Bollywood Blind Item – June 2012

This week’s blind item, courtesy of Rajeev Masand at OpenMagazine, is not much of a mystery. If you have been reading interviews of this person for the last month, then you will know exactly who it is Rajeev is referring to.


The Ghost Director

This popular filmmaker—who was once hailed as a genius, but now prolifically churns out lazy, mindless films— has been openly taking potshots at an actor who starred in his recent dud, blaming the star and his oily manager for making casting decisions, and pressuring him to alter the script midway through the shoot. As it turns out, the filmmaker was well aware that he’d made a turkey, and even sent another senior star (who also acted in the film) an SMS apologising in advance for the dud.

What’s more, one has learnt that the filmmaker had given up on the film roughly halfway into production, declaring that he couldn’t continue shooting as the film wasn’t shaping up the way he’d wanted. Surprisingly, he allowed the studio head, who’d acquired the film for distribution, to step in and shoot the final 30 days of the film.




Popular Filmmaker: Ram Gopal Varma



Actor Who Starred In His Recent Dud: Sanjay Dutt



Senior Star: Amitabh Bachchan



Oily Manager: Dharam Oberoi

Sanjay Dutt realised, with the help of his wife, the mess he was in thanks to his manager Dharam Oberoi. With Ram Gopal Varma coming forward and lashing out at Dharam Oberoi, Sanjay decided to sack him as the CEO of his company and had his wife Manyata Dutt replace him. I don’t know how a small town woman with absolutely no filmy experience will be able to handle a film production house. Let’s see how things go on for the Dutts in the future.

Bollywood – Blind Item – June 2012

So another blind item hits the web this week! You might or might not know who this one is, we might or might not know either, but still we posted our guesses below. The blind is a bit sad, but it’s the truth. In fact, if we have the right guess it’s not surprising at all; we have been thinking about this particular subject for months now. So thanks to Rajeev Masand, let’s take a look at this week’s blind item from Bollywood.


Bollywood Blind Item 


Best Bod, No Work

She’s still possibly got the best body in the business—flat stomach, yet curvy in all the right places—but having never quite cut it as an actress who could ‘act’, this popular sexpot is fast finding her career fading away. With younger actresses arriving on the scene regularly, plum movie offers are becoming hard to come by. With more and more actresses willing to strip down to their skivvies, she isn’t even the Number One choice when it comes to ‘bold’ roles anymore.

Hardly surprising then that she’s begun sending feelers to a leading filmmaker who’s regarded as the posterboy for ‘alternate’ Hindi cinema currently… he of the dark, gritty dramas who’s managed to resurrect a dying acting career or two. The actress’ managers have reportedly been busy working the phone lines trying to line up some face time with the filmmaker, hoping he will find something worthy for her in one of his many under-production projects.

There’s also some talk that the generally amiable and good-natured star has become insecure, irritable and possibly delusional lately. She screamed at her managers recently for not working hard enough to land her exciting work “when half the industry was gravitating towards me and showing interest in working with me” at the birthday party of one of Bollywood‘s top filmmakers recently. Yeah, right.


Popular Sexpot: Bipasha Basu

It’s really sad that Bipasha Basu hasn’t had such a good run at the box office. Her last film ‘Jodi Breakers’ was dull, I don’t know if it was the strange hero pairing with Madhavan or the bad script or the fact that they showed how fit Bipasha is in the film. Her popularity among filmmakers is sinking. It doesn’t help that her ex-boyfriend has been doing so well for himself: hit film, hit production film and new fiancée. Well, one can only hope things get better for her as she seems like a good person.


Leading Filmmaker: Anurag Kashyap

Yup, this is the director who’s changing the face of Indian cinema. His films go around the world at different film festivals and most recently, he was at the Cannes Film Festival representing his film ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. He is married to Kalki Koelchin, an Indian/French actress.


Bollywood‘s Top Filmmakers: Karan Johar

Karan Johar’s birthday had every one of the whos and who. Bipasha Basu was certainly in attendance there and she looked very nice, compared to the recent clothing she wore at the IIFA.

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