Bollywood Blind Item – June 2019 – 12

There is no one else the blind item below could be talking about other than this very much favourite (eyeroll) director. It might seem like it is not him, but this is him since he was in NYC just recently and he also happens to host several dinner parties. So, we assume this is something that he mentioned at the party and his favourite “young star” aka broadcast minister leaked this piece of info!

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If you look closely or rather read closely, they are making fun of him. So no points for guessing who is responsible for this.

Oh, by the way…We might all know about this director, but if you think about it he has never officially “come out”. It’s one thing to joke around with it and another, to be spotted at a bar being very comfortable. Obviously, he didn’t want people to recognize him there and spread all the news or pictures everywhere. This is the same man, who had his friend take down a birthday wish for him because people started thinking they were together.

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Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. He must really enjoy having snakes in his own backyard.


Bollywood Blind Item


SO it turns out that this closeted director, who has been petrified of his sexuality for a lifetime, is suddenly tom-tomming about his latest flings on an exclusive dating app featuring very wealthy gay men.

But the film industry is agog at his claims, most being imagined fantasies, conjured to make him fit in at the occasional dinner party. In reality, the director was last seen fleeing a gay bar in NYC on spotting some NRIs. Relax, honey, you and your filmography are only world-famous in Bandra.


OSOP Guess

Director: Karan Johar

Happy Father’s Day from the Ultimate Father-Daughter Jodi! 😎


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3 Responses

  1. Rami says:

    This movie and RK and Aloo, whatever they have , is getting very irritating! This movie they are shooting ,and reshooting, is not giving good vibes! So, wants new happening stars, in BW! Plus, kjo aunty has the same budget as HW films ,but his film’s do not show where the budget goes, no comparison with HW movies,they are so far ahead!

  2. abcd says:

    If this is rk’s doing, then one can imagine the amount of mental torture and humiliation aloo will undergo all her life after marrying rk. Kjo and bhatts would not be able to do anything then. The good thing is dp, kat and others escaped from such nusiance. Rk’s career is so dependant on Kjo and rk still manages to release such information about kjo, clearly shows that how influence does rk have over aloo and kjo. If aloo is retaliates, rk will find an awesome excuse to get rid of that evil mouse. Kjo is as of now only bothered about getting hit movies, so no matter how he feels about rk, kjo would not retaliate. This appears to be one of rk’s ways of retaliation for forcefully throwing aloo in his life.

  3. NewGirl says:

    Admin, did you post the Rohit Shetty/Salman/Sooryavanshi blind? Rohit and Salman announcing the new date with Akshay nowhere to be found.

    Salman really does run the industry. The SLB movie hasnt even started filming yet.

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