Bollywood Blind Item – June 2018

And, so….it begins….

As we are writing this, we can’t help but laugh at the irony of things. We all called it, right? And now, it’s happening. What we are going to do is just sit and watch how far they take this one. Fighting this whole fake/PR relationship thing is tiring, so we are just going to sit and watch how creative they are willing to get with this one. The blind item below is by DNA and it’s about Raymond, Aloo Paratha and Catty. See this? Even we are losing the will to be creative on this one!

The blind item states how Raymond is not OK with the friendship that supposed current girlfriend shares with his real ex. Guess the blind item went wrong a little because it says that Raymond told the current GF about his past. We think it should have been about his ex’ past. We all know what that is, so it makes more sense. Maybe it’s just a small error in the blind item. Why are they doing this? So much for being arrogant about his talent that he need a young actress to make his films work at the box office. Not that it matters, like if the audience will check who he is fake dating first before going to theatres!

Besides, we think the ex knows the dirty games that this actor plays. She is friends with the fake current one right? And how low can he sink to bring up her past again in blind items? He didn’t have a problem with it when she was one of the top actresses and he enjoyed being with her, so why the hypocrisy now? Like if he is so clean and pure?

Check out the blind item from DNA below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – June 2018


This actor told his current lady love to keep distance from his ex

In the last couple of months, a lot has been written about the budding romance between the lead pair of an upcoming big ticket extravaganza. However, the hero was never too pleased to know that the new heroine in his life is good friends with his ex, also an actress. More so because the former girlfriend still blames him for ending their relationship on a bad note.

So, when reports were rife about some tu tu main main between the two ladies recently, he apparently added fuel to the fire by telling his present about the not-so-good things about his past. Industry sources say the young superstar is believed to have told his current girlfriend to keep a distance from his ex if she wants to avoid any issues in their relationship.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

Girlfriend: Alia Bhatt

Ex: Katrina Kaif

Bollywood Blind Item – June 2018


Bollywood Blind Item – June 2018

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37 Responses

  1. kiran101 says:

    for me it looks like Ranbir is kind of obligated/forced to date Alia. He has to be at her services if and when it pleases her….if this relationship has some truth.

    They probably hook up since they are aneways floating around as GF/BF. Does any Journo has B***s to ask her how is Alia dated her BFF’s ex?

  2. NightGlory says:

    I might not be that far-sighted, so I have no clue why would such a relationship even be a PR idea because I absolutely can’t see any good coming out of any of this sheer nonsense. Assuming it’s all fake (because if it is real, then Bollywood is WAY more screwed up than Hollywood), all these lack even the basic consistency. Since Alia has been on board for Bhramastra before the internet was spread with ‘Alia-Kat BFF goals’ (which I believe is also entirely fake, or the girl-code Alia projects to follow is entirely phoney), whosoever orchestrated this ‘saga’ should have at least thought through about who to make friends and boyfriends. This just showed that either one of the facts is definitely a lie: That Ranbir-Alia are dating or Kat-Alia are BFFs. It definitely can’t be both because if the women are BFFs, Kat must have told Alia enough for her to stay away from him (by sheer logic), and Kat and Ranbir are definitely not over their relation to let this go just like this.

    Once all this charade gets over, I wonder who among all these would be left mentally sound to lead a life ahead (probably Ranbir would resort to his Amsterdam-habit, God knows what will happen to the women though)

    • leaps says:

      you seriously think alia a kid raised in bollywood and who is mahesh bhatts kid and kick ass pooja bhatt sister, irman hashmi like blunt family members needs to be told by Kat of all people ranbir is a bad choice.

      Also its bollywood what BFF’s jusy saying

    • leaps says:

      @NightGlory Alia is best described by her own sis who in an interview said dont buy her (alia’) naive act because she is having the last laugh at the worlds expense she clearly knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it . pretty sure that interview will soon disappear

      she has been yapping about ranbir for ages and finally has him and his family around his finger so all those who are saying but alia kat are BFF’s need to not worry

  3. Anonymous says:

    So, Now Dutt is releasing, all this affair saga has come up. Such an old strategy, audience can now look through this.., If Dutt biopic fails, he would be blamed for first failure of Hirani and no one would be looking as a talent anymore. Overrated acting, with same concept of self discovery be it Tamasha, YJHD, Anjana Anjani, Rockstar, many more and now Sanju. I hope this film works for Sanjay Dutt. Like same way it worked for Dhoni than of SSR.

  4. Samantha says:

    And its 100% frm KJO camp!!! Remember, how everytime they linked SId to Jacqueline (before A gentlemen movie release), Katrina (bfr Baar Baar dekho release) n Alia (for the longest time).. what happens after every movie releases n flops! Sid’s FAKE relationships die down! Now Sid is done n dusted; they r focusing on their big budget Brahmastra Ranbir (who in real life is Ayan’s toyboy)

  5. Samantha says:

    Alia is worse than Sunny Leone! WORSE! N as a strong feminist woman, I say the same!
    How can u allow KJo, Ayan etc to spread any disgusting rumor abt u!

    Their rumors n everyday new angle: Mouni Roy, Katrina, Alia blushing, Ranbir accepting on Natl TV, Manish Malhotra wanting them to be couple.. is all so pukeworthy n nauseating!

    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! Let ur movie speak..

    • Rahul says:

      How is Sunny ‘worse’? she largely stays out of controversies, is married happily to her husband who earns less than her, and adopted a child.
      she seems to be a decent human being, better than most of us who gossip about insecure bollywood stars.
      If you are judging her by her choice of her earlier profession, I have to pity you.If you really were a strong feminist as you mention, you would not pass moral judgements on her.
      Of course, a mere thought of a career in adult industry would disgust most people, but we have no business morally judging the persons who make a career out of it.

    • Hmmm says:

      @Rahul kudos for your comment. Sunny comes across as a lovely and kind person. Not getting publicity out her child, spreading gossip, or hyping herself. Bollywood could learn a couple of things from her.

  6. naughtytrini says:

    Ranbir and alia could never really be together (or maybe they can) as ranbir bats for both sides though he craves guys more and alia is a lesbian but that is a big secret because then her movies wouldnt be hits. I think she had something for one of her co-stars in soty but later down in life she realized that she is really into girls. The truth will come out in the end. I think ranbir have told alia to be careful of Kat because kat is very manipulative. I think Kat will act like she is on the other side too and try to use alia and will just hurt her in the long run. I hope ranbir comes out with the full story behind kat, we all are guessing but it would be nice to hear about her from someone who actually knows her.

  7. Goldengirl says:

    I hate Kat the most. Thanks to her fans and her fakeness. Still I think this blind is fake and by kjo PR.

    • Jaanu says:

      Sorry to say you invest so much negative energy in hating someone u don’t know and who didn’t do u harm. Sad

    • Goldengirl says:

      What an irony. Kat fans saying this who invest so much energy hating deepika who didn’t harm them nor they know her in person. Hypocrisy at its best

    • Humpty Dumpty says:

      Hi Asma Parvez aka golden girl

  8. Jaanu says:

    Stop this crap about Kat’s β€˜past’! What are the Kapoors and Bhatts themselves ? Sharabi-womenizers-cheaters. Sick people

    • goldengirl says:

      Still they didn’t lie about it nor fake a father like kat. I respect sunny more coz she didn’t lie like kat

  9. leaps says:

    @admin can you tell me which movie is the meryl gif from ???

  10. leaps says:

    Alia is officially fakes every relationship. when people were complaining that alia should not date because she is kat’s BFF. They use this excuse as a way to justifying alia . distancing herself from kat. Also they are now using dp too.

    In PV blind not-raymond is said to have revealed kat’s past to alia which is sick of ranbir to bring it up again . maybe raymond should have revealed how ayan likes to smells his undies just saying. I am not a kat fan but man I hope kat sends a blind about him revealing something

    this is just getting stupider by the day kjo,ayan,ranbir, alia all of them need counseling . I wont be surprised if alia/ranbir are married soon

    ps rest of us get your pop corn and sit back and enjoy this show it will get ridiculous by the day

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap The pinkvilla blind on the same situation is much more detailed and the source (aka:Ranbir himself) rectified the mistake admin pointed out in the DNA blind. He revealed the not-so good things about the ex gf’s past not his past. As if gossip aunty Kjo’s adopted daughter is not aware of all these gossips in the first place. Kjo must have promised a movie or two, in return for Kat’s silence. Or else she would have retaliated by now.
      Also that article on pv about Rambo telling DP about him and Alia. I laughed so hard! Even after getting the current number one actress (the female superstar unlike the other female superstars before her) he still can’t help using his other exes to get mileage. Probably tomorrow he will release the news that he even asked for Mahira’s blessing over facetime.. lol Reading the comments on pv, most people are aware that Ranbo uses his exes names for pr (to make him look more desireble, to make it look they are still despo for him) and that DP, Kat and Mahira are not bothered about what Ranbir is up to, no matter how much his pr try to make it look like they are still hung up over him.
      As you said, the best thing to do is get some popcorn and watch this pr drama.

    • leaps says:

      @monalisa mahira and fawad mag cover is going viral she is busy with movie promotions the press has stopped mentioning his name in her stories. dp has her super hero movie to shoot and is in not india and kat is busy shooting her movie. at this point none of exes could care less who is he standing next too.

      ranbir didnt listen to imran hashmi on kwk even he said ranbir should lose the Casanova tag he is suffering now. alia now has the faker for PR tag.

      just enjoy this show for free this might be kjo’s most authentic script ever ROFL

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap In a way this relationship fake or not is the best thing for the commitment phobic womanizer Ranbir and I-will-do-anything/anybody-if-Kjo-asked Alia. Alia is never gonna nag him to get married like Kat or DP as she is only 25. Alia seem more ambitious than both Kat and DP so I don’t think she will want to settle down in her early 30 like Kat and DP. So she will never nag him to get married which is a win for Ranbir and Kjo will reward Alia for her lotayalty to him by giving her movies..etc..

    • leaps says:

      @monalisa the biggest assumption people make is alia is naive she isnt she will marry ranbir is she wants to this girl has been yapping on about ranbir since soty. as far as ranbir/alia go who cares just enjoy the show. enjoy how the kapoor parents have met their match a family who dissed so many women in his life claiming them of using his fame now has alia who has them wrapped around her fingers and actually using them for PR.

      kjo rewarding loyalty lolzz. he will dump her as soon as he finds someone else or she has flops alia knws this for sure

    • leaps says:

      @monalisa Alia is best described by her own sis who in an interview said dont buy her (alia’) naive act because she is having the last laugh at the worlds expense she clearly knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it . pretty sure that interview will soon disappear

      1-BF’s she wanted she got sid, varun and now ranbir about whom she has yapping since soty
      2-In masand’s interview she admits she tells karan what scripts/ directors she wants he lobbies for them
      3- how she got close to pari as bff and got her removed from highway and lobbied with kjo/srk to get
      dear zindagi. isnt this similar to what ranbir did with BV.
      4- she has used her personal life for PR whether it was sid,varun,arjun, kevin, shahid, srk now ranbir .
      ranbir does the same except he does it indirectly
      5- everyone is her fav who is happening at the moment , fake friends with everyone

      she is ambitious for sure but she is anything but naive or simple. Alia said it in an old interview she has a plan to get ranbir and ranbir doesn’t know it LOL. so enjoy the raymond being out played by alia at his own game its karma in a way for how he treated women

  11. NewGirl says:

    Is there any co star Alia has not been linked with? She was even linked with SRK lol

    • Monalisa says:

      @newgirl Alia or her pr did not even spare the newly married Shahid as well. And that disgusting blind about SRK. Thank god, this Ranbir pr/affair has already started or else she would have linked herself with Ranveer during Gully boy shooting.

      Vicky and Randeep are the only two actors she was never linked with. That is because they are not stars.

    • leaps says:

      @monalisa Alia is female ranbir and papa kjo ki princess full of vanity if she was not dating sid while she was working on k&s kjo would have surely another married man fawad to her list of conquests. I mean alia/kjo didnt spare srk of all people. Alia/kjo are full of vanity Vicky and Randeep are not exactly up to kjo standard of good looks, good looks and good looks if he found them hot do you seriously think he would spare them a blind about hooking up oh so hot alia just saying

    • Akshay says:

      It’s what attention seeking losers like her do, how long will the same type of role and acting in every movie work? She needs to play her dirty PR games and attention seeking tatics to be relevant. She’s so two faced, everyone’s fake BFF and fake GF. Biggest suck up, kisiko nahi chodti.

      Aloo ka paratha” πŸ˜‚ – killed it Admin!!

  12. J says:

    Now am really confused is this real or fake ????

  13. Observer says:

    I’m not a Ranbir fan but blinds about Ranbir are becoming too much and too ridiculous for me to believe that it’s from KJo or Ranbir’s PR. They can’t be this stupid, can they?

    PS: Anyone noticed that Pinkvilla has all of a sudden become really harsh to the Veeres? I was expecting them to give a glowing review of VDW but their was the har

    • leaps says:

      let me guess who wants woman centric movies doer, urban , redefing cinema label to stay with the best Bollywood actress of all time and not other actresses .its obvious

    • Monalisa says:

      I don’t think pv film critic has anything against Kareena or Sonam. Their acting was praised. The pv critic’s view on feminism/women in general may have something to do with the bad review. That person was harsh on Padmaavat solely based on the jauhar scene. Not a very objective critic I feel.
      Or what leap said might be true as well.

    • sweettooth01 says:

      they are ridiculous to believe..bcos alia bhatt and katrina kaif are actresses or heroines..thats it..and he is the young superstar..
      the problem is thrs hardly anyyy chemistry between both of them..she looks ridiculously young next to him somehow..maybe to make them seem convincing on screen theyr just going to do this for 2 years and then kaput

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