road that no PR will be able to wipe out!

  16. Ria says:

    KR and HR pls stop behaving like school kids stop complaining and do your own thing. These are family issues pls don’t wash dirty linen in public. Sort it out like responsible adults. High time HR takes up his family matters and resolves them smartly

  17. Hate Kjo says:

    His sister is in a depression. Hrithik tried to help her and her daughter a lot still doing it. What else he can do? he cant help her marriage work? its her call. His niece is a selfish person if this blind is true. But for them everything is MONEY. Infact my own cousins left their poor dad and started living with us so they can get all luxuries and money . They were supported by their mamoon and abandoned their dad. Even refused to meet him.

    I guess this is a fake blind. I still remember a line from KR emails” I will scar your life forever” that what she is doing. Don’t forgot she has hired his ex manager to get her evil purpose. So it might be by him that too after super 30 get positive feed back by all .

    The line ” she went to his arch enemy and support her in public” is enough to prove where it comes from.

    If its by KR then its disgusting as she is defaming his family and using a WOMAN then claimed to be a feminist who want people to respect woman.

    People here should not judge anyone without knowing the truth and actual facts. Sunaina has 3 failed marriages, a cancer survivor and a depression patient

    Every family has some inner politics and issues. Even mine and your family too have one, But we all pretend to be happy and perfect to the outside world. Never wash out dirty linen in public.


    • whiskermole says:

      Kangana fired that manager after a few months once Rangoli came back.

    • anjali says:

      I agree, this is a fake blind planted by KR. otherwise No family will plant such a blind for their family member for whom they are already doing so much. This blind is like undoing all the treatment they got done for Sunaina and no family will be this cruel….

  18. Sheena says:

    Rakesh Roshan is a creep – he forces actresses and junior artists to sleep with him. Tisca talked about how he came onto her full on, on an outdoor shooting years ago where Hritik was there too. Sad. But I didn’t know that’s he is an abusive man too. SMH

  19. NARS says:

    The BI also hints at her seeking help from the actors arch enemy. I really hope not, I don’t want KR involved in more drama. But it’s known the father is a control freak, he was also emotionally and verbally abusive to Hrithik, he spoke about it casually at Anupama Film Companion Master Class.

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