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The blind item below comes from BollywoodLife. It’s about this senior hero and a superstar. This superstar has always helped his co-stars, even if it meant him starring in their trashy films. Now that he’s doing so well and has learnt his lesson, he’s not about to make the same mistake again. To be fair, he might still want to help though. In this case, it seems that the hero wants this superstar to make a cameo in his film. Most likely, because he thinks the cameo will get more people to watch the film. It’s not clear whether it’s his film or his son’s debut film, which he’s directing. Either way, read how the situation went down with them in the blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item


This famous 90’s hero was mighty pissed with a superstar for turning down a cameo

This hero seems to have upset an ageing star from the 90s by turning down his offer for a cameo.

Bollywood always has a story to tell, be it on screen or off it. So the latest episode is between two contemporaries. This superstar recently had an awkward interaction with a famous hero from the 90s. The reason being that the senior wanted the hero to do a cameo in his movie. Unfortunately the actor is too busy and does not have dates to spare to filmmakers who have been waiting for him to give a nod. Apparently when the hero confided about his lack of dates and turned down the role, the senior hero who seems to have lost his once popular star status was mighty pissed. It seems that he left the hero’s residence and vowed to never return to him. The hero unfortunately had no choice as he has kept some of his very close people waiting at the moment. While the superstar put forth a genuine issue, the other actor we hear felt that stardom had gone to the former’s head. Well, looks like this actor who already doesn’t share a very warm rapport with another superstar has a newfound enemy in the business.

The actor has been trying hard to revive his own career and we hear also plans to launch his son in the industry soon. The hero has stayed away from taking up many projects and seems to have suffered because of this decision. Clearly looks like he has not made some very good choices in the recent past. And with this hero turning down a special appearance in his film, looks like the actor might just find it a little too difficult to bring limelight on a project that he plans to come out with. This hero wanted to revisit his old hit and bring an upgraded version for fans, however looks like this recent incident has left kind of a sour taste.


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Hero: Sunny Deol

Superstar: Salman Khan

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