Bollywood Blind Item – June 2019 – 16

More than the cricket match that everyone was waiting for, it’s the presence of this actor aka class clown that took the spotlight. Don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing, but at this point everyone knows this man can be too much!

Well, at least, he didn’t jump on the audience there but he was like an ecstatic kid who couldn’t believe that he was there. He took all of the attention that no one realized his family was also there.

So, other than him, there is no one else this blind item fits. But here’s the thing, why bargain only for the father? What about the rest of the family? According to those, who were present there, they said the whole family was there minus the wife.

Speaking of which, is she purposely avoiding being at places where he is? Is she purposely not accompanying him? Other than Filmfare Awards and Zee Cine Awards, were they spotted anywhere else together in a formal way? Speaking of his wife, she is also starting to wear these quirky styles! You know what they say about couples starting to look and behave like each other after some time?

Anyways, the blind item sound made-up unless the producer forked out the tickets for every member of his family. Then, that would be a lot!

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla. How long before this actor gets tired of playing us like this with his silly fashion sense?


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS young star got producer to fulfil father’s wish of watching Indo Pak World Cup match live

The actor got the producer to shell out a whopping amount to fulfil his dad’s wish of watching India vs Pakistan match live in London

This young actor has successfully earned a name in the industry with more hit films to his credit than flops. However, gossip has started doing the rounds that his starry tantrums are also increasing.

According to reports, the actor who is currently shooting for his upcoming film has his brand manager, hair/makeup/stylist and trainer travelling with him and along with taking a hefty remuneration from the filmmakers, he got the producer to shell out a whopping amount to fulfil his father’s wish to watch the India vs Pakistan match in London live.

Making your parents dream come true is every child’s wish, but on the producer’s expense? Apparently, the actor in question got the filmmakers to arrange for his father’s travelling, accommodation and box tickets for the match. The total bill had come to over approximately a whopping 30 lakh with business class tickets that cost around 5 lakhs, stay in London costing upto 5-7 lakhs and match tickets worth 10-11 lakhs all on the production cost.

The star’s wife who is also a known actress also reportedly travels with her family on work trips. However, she is more dignified and shells out the expenses from her own pocket. She can definitely give him some tips before filmmakers decide to work with other cost-effective actors.


OSOP Guess

Actor: Ranveer Singh



The match on Sunday evening at the Old Trafford stadium in Manchester, England, reportedly had more than 1.5 billion viewers. According to Manchester Evening News, tickets sold at the astronomical rate of Β£2,500 (Dh11,500) each with more than a million applications for a seat at the 25,000-capacity stadium.

A few Bollywood celebrities, though, managed to get the much sought-after ticket, and the most controversial appearance came from Gully Boy’s Ranveer Singh.

Wearing a brown overcoat and chequered bell-bottom trousers, Singh not only made it onto the VIP stands, but also managed to step onto the playing field and take photos with cricketers such as Harbhajan Singh and Virender Sehwag.

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18 Responses

  1. NightGlory says:

    Sounds made-up. His father is quite capable of managing all those expenses by himself. Seems like someone can’t digest the limelight and positive remarks RS is getting…

  2. Kiran101 says:

    yeah ! right the broke Phantom production house and recently joined the team nadiadwala , reliance (Ambanis…as if anyone can demand ambanis to do something) are going to fund Ranveer’s family vacation to London.

    Ranveer has profit share in 83 , he has skin in the game . Any money wasted will effect his percentage.

    Ranveer’s dad attended many India-Pak matches not just this . Ranveer’s dad is independently wealthy and does not need his son to fulfil his dreams.

    Fake blind supplier gang should be consistent , they said Ranveer’s dad funded his BW dream now are actually saying RS dad cannot afford a measly ticket to London and a game ?

  3. Universal says:

    I don’t get the unnecessary hate and ridicule RS gets for just being over enthusiastic. His fashion is his, tantrums too. If he is seen during a cricket match, it also is marketing his upcoming movie on cricket. So producer infact can’t complain much. Yes, he should have taken care of expenses incurred by his family. But I don’t think he is the first to do this and most certainly won’t be the last.
    P.S – Insinuation on why DP-RS don’t attend functions together was completely out of place.

    • Nam3less says:

      Completely agree on the PS part. Seems like our dear admin has some issues with the award thing and had to mention in this blind lol.
      Admin views are very fun to read but sometimes feel that they should not be too personal. Lately lot of posts seems like that.
      I am a fan of neither of these celebs but sometimes you dont want to read too much negativism on internet. But well thats internet so…..

      • PN says:

        Earlier the admin was pro-DP and anti-Kangana. Now seems suddenly the tables have turned or should I say the admin has changed? πŸ€”

    • Admin says:

      There was no insinuation, it was a genuine question.

      • Universal says:

        “Is she purposely avoiding places where he is?” Certainly doesn’t look like a genuine question. But anyway ✌️

  4. abcd says:

    RS is much better human being and much advanced professionally as compared to Rk. Rs’s excitement does go against him at times.
    Rk’s movies are not doing that great. Public resentment against him has increased after getting evil mouse as spouse. this time kjo, neetu and bhatts have trapped him. He is expressing his frustration by bringing others down; starting with kat, kangana, vk, kjo’s NY blind and now RS. I’m sure when slb’s shooting with aloo will begin, there will loads of negative blinds against sallu by aloo and rk. Afterall, the evil trio aloo, rk and kjo cannot see anyone getting successful in bollywood.

  5. NewGirl says:

    Sounds made up. Isnt RS super rich anyway?

    RS was all over everyone on insta except Virat Kohli . With Kohli, he behaved. lol they should get Kohli whenever RS is around.

    Being a huge cricket fan. I was so looking forward to this movie until they announced Deepika is also gonna be in this. now everything is going to be about these two, how they are not dying in this movie. Ugh! I feel for their co actors.

    I like Kabir Khan movies and the 83 final was an incredible win for India so i will most definitely watch this but yea, i wish DP wasnt in this to waste time on romance.

    • Lucy says:

      I guess neutral people were irritated at how he was all over the news,and primetime especially when it was a huge ind vs pak match and the spotlight should have been only on the players.but his outrageous antics and Ott behavior got more attention and was shown more on TV.even the PR news items that followed.some were downright hilarious.too much of anything is irritating.he doesn’t know when to stop.

  6. Drina says:

    Oh yes! The husband has influenced the wife too to dress in quirky clothes. Let the fancy dress competition begin. Bring it on!

  7. Monalisa says:

    Look at the condecending tone the blind is written.
    Someone is back to his old tricks, I see. Heard that Brahmastra shooting got delayed again so he must be having a lot of free time. This time he forgot to stalk Ranveer fan’s social media posts or else would have seen that his whole family was there. Why would RS ask the producers to pay for his father’s ticket, stay and travel not his mother and sister? If this blind was leaked by someone from the production house, wouldn’t they know his whole family was there as well? Strange!

    The wife was with him in the UK since they already started shooting, but on the day of the match she was in NY attending a fundraising dinner organized by Vogue.

    @admin, how have you been? Took a break from osop and other social media but this blind dragged me back here to comment. πŸ˜‚

  8. SQ says:

    They attended 4 award ceremonies together filmfare, zee awards, star screen awards, femina beauty awards, an event where prakash padukone was awarded life time achievement award, deepika’s madame tussaud statue launch, & some other events like weddings & hotel outings by paparazzi etc.
    at the time of this specific match she was in New York to attend Youth Anxiety Center dinner organized by New York-Presbyterian Hospital in NYC Cause she is very active with her cause she has a NGO too on the same so i guess this will help you to clear your doubts about her absence.

  9. Nars says:

    Sounds made up to me. Ranbir is back again at targetting Ranveer. Like 30lk is big sum for any of them. Tsk

    • Jay says:

      Yeah it is clearly made up.
      By the way admin what is your problem with rs . we are born different,each his personality and it is a regressive judjement ,it is high time to accept people for who they are .be open minded it is 2019 and why it is expected to always be inside the box made by the society .it is okay to be non conformist as long as you are yourself and happy.

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