Bollywood Blind Item – July 2020 – 7

The blind item below might just be about anybody relevant in Bollywood. But the ones, who really ask for this price and profit sharing, are only the top and bankable stars.

With this pandemic not ending anytime soon, it is hard to say whether theaters will be opened by the end of the year. Earlier, we thought by August things should settle down but now it seems this is going to go on until the end of the year.

If not, then we are looking at next year where all the big releases will be shifted then. For now, there are films that have already been sold to online streaming platforms and there will be more to come soon. The only biggest film so far has to be Khiladi Kumar’s film, which will be released later this month. Other than him, no other big star has yet to announce an online release. It’s also a matter of fact that no other big star has films up for release. They are still shooting their films, so it’s not ready at all for release now.

Among the young ones, there are a of couple films that should have already been released by now but these young stars reportedly are not OK with an online release. As per this blind item, it’s not true but the matter is truly in the producers’ hands not theirs. Young stars don’t really have the power to command where and when they would like their films to be released.

Varun Dhawan Hotness Appreciation: setara_nosheen β€” LiveJournal

Actors these days have this fear of if they are not in the audience’s faces, they might be forgotten. This could be one of the main reasons why they would want their films to release online. At least, there would be a legitimate reason to talk about them!

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. There will be no guesses for this one, as this could just be one of the big stars. But if you are interested in this, check out the screenshots on how much actors charge.


Bollywood Blind Item

blinditem-february2013-small (Custom)

DON’T believe what official versions tell you, well-known actors are tripping over themselves waiting to ink a deal on an online platform. Many major stars, while crying about cinemas being shut, are plagued by FOMO unless they have a film or a show releasing on a streamer.

One really bankable star, who charges in the range of Rs 25-40 crore per film besides profit sharing, is getting a meagre Rs 10 crore for a film on an online platform (and no shares in profit). Several actors want to β€œstay relevant” and are willing to cut fees to as little as Rs 5 crore, just to be there.


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