Bollywood Blind Item – June 2019 – 3

This is a Hollywood blind item, but we are sharing it as a Bollywood one since it involves a Bollywood actress.

By now, you must know who this is about!

We thought it was a little strange how this actress patched up with her rumoured BFF and met up with her and the new baby. It’s strange because this actress didn’t even bother to show up at her rumoured BFF’s baby shower so why would she go over to meet the new baby and bring gifts?

Speaking of gifts, when the news came out about them meeting up, it was said that the actress brought a couple of expensive gifts for the newborn.

Let’s just say, the news of them visiting the baby was too detailed to be fake at that time so we believed it too. Until…The actress went on social media to suddenly deny that she met up with her rumoured BFF a day or two after the news got out.

Image result for what? gifs

Now Blind Gossip is saying that this actress leaked this fake news but she didn’t expect the other side to react so soon. She probably expected to play along with the news, but had to change her plans.

This explains why she is suddenly talking about her rumoured BFF in press and even defending her. Could it be that she wants back in to that friendship again?

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Probably that ship has sailed now! Why make up something like this? It’s sweet how she wants to keep herself, her husband and his family in the news, but there has to be a limit.

Also, check her out at the hubby’s documentary premiere. It’s pretty clear!

Image result for she likes attention gifs

Image result for she likes attention gifs

Here’s the blind item from BlindGossip. Is it fair to say that rumoured BFF is getting a taste of her own medicine with this actress?


Bollywood Blind Item


See The Baby

This new mom normally loves the attention of being associated with other celebrities.

However, do not even think of trying to play her when it comes to her child!

[Actress] had her team leak that she and her husband had visited [couple] in their new home and had seen the child. Not at all true.

[Mom] was annoyed enough by the attention grab that she had her own team leak that [Actress] had definitely NOT visited them in their new home and had definitely NOT seen the baby.

Actress did not see that coming! She obviously thought she could elevate herself with the lie and did not expect to be called on it.

So Actress was forced to backtrack… even though she was the one who spread the fake rumor in the first place!

Guess that friendship has cooled.


OSOP Guesses

New Mom: Meghan Markle

Actress: Priyanka Chopra


Chopra and Jonas came bearing fancy gifts for Archie from Tiffany & Co. The outlet reported that Chopra was said to have picked out a number of gifts from the jeweler, including a $250 bubble blower.



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8 Responses

  1. Shanaya says:

    The entire marriage ia a sham and a build up to creating a hype for the documentary and the band come back. So obvious now. No one in India knew much about jonas till priyanka came into the picture.

    • lisa says:

      Similarly not many americans knew priyanka in US before she dated nick. . Also we trended the boys in the US with over 300K tweets for over 48 hours on their comeback. They are synonym with our childhood. Dont know about you indians but we grew up with them & hav prayed for this comeback for years.This relationship is not for PR even though some of my friends say that because they dont like her and it happened too soon. They seem in love so leave them alone.

  2. nobody says:

    Everyone knows PC is headed towards the Kardashian path of being famous for being famous. For that, she has to keep doing publicity stunts about her personal life and say crazy things. She will live off newlywed hype for a while: post a lot of gross pics of Nick holding her ass or cheaply show off a car or plant fake pregnancy stories. Some bullying and racism stories once in a while. An occasional Meghan royal connection PR article is just one more thing in PC’s thirst.

    Once people are tired of the wedding nonsense, she will move on to a real pregnancy which she will detail with pregnancy photo shoots and lots of pap walks to show off her growing stomach and pointless pregnancy interviews. Then there’s her book that she will use to dig up old scandals to get more attention. There’s no good or bad publicity as far as she’s concerned. As long as she can stay in the media, it’s all good. After that, she will try to create Taimur kind of hype for her biracial kid with constant photos and video leaks.

    Finally, she will sign up for a reality show on E! or Bravo or something similar. Kardashians have shown how you can make money off fame without any real career. PC has learned the lesson well.

    • Momo says:

      I don’t think westerners will give her shot to fame as she’s nothing compared to other hwood celebs.She’s old,taken nd Brown asian . Who gives a shit and time to tarnished Indian woman.

  3. Drina says:

    MM does not give a hoot to PC as such she wasn’t invited for the baby shower.
    PC would love to be in touch with MM but MM is a narcissist who might want to keep her distance from fair weather friends.

    • Melvin says:

      Why is Meghan a narcissist for wanting to keep a distance from fair weather friends? Isn’t that something we all would do, if we had the choice?

  4. NewGirl says:

    What happened between the two?

    Priyanka doesnt come across like someone who’d stop being with someone just because they didn’t go to her wedding.

  5. Hmmm says:

    Priyanka is sooo thirsty it is embarrassing. From a national award winner in India to this despo nonsense.

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